Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I need to get my butt off the couch and start some laundry and straighten the kitchen.  Can you give me a kick in the pants please?  I am just not feeling motivated at all!  

I am happy to report that I found my phone this morning.  Yeah, I know- You didn't know it was missing.  I lost it sometime yesterday evening.  I found it this morning.  Looks like it spent the night outside in the rain.  EKK!  It was under my car some at least so it didn't get full on wet.  I dried off the moisture and plugged it in for a second to check it (All the ports appeared dry) and it powered up to show that the battery was charging so hopefully I can take that as a good sign. I spent Sunday down in Fruitland Park at cousin J's baby shower so I would have been very sad to lose those pictures as they were on my phone. I even made something special for her gift that I wanted to show you all.  I am a little hesitant because I want to make one for my work wife too and she reads my blog occasionally. I will just hope she is to busy to read so she doesn't spoil her surprise. LOL

Ok I will be back later to report in I guess.  That might be the only thing that will get me moving today.  Haha

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