Saturday, December 28, 2013

So yeah umm

I really need to update my ticker, not in a positive way either. :(  I may just be a pouty little girl though and ignore that for now.  It is what it is, and I cannot turn back time. I ate, I pay. Period.

I did get some Christmas money but that isn't why I was asking about the $100. I buy scratch off lotto tickets when the mood strikes. Seems like it was a good thing I listened the other night as I turned $2 into $100. Well really $96 as I did by two of the $2 tickets but one was a loser. I used it at the grocery to stock up on LC foods. I have been really slacking in the LC department for what amounts to months now. I have had some spurts of being good but they didn't last. Time to pull the boot straps up though and avoid the sugar monster inside of me.

I received some cool goodies for Christmas and I hope you did too! I cannot show pictures of what my mom got me as they all have our last name on them. Well I could, I just don't want to. One is a trinket box though and it has me tempted to start a trinket box collection. (I have always called them pill boxes but it seems they are trinket boxes) I love tiny things and they could sit on a shelf and look lovely so I just might. :)
I now have more necklaces than I know what to do with as well. LOL  I bought some cheap jewelry from China on Amazon a few months ago. Well it seems hubby and the kids did the same thing from another website for me for Christmas. I now have several swan necklaces in many shades. LOL  Also GF from my brother to use on glasses for the boys and a little extra for me. He used a cool website and had a picture put on the prepaid GC's. He used the picture I posed a few weeks ago of me hugging the boys on either side of me. Hubby's had a picture from when we went to Juniper Springs in July of him and the boys.  

Hubby is out on his 10 mile run currently. When he gets home and showers I expect we may do some errands around town. He is training for a 50K in March currently.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Third time is a charm right? I am on my phone and wanted to post a picture of the boys Christmas but the blogger app keeps crashing on me.

What would you do with $100 dollars? No cheating and spending on bills. Preferably weight loss related but not necessarily. Anything particular that would help you on your path? Or just something fun? ?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Prepping for Christmas and a break.

I am on a blogging break if you haven't noticed. LOL

I am not even reading your blogs (sowwy)  I am just not feeling the blogging world lately.

In 10 days I have ready maybe 10 posts. I usually read 15 + a day from my various blogging buds.

Only 3 (well really 2 with how late it is) days till Christmas!!!  I have sooo much to do and so little time it feels like.

Just wanted to update you as to my absence. Nikki has already come looking for me once. Didn't want to make her do it again. :P

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another day off

that almost was spent lounging around doing nothing.

Thankfully my butt and I got moving at 3pm and got some stuff accomplished! Yeah! I got two loads of laundry washed and dried. (Notice I didn't say folded? lol) Got the kitchen clean and swept the floors. Cleaned and diced (vidalia onion chopper) over 10 pounds of onions. It seems I kept buying them planning on doing something with them (soup?) and I had a collection going. Now they are chopped and ready for anything and everything. I also fried up a pound of bacon and then made my sauteed cabbage. Then I took some of the bacon to make a new recipe. We went to Sam's Club on Sunday and they were sampling a recipe for brussel sprouts with bacon, They left out the asparagus so I did as well.  Also made some more mint tea with the tweaked splenda amount. Will see how that is tomorrow at work.

Baked chicken with bbq sauce and the sprouts made up dinner. I only ended up eating half as I was satisfied with that and all the brussel sprout sampling I did while I was cooking them. I had to eat all the ones that browned to fast after all. :)

Only down 3.4 pounds of the original nine I gained Oct/Nov. For about 30 seconds I was sad, but then I realized I am now only up 5.6. Slow and steady will whittle down that number and have me on the losing edge again. No matter what, I am ending this year over 30 pounds lighter than last year. While it may seem small to me at times I know that it is a huge accomplishment in itself.

Off to finish reading blogs before I go to bed.

Pic of the brussel sprouts.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Another day gone

Worked a normal 10 hour shift today. I was pretty slow for the first half but then it picked up. Eating -while not the cleanest choices, 100% on my plan. (Remember I do my own low carb ish type plan) When I work it, my plan works for me. I suppose that could be said about any plan though. :] 

I had stressful dreams last night so I just popped a melatonin for tonight. Work related dreams are a sign of stress for me. I kept dreaming I was supposed to be at a store 3 hours north of me to open at 9am. The clock kept on ticking and I wasn't leaving for whatever reason. Not the exact happenings of the dream but that is the storyline.

I finished a new conners test for B tonight. It seems the one the teacher and I did before was for a 6 yr old not 5. I was supposed to do an update for something else and order a new cell for my BIL also tonight. Maybe tomorrow on those things as it is after 11pm.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stuffed pepper chili?

I almost wish I had waited till today to do an official WI.

