Friday, February 17, 2012

We are the backwards family

It is before 10pm eastern and I am about to go crawl in bed. 

This is very odd for me.  Yes, I am sick. in the head hubby as would say  Thank you for asking. LOL I am off to go slumber away some of these germies so that I may be well.   I have to work 26 hours in the next three days. (10,6,10)  Today was my Tuesday.

I was just thinking, on my thinking chair, potty about how backwards our family is.  

I work full time and bring in the money.  I also cook the food and do the shopping.  Hubby takes care of the kids and does the cleaning though.  He is way, way better than me on the clean up as I tend to be a slob.  His detailing could use some work - but hey, beggars cannot be choosers right?   LOL

Snake the drain clean out valve from the septic? me. Check the oil in the car? me. Get gas? me. Do the laundry? usually him.  Put away the laundry? him.  He does do the mowing but I cannot start the stupid thing anyway. LOL I could go on and on. But then it would be after 10pm and I wouldn't make my bedtime deadline.

Now quick! Go wash your eyes out from reading my germies!!

Aunt C- got your email but I am hitting the hay.

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