Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not feeling it

Usually a lack of blog posting is a baaaad thing for me.  In this case though it is just a not feeling it. My eating is good and hell I even did ten minutes on stationary bike last night.  The maid of honor posted the bridesmaid dress pictures to fb of her and I. She is a size four so everything looked great on her.  Me 'eh not so much.  I feel like they all look like tents. Blah

I may share them in the future as a before and after.  I don't do humiliation well so no presharing unless your on my facebook.  Right now I am off to bed. A certain little visitor is here and this is basically hell weekend for me at work. My supervisor did come in for most of the day this afternoon to help which was much appreciated.  No to hopefully be asleep in the next few minutes. Good night!

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