As of this morning I am down 5.2 of that 9 that I gained over the last two months.
 I am thinking it is the increase in non sugar filled liquid in my life. I had gotten a little to reliant on McD's sweet tea. It also probably helps that a certain visitor is on it's way out. :)

I have been making myself cold mint tea to drink. I use 1 bag of mint medley and 4 regular bags to make 2 quarts. I nuke a glass bowl of water for 5 minutes then steep the bags about five minutes in the hot water. Then I mix it with cold water/splenda and put in the fridge.  I am currently experimenting on the amounts of splenda I use. Making it with less and less to see where is a tolerable level for me.

I had recently started to wear my fit bit zip again. I went to check my step count earlier though and it was dead. Poo! It did warn me Sunday by email but I forgot about it.

Dinner was super yummy! I am sure many of you could do the same thing with changes to make it fit into your meal plan if you wanted. I sauteed up a pound of ground turkey with two sliced yellow onion. Added soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, and A-1 to the meat mix. Then I sliced the top off four green bell peppers and seeded them. Then I added leftover rice to the bottom of hubby's two with some rooster sauce for spice. Filled his and mine all the way up with the meat/onion mix. Topped with a can of spaghetti sauce and baked for an hour. (I like Hunts) His was moist while mine was a little more watery since I didn't have the rice to absorb the juice. Once I sliced it all up it was more like a chili to me.

Very flavorful and I am looking forward to my remaining pepper for lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A setback

You might have noticed that my ticker dropped down 9 pounds as of the 1st of December. I have no defense (other than first day of monthly heh) That is what two months of eating whatever you want whenever you want will get ya. :insert negative noise of choice:

I do not like the fact that it dropped down so much. Those forty pounds I was down turned into thirty one way to easily. Sunday began my journey at laying off the sugar/carbs again. Just 2 days in and I am down 1.6 lbs. It is probably water weight but I don't care. I hope that next week I will be down some more.

Again because I know it will be a never ending battle against *myself/food/feelings/temptations/ blah blah* good (clean) and evil (processed/sugar) I must pick myself up and continue the fight.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ray of light?

Holy HELLo has there been a cloud over my head.
 A big, fat dark cloud following me every where I go effecting our lives.

In the past few weeks we had had:

  • Cutereba in a kitty. (Google that if your brave. I will warn you it is a member of the botfly family though)
  • A/C acting up
  • Washing machine flood the garage. (someone tried to help sop up the water...with all the clean towels)
  • Off and on toothache for me due to a bad tooth 
  • Trip to the ER for hubby's asthma flaring and his rescue inhaler not working.
  • Kiwi nipping the neighbor child. Child stuck hand under wooden fence to pet him but Kiwi was agitated by child's grandfather's MALE dog that was standing on the other side of their gate. No one saw the bite but it had to have been him. Neighbor clearly said child stuck hand under fence. He just wanted to make sure everyone was current on shots and they all are.  He said it broke the skin. Child is only about 6 and his parents are recently divorced (father kept the house) Kiwi has snuck under fence in past and gone over there for lovin before so I understand child trying to pet him. :(  I feel horrible about it.

I spoke to an appliance repair dude that comes into my job about the washer. He told me something easy to look for then said if it wasn't that he would come look for $20 and just charge parts. He never called me back today. (in his defense I know he was taking his 9m old to ER after he left my job so I am sure it had to do with that) I decided I would just google and try and see if I could figure out what it was on my own. I took the machine apart (quite empowering to see the guts of machine) and looked for anything obvious. Flooding had happened three days prior though so everything was dry. I was about to give up when a dark line caught my eye. The drain hose from the water pump had a crack in it. I took it off and took the part up to the local appliance store. They didn't have a new part but they were able to sell me a used one for five dollars.  Yup! I fixed the washer for five bucks and a little time and aggravation.

I will end this whaa whaa post with a picture taken tonight of my two stinkers.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Moving on up!

on the scale? Really just staying the same which is all I can ask for at this point. I am not doing horrible but I am not doing great either. Sounds like a personal problem to me though. :P

I am not sure if you remember me mentioning that I was dealing with personal stress back in July. It was regarding my job, and feeling trapped. I finally decided to start applying other places and started watching the want ads in September. I ended up not applying because all the stuff with coworker's son and the fear of the unknown. I did however mention to my area manager my unhappiness with my current position at the beginning of Oct. We started discussing the idea of a position change. I felt good enough about it that I got the new car. Then the VP of Operations quit and my brother's stuff started up. Everything came to a screeching halt while we tried to deal with changes.

The new car did help my attitude towards work a bit I admit. I love having a fanceh new (used) car.

Word came down the line on Friday and I am now officially promoted. :) I will still be in my store 30 hours a week. The other 10 I will be traveling to other stores and auditing their paperwork. I know it sounds boring to some but I am excited to get out of my little box.

