Saturday, February 11, 2012

1am and I am wiiiiide awake

Yeahhh that 4 hour nap this evening would probably be the cause of the above mentioned fact.  LOL

Today was my day off and I had high hopes of starting a project.  Hubby had his 5k this morning and we were going to work on my project when he got home.  After two hour of google to find the right components we would need to get I decided to put this project off till Valentine's Day and deal with it later.  A lovely nap then ensued and then we met my brother in town for dinner.  :)  

I tried to install a new comment system on my blog but I don't really like how it looked so it went bye bye.  I think I fixed the feed issue I was having as well.  I hope I did at least!  Really frustrating to see my posts not updating on peoples blog lists.

If your hitting my blog for the first time because I commented on yours.  Hi!  LOL  I like to read running blogs even though I do not run.  Because my husband is a runner it helps me connect/understand him.  By reading your blogs I am able to mentally feel as if I am running with you . In my mind I am a runner- not in my body though. I just do not enjoy running at alllll. Hell, in my mind I am a lot of fantastically wonderful things actually.  Are you better at anything in particular in your mind than you are in real life?

I saw the picture below on  facebook the other day and I couldn't help but crack up as I imagine I would look and feel like the little girl if I ran.


  1. Hi. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love that picture. Hahaha. I'm pretty sure that is how I look when I run. I need to get back into running but it is snowy here at the moment and I am clumsy. x P.S. I love naps.

  2. I didn't really like running for years, but I just kept doing it. It wasn't until I started seeing improvement that I actually started to enjoy it. I don't know what that says about me haha.

    I think it's more a need to set goals and work for them. I used to have other things (martial arts) that was my outlet and now I'm stuck with just running because I live in the boonies.

    I think it's great that you read running blogs to try to understand your husband's passion! I should probably start reading engineering blogs so I can understand my husband. :)


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