Tomorrow is my first day in the new position so I am off to dreamland. Already took a melatonin as I am sure my brain will not shutdown easily tonight.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Surgery pictures (link)

I figured this was the safest way to show them. That way you can control what you see. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I keep putting off blogging.

Not because I don't want to.

Because I have so much to blog about and don't have the time to sit and type forever. LOL

Right now though I just want to express my gratefulness. I am so very grateful that my brother is alive and HOME AGAIN!!  :)

 He was released Friday afternoon and hubby picked him up as I was at work till 7pm.(My mom planned to come up again to stay with him again but wanted to wait till Saturday if possible)  I spent the night at his house with him Friday to help him out with anything he needed. I had to be at work Saturday at 9 am but it worked out as my parents got there at 9:30 am. On the way there Friday I stopped and got two sweet teas from McDonalds with no ice. (I know he loves his tea and I was pretty sure he hadn't had any yet) When I asked him if he wanted a McDonald's sweet tea his eyes got big and he was like YES PLEASE!  LOL  He was a happy man just to be able to drink his beloved tea again.

Run down for anyone who is just hitting my blog for the first time in several weeks. (I am so behind on everyone's blogs!) It has now been a month since we have been dealing with all of this.

Older brother admitted to hospital for bowel obstruction. Seven days of treatment using NG tube down nose into belly to try and suck out the blockage and it isn't working. (Nothing by mouth allowed during that time, so no food or drink entered his body in seven days other than IV stuff)  Exploratory surgery to find out what it going on and possibly remove portion of bowel. Found out that it was a ruptured appendix that had started healing over-adhesions were webbing out and effecting his intestines.  Surgeon gave him an appendectomy and cleaned out all of the tissue. Six days later he was released from hospital with an active infection. Nurses realized this was developing and asked DR's for antibiotics but they were not given. Four days later after a follow up appt. with a primary we took him back to the hospital due to infection. Surgeon tried to clean it out twice straight up but it wasn't working. (once in ER and once in his room)  My brother ended up with a second surgery that left him literally sliced wide open. He has to heal from the inside out.

 I do have pictures and permission to share but they are quite graphic so I don't want to just slap them up. I am trying to figure out the best way to post them up as clickable links so that you can choose to look if you want.

I am up several pounds from not taking care of myself and choosing comfort food. Family birthday party today and I hated hearing how good I looked. (I haven't seen this family since May) I hated it because I felt like a fraud. "How many pounds have you lost now? 40 right?" said a cousin. "Umm... well it was 40 but with all of my brother stuff it is more like 35ish now" was my reply. UGH!  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just wow

I think it is safe to say that one and two (left field) have hit. Maybe even three as well.  I sure hope so because then there will not be one looming in the distance.

(graphic ahead- warning)

Oh so they did surgery this morning. Opened him up and cleaned out all the dead tissue and ick that was in there. I have to say I was not prepared for what I saw when they changed his dressing. OMG! I freaked out when I saw that his belly is sliced wide open! I didn't verbally freak out boy did my fingers do some walking with texting.  Before he had staples with a open wound for drainage. You all know about the other area that was icky.  I do have a picture but it is extremely graphic, not to mention private as well.  I can give you an idea though.  Top is before.  Reddish area is the open wound. Bottom brown staple is the infection area that was oozing.   Second on is the current one. Basically he is still sliced open with string on each side holding him together. The blue are bumper type things so the string doesn't cut the flesh.

Baby momma is back up the 5 hrs but only for the weekend. I am falling asleep sitting here I am so exhausted. Now you have an idea of what in the heck is going on now.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


I have dreams. Some times those dreams are about certain things. They clue me into big event that will be happening in my life.


When I dream about tornados something big is going to happen. I had a dream many weeks ago to what amounts to a tornado going over my house while my family and I were hiding out in a bedroom. It hit hard and fast and then was over. There are a lot more details but that is the gist of it. I have come to realize that all of these things happening around me are probably the tornado in my dream. So many I know have had things happen to them but nothing (other than germy kids) has effected my house directly.


You were waiting for it huh?

I had a dream last week.  This one had THREE tornados in it. I never saw the one in the first dream. It was just green outside and implied. This one I actually saw each one.  I am trying to decipher what happening goes to what tornado. First one I saw was in distance and seemed to be heading straight towards me but I don't know how fast. The from the left field there was another one trying to swoop in. Same thing, I don't know how near or fast or even if it would clash with first one or what. I had my brother's friend with me and we where in a barn or something?  I don't know what it was but it was barn like but had a open side which is how I saw the first two. He was like OMG I am going to the car lets run. I told him no lets stay thinking that they might skip the building and we would be safer than in a car.  He ran out a door to the right while I stayed there. Off to my left there was an open door and BOOM there was a tornado right outside. I could see the bottom of the twisting vortex and feel the suction just start as if it was trying to empty the room. I then woke up and was like OH SHIT because pf this dream.

My brother was re-admitted today.  It's bad. Holy crap- that is really infected bad. Wound care specialist is coming in tomorrow to evaluate him. I have to work and I cannot go up tomorrow night as I will have the kids since hubby has a school thing. No one wanted to listen to us. @@  He is on two heavy duty antibiotics currently.

I am trying to figure out what tornado he is out of the three. The one right there since this wasn't exactly a surprise or the one from left field as we were hoping he was done with hospitals. Time will tell and I will be able to unravel the meaning.  With that I bid you goodnight. I have to work tomorrow and be up in five hours.

My life is a soap opera

Guess who is back in the hospital?  On two antibiotics and admitted for observation. 

Then extended day calls because B is saying his tummy hurts.

It never ends.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WI and stuff

My brother doesn't have a PCP which is what complicated things in the hospital and why he had like 5 DRs. They picked one out for him it seems as he has an appointment first thing Thursday morning. I called the surgeon today to book his appointment there (next Wed? ugh) and stressed to the receptionist the ick/smell problem. She ended up asking me for the home health care companies information for the surgeon to call. The home health care called my brother later and said the surgeon ordered them to bring a wound vac. The supervisor of the home company is coming tomorrow to assess my brother due to the wound vac order.

*I did mention the culture to the surgeon's office and she said they would call when they got it back if he should be on anything.

No fever or new pain so he wants to wait till the appointment Thursday (I am expecting the DR to give a script for antibiotics)

We already explained to the kids they might not get much ToT in due to all the running we will have to do. Wednesday night drop off my car. Thursday night they (and daddy) have to pick me up from work at 7 pm then we have to drive over to brother's house to get my car back for me for Friday.  They were not thrilled but they understand.

I just finished A's mask not 20 minutes ago. It is currently drying.  I hope that it looks decent. He wants to be a zombie and the coolest way I saw to do that was toilet paper and elmers glue. I didn't want to be gluing that to his face though so I did it to a mask. It isn't as neat looking as I hoped but at long as he likes it that is all that matters.

I had court today for work. I was a ball of nerves but ended up sitting next to the gal that I took to court. She was nice about it all and understands I am just doing my job. I can mark that off my list of stress. Now my personal court stuff is possibly back into play but I can't do anything about that. Since there has been no action for 60 days the court wants to close the case. The plaintiff has 30 days to re-stake a claim. I have turned into an ostrich when it comes to that type of stuff.  I know it is there but I cannot do anything about it so I ignore it.

My weight is up and I was a tad sad about that, but then when I was in the courtroom a certain visitor appeared. I realized later that the weight this morning was probably not a true weight. Still three pounds up though.  Booo on me!

Due to the shit storm that is surrounding my life my weigh in days are changing to Tuesdays.

With the thing that happened to my coworker's baby our schedule is all jacked up. He has to have three appointments a week to work through the damage he sustained that horrible morning at daycare. He is doing better and is back to crawling. It is a abnormal crawl but it is better than nothing. PT puts him at 7 months physically when he is actually 15 months.

Good night.

He's home!

I am pretty positive that his wound has an infection (@@) but he is home!!  I am feeling like being home in his own environment will be a million times better for him than that joke of a hospital.

I have had his wound looked at by a friend who is a home healthcare nurse and he said he didn't like the look of it but it wasn't horrible. He showed me how to dress it as the hospital gave no aftercare instructions to anyone. Never mind the fact that he has a open wound that must be packed.

It seems the nurses noticed it was leaking pus and took a culture and requested the DR give antibiotics but he refused!?  What kind of DR refuses a nurses request like that?  This DR is a DOUCHEBAG 100%.  I don't really have time to right out why, but that stereotype god complex would be him. Pus and foul odor- Even I know that is a sign of infection. My mom is staying with him for the week seeing as he will need help. Old style c-section cut (zipper ?) so it will take a little longer to heal than a bikini cut is my understanding.

Even thought he doesn't read my blog a big shout out to nurse D for his help!.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Short update on my brother.

I have not been in any mood to write but I know some (Hii Necca) would like an update. My brother is still in the hospital. I am so angry at this hospital. 8 xrays and 2 ct scans and they couldn't figure out the problem??  Ugh he had surgery Tuesday. Will write more about that later though.

on cell where I am not supposed to be so short update here

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What did I do?

THis post comes to you courtesy of a cell in bed and melatonin. This morning I stepped on the scale before I went to the hospital to visit my brother.  Up 3 pounds from the shitty food I have been putting in my body. Then on top of the shit food that has already effected my weight, I add more today. @@ at myself here. I am taking a stand!! If I continue this path I will be right back where I started. I may not be under 200 yet but I like looking in the mirror at my face and not seeing a double chin. I have to really concentrate and look for it to see it now. I cannot see my collar bones but I can feel them with my hands. I cannot wait to show them to you actually. I think I have really short ones compared to others. Makes me think I need to rethink my stance on saying that I am not built to be petite even though my height is.

Another blow at work today delivered by fax. It seems the President\owner of the buisness I work for is retired as of today. THe accountant is now the President. The VP quit Tuesday as you may recall. Tomorrow (Friday) is my seven year anniversary. I am not worried about the company folding. More so about the unknown the future holds.

I had a dream a few weeks ago. Typically dreams of this caliber means things to me. Well so many things are happening at once I cannot figure out which one the dream is referring to.  EEKK

On a brighter note the bowel obstruction my brother has is no longer a full one. The ng tube overnight helped it become a partial blockage now. Treatment is continuing with the ng tube till it is gone. No matter how many days it takes. He is not thrilled. No shower or food\drink for over 5 days now. With the tube in he is unable to do much but lay there and watch tv. He can talk, but it is hard for him. I hope tonight does the trick. HIs baby momma (baby is 21 lol) is coming up for the weekend to see him. She is a nurse at a VA place down south so that will be good for him.

I Wonder if I can link this picture from my phone in here. Hmmm

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rain= pouring in my world


What a week it has been!  The new baby is a new car.

I thought I had a picture on here to share but I do not.  Google image silver 2012 Dodge Avenger with rims and you have what my car looks like.  I sure as heck do not care about the fanceh rims but the car came with them.  Hubby's car is due to be paid off in December and mine was paid in full. We should have waited till January or so but I am dumb and jumped in feet first.

(back story- previous Friday) Our VP of Operations at my job found out her boyfriend had cancer. For the second time. He only has one lung and now there are spots of cancer on it so he starts chemo right away.

(previous Monday) My immediate supervisor's FIL dies. His wife wakes up to him with his eyes open and not breating.

Fast forward a few days

Thursday we did the final walk around and paper signing for the car.  Called my older brother to see if he wanted to see it before I bought it but his tummy was hurting and had been for a two days.

Friday I took my brother cranberry juice at his request as he was still feeling bad.

Saturday my brother was still in immense pain but didn't want to go to the DR.  I finally convinced him to go to the ER and we ended up at quickcare in the hospital. (Was aiming for his lower doc in a box copay rather than ER- For the record just go to the ER.  The copay is the same) He was literally walking like he just had a c-section and was getting out of bed for the first time. (I have had two- I know) They took blood and urine and gave him an IV.  Diagnosed him with gastroenteritis and low potassium and sent him home with bactracin and potassium pills.  I got him all set up and he was starting to feel better and I went home. (1am at this point)

Sunday I talked to him and he said he felt like shit all over. Sunday night he said he threw up the pills and all the cranberry juice from the other day (Do you see where this is heading?)

Monday he finally admits he is throwing up blood. Hubby leaves school to take my brother to ER. ER runs tests and finds out that it is a bowel obstruction. He is admitted and they start on the testing to figure out course of treatment.

Tuesday they want to do a particular thing but he says no (NG tube down throat) Tuesday the VP of Operations (that hired me) quits and they notify us via fax!? I admit there was some McDonalds in my belly that day between that and my brother.

Here we are to today- late Wednesday night. Before I left work I got some news that made me sad. Then I hauled ass to the hospital after work to spend time with my brother. He finally conceded to the NG tube so at least there is a course of action being followed now. .

I want to crawl in a hole and sleep- so goodnight.  I just wanted to give you all somewhat of an update since the longer I put it off the longer it would be to type up and the more I would skip it and the cycle would continue.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Avengers Assemble!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello.

Work is crazy wacky! Lots of fires being set (operational problems- we call them fires at work) and trying to work with people to get them put out.  

My weight is the same this week.  Happy but sad about that. Sad that there wasn't a loss but happy because there wasn't a gain (lol)  Mother Nature is visiting so I hope for a whoosh next week.  

Hubby and I made a huge decision that I hope doesn't turn around and bite us in the ass.
I will share what it is as time moves on and I get used to the idea. (no babies or new pets!) 

Small hint that I doubt anyone will get:  When we leave the house from now on we plan on shouting out "Avengers Assemble!"

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I think I love you.

That is all.

Good night.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sometimes I am not very smart.

I wanted to be asleep an hour ago.

Instead I am here and wide awake. @@ The reason I wanted to be asleep is because tomorrow will be a very busy day for me at work. With coworker being out attending her son that leaves me to work the busiest day of the month- alone. Woo hoo?  It is giving me 6 hours of overtime at least so I can feel like I am getting paid well for it at least.

The reason I wanted to blog is because I am being a good girl! :)

 My eating has been spot on the last three day actually. I even experimented for dinner tonight.  One day I was googling and ran into a way I hadn't seen* to make zucchini noodles. I stored that little tidbit away until I needed it. Tonight I called upon the information and was handsomely rewarded with a yummy dinner.

 Here is a picture of mine sauteing in the pan while I boiled hubby's noodles.

 * is the website I found it on and here is her gif of how she makes them

I bagged the centers of the two I did and plan on using them in another dinner. I just did it slow and carefully so that I didn't cut myself on the grater.  I highly recommend this way!  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9 months

No this post is not a pregnancy announcement! LOL

It has taken me nine months but I am proud to say that I am down 40.2 pounds.   :)

Please send good thoughts.

Please think good thoughts for my coworker and her son.

On Friday she dropped her son off at daycare (private home- state certified) and went to work. At 11 am she got that phone call none of us ever want. Her son (14 month old) stopped breathing and started seizing. He was taken to local hospital where they found bleeding on the brain. He was sedated and air lifted to Shands. Over the course of the last few days they have discovered more things through the tests. Retinal bleeding being one of them. 

He still hasn't regained use of his right arm. They are still accessing the full damage through testing. He will have quite the road of recovery but thank goodness he is with us to recover.

Bradley (BLT) is his name. He will be 15 months on Wednesday.

Updated:  5:40pm 10/1/13    (Per his mom)

****ATTENTION****Time to go home! B. is being discharged! This is only the beginning if the road. He is currently not using his right arm and his right side is slower than normal. We have optical, neuro, and physical therapy prescriptions and he will be on seizure meds for at least 4 more months. Thank you everyone for your prayers and concerns. Thank you GOD for all that you do. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Glasses for everyone in my house it seems

The parent teacher conference yesterday wasn't as bad as I feared thankfully. Hubby was able to get off so that we could both go in and talk to her. She told us a story about how B went straight to red that day.

It seems he was working on a project and was almost done when she announced that time was up. My precious little angel shouted out "DAMMIT"  :X    Whoops! She said it was hard not to laugh since he did use it appropriately. LOL

While we were there we asked for an update of his evaluation. We (and her) had done our part by filling out a Conner's Test a few weeks ago. She called to see what was going on because she didn't even know and it turns out that he failed the vision test. They were planning on retesting him next week but they didn't notify her or us. With the school system your child has to pass both a vision and hearing test before they will continue with evaluations (We knew this from when A was tested for gifted but didn't know it worked the same) After the meeting we took the boys to the mall to get his eyes looked at. (Pediatricians office hadn't noticed anything at his May appt. but B can be squirrely when he doesn't want to cooperate)  Turns out it was a great thing to take him as his vision is terrible!  Way worse than A's is even. EKKK!  We had no idea. He shall be sporting some glasses in about three weeks. Once we make sure the prescription is good then I will be ordering many pairs for both children online.

Yes, I said online.

 I have found the magic of Zenni Optical.  Like you, I have seen the ads to order glasses online cheap. I poo-poo'ed the idea in my head though. At one point I got a email about doing a sponsored post for one of the online companies. I deleted it after I read it so I don't even know who it was from. (Every once and a while I get a sponsored post request but they are usually crappy and get deleted)

When I had my mommy day a few weeks ago my girlfriend was raving about Zenni and how the whole office orders from there. Since I had a fresh prescription in my hand I decided to try it. I ordered a $6.95 pair (plus $4.95 tint of purple) and a $15.95 pair (plus $4.95 tint of blue)  It took them 13 days to arrive and I LOVE THEM!  I will fully admit the cheaper pair are kinda flimsy. I would not get this type for the kids. (think reading glasses in frame strength)  For me though they are great. The other pair I got the tint done as dark as possible and use them as custom made sunglasses.  They are wonderful! 

I mean really? two pairs of glasses plus shipping for $37.75. Fantastic! Oh- and because I am super lazy I didn't even pay by credit card because then I would have had to get out of bed.  I used paypal to pay for the glasses. :)

*This is not a sponsored post nor did I receive anything from them- I am just that happy with my order*

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1408 days

The total number of days between Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 and Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 is 1,408 days.

This is equal to exactly 3 years, 10 months, and 8 days.

1,408 days is equal to 201 weeks and 1 day.
The total time span from 2009-11-17 to 2013-09-25 is 33,792 hours.
This is equivalent to 2,027,520 minutes.
You can also convert 1,408 days to 121,651,200 seconds.
Today is 9/25/2013 and 11/17/2009 is exactly 1408 days before today.

These are screen shots of my profile on the body media web site.

 I did reactivate my account this morning as you can see. I also weighed in a day early so that my numbers would be accurate.

 I ran into some not so pleasant news while looking at my historical WI's. (see above)  It has been 1408 days since I have last weighed as much as I do now. You can see by the purple shading under that it just goes up, up, and up.  :(

Just wow.


I ended up with a fever last night.

Playing out in the rain probably did not help that but there wasn't much I could do about it. 
I cleared out the fridge like I said I was going to and then went to the dump. 
Went to Publix to get more fruits/veggies and it started pouring when I was checking out. Loaded the groceries in the trunk in the rain and life went on. Left to pick up the boys from extended day from there. By the time I got to the school it was really pouring. Got the boys in the car with them being wussies about getting wet. Arrived home to it still raining really bad. Parked as close as I could to the house and got the kids inside. Then I had to get the groceries from the trunk. After the first trip (of me setting them in the door way and the kids walking to kitchen) I was over the sopping shirt and I took it off.

 Oh yes I did!

 I made three more trips of about 10 feet to the trunk in just my bra and capris.  Haha!  I figured even if any of my neighbors were glancing out the window that the rain would make it blurry anyway. I immediately took a quick shower. Wet from warm rain= icky.  Wet from warm shower= normal.  Unloaded all the groceries and then mopped up the mess all the water and shoes made.  Then of course I remembered that hubby wasn't going to be coming home till later which left me to deal with my hellions alone with a fever.  He was smart enough to bring me home a starbucks (for this morning) at least.  (I like to put a latte in the fridge overnight so it is cold but not watered down the next day)

If anyone was keeping track I did end up tossing the chicken. I decided not to chance eating it and was going to shred it for the dogs but then the fever hit and I said screw that noise. 

I feel better today but still have a low grade fever. Three more days of vacation left.  Tomorrow I have a parent teacher conference with B's teacher. That should be fun. NOT  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stay-cation is turning into a Sick-cation

Well the first two days were great.

 I woke up with a sore throat on Monday and it has just progressed on. :(  I had plans on stuff I wanted to get done and instead it is nothing getting done. The only think I have accomplished is washing dishes and washing one load of laundry. That load is still in the dryer though. I do have the washer loaded with a 2nd load but I am not ready to start it yet. I have to make sure I will be committed enough to swap it first. Yeah- stupid I know. LOL  I do have a chicken in the oven but I am not sure if we can eat it or it will be dog food. I cannot smell- Organic whole chicken- two days past the sell by date. It wasn't slimy at all though so I figured I would chance it.

I wanted to wake up early this week and just go, go, go. Instead it has been raining each day and I have slept, slept, slept. I know I could still get up and go while being sick since it appears to be a head cold. However head colds tend to turn into chest things if I am not careful. I have been sitting here thinking that this might not be so bad if I had a marathon of something to watch. I try to watch new things but nothing ropes me in. I have even tried to watch older shows like Charmed and I just lose interest.

Aww man! I just remembered hubby will be home late today so it will just be me and the kiddos.

Karen over at has broken out her new (to her) body bugg (now gowearfit)

I am tempted to reactivate mine just for the heck of it. She is the little devil in my ear chiming to DO IT, DO IT. I don't know if it will help me out any but I figure it cannot hurt either.

Ohh I just had an idea on something I can do that NEEDS to be done and that will not be to taxing on my sicky self. Off to clean the fridge!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Story time Sunday

Yeah, first day of Fall!

I woke up to two boys fighting over who's turn it was on the XBOX. @@  I knew that I didn't want to listen to that all day. I laid in bed trying to figure out what we could do today. An idea, then a phone call asking if it was OK and we were off.  

We went down to Tampa area to visit with my momma. We hadn't seen her in a long time and we figured it would be a great way to spend the day. We also figured we could hit Red Robin on the way home. YUMMMMM

My mom brought out a large box of pictures for me to look through. These were all pictures she had sent to her mom over the years that were mailed back to her when her mom passed on. I kept zeroing in on the ones of me that my mom had sent when I was in my teens. I remember back then thinking I was sooooo fat!!  I would have been about a size 10/12 then. I was studying my jaw line in the pictures and I couldn't believe how thin I was. The pictures stopped at 16 in which I can see that I started to gain a little there.  I was trying to think about it on the way home as far as why I would have gained then. The only thing I could think of was that I was working then so I was probably eating to much fast food. I had my own money then which we all know equals freedom to a teen. My first job was at a movie theater as well so unlimited popcorn (popped in coconut oil yummy) and unlimited cherry coke didn't help either. 

Odd thing is I remember myself as being fat pretty much my whole life. I know my mom has made comments to me before that I was not. I see now that I was overweight (short in sz. 12) but not obese which is what the word overweight mean't to me. I know that technically the weight I was at was obese classification but I never truly felt obese till I crossed that 190 lb mark. 

This picture below I would have been about 160-ish in. I couldn't tell you my exact weight because I never got on a scale. You can see I did a lovely 3 month stint at Wendy's in Collegeville PA. Wait? What? She was in PA? you might be thinking. Something you probably do not know about me. I am not sure if I ever mentioned it or not. I was in the Navy.  I joined the Navy to basically break free of a co-pendant relationship I had with my first ever boyfriend. (Who was a DB stringing me along while he had a new GF)

 I joined with the best of intentions and a ASVAB score that qualified me for Nuclear Navy.  I chose a different route and signed up for a 6 year term. Never made it out of boot camp. I left the week before battle stations. I was sick almost the entire time. Going from Miami, FL to Great Lakes, Illinois during Novemeber with snow on the ground was a shock to my system. I wasn't myself the entire time I was in there. I was a meek little mouse which is sooo not my style. One day when I was in medical for tendinitis the DR asked me if I wanted to be there. I started crying hysterically and I. could. not. stop. They sent me for lunch and by the time I came back I was still crying. They signed off on my discharge papers and I went to mommy's house in PA. I only stayed there for 3 months coming out of my shell shocked brain washing. I wanted to go back to FL and see the loser ex. (I could smack myself for that) All I knew was Miami and I wanted to go home something fierce. 

I went back- finally met someone new and broke off the unhealthy relationship with the ex. Was in a year relationship with him till it went down hill. Was single for a while then decided to up and move to Central FL as my brother lived up here. As you know I met hubby on AOL two weeks before I moved here and the rest is history. 

I was going to crop out my little brother but then I figured why bother.  He is 19 now so he looks a wee bit different. LOL  This picture is about 14 years old.

Friday, September 20, 2013


I am officially ON VACATION!  YEAH!  Of course it is a stay-cation with nothing planned. It is a week that I do not have to go to work though so I am thrilled!

I have a new little hobby lately. I set up a 10 gallon tank to keep feeder fish in for the turtle and snakes. Well I kinda fell in love with the feeder guppies.  I might have gotten a little to excited about the concept of baby fish and picked up a very pregnant female guppy. She might have had babies the same night I bought her. LOL  I have about 40 itty bitty babies quarantined for safety in the tank. I will try and post up some pictures tomorrow for you all.

I am going to bed nice and early.  I am hoping to wake up full of energy ready to tackle whatever my heart desires. :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WI tomorrow

I expect that it will be a good one after last weeks zero.

Even with the pie that husband brought home from Yoder's  in Sarasota. (Combo of @@ and YUMMY!) He volunteered  last Saturday with a friend at the Life's A Beach Triathlon.

I am so grumpy that I was trapped at work while he was out having fun. You may remember I volunteered at a race in Jan of 2012 and I really enjoyed it. I was uber jealous of him all day. I mean really- He gets to be the student trainer at work (which he adores), he gets to watch sports all day. (which he adores) While I have to work to pay the bills.  GRRRR

Yes, I have the green eyes I admit it!  LOL  I am still behind on my bloggy reading.  One day I will catch up I promise!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Goose egg

As you can see I stayed the same this week.  I have no complaints about that as my eating has not been that great and I have a certain visitor on her way out.  

B got his first official referral today. Ugh, this child of mine! We are currently working with the school to get him evaluated. Once we have that in our hands we will follow the next course of action. 

I am so behind on blog reading hence why you haven't heard from me lately. Hope to catch up on my reading in the next day or two. On the plus side though I washed three loads of laundry and surface cleaned the house today. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Another mentality shift lightbulb

On Saturday afternoon I met a girlfriend for a early dinner as I mentioned in my last post.

I had eaten nothing up to that point of the day and it was 5:30pm. (I did have a Starbucks iced latte though so I had consumed calories) I was just starting to feel hungry when we were seated. My gf could not understand how I hadn't eaten anything all day. She said she is starving every day about noon and then again at 6 pm. I explained to her that I left the house early and I am not a breakfast eater. I ran around on my day off and never even thought about food because I was occupied. I tried to explain to her about how I used to live to eat and now I try and eat to live.

When we were walking through the mall we were remarking on how good the cinnamon roasted pecans smelled. I had a touch of internal dialogue (Ummm I want... NO, SUGAR!!, you already had some today in the latte. Are you trying to start an avalanche?) Then we walked past the Aunt Annie's pretzel stand. They too smelled divine. I was able to ignore those thoughts a little easier though. We did our browsing at the mall as you know then split up for her to go home and me more shopping.

I went to Kohls and then Walmart. I didn't get home until after 1 am. I was kinda laughing to myself that I needed to email my friend about how it was so late and I hadn't eaten again and that I wasn't hungry. Then I had a moment. One of those "Holy crap how my mentality has changed" moments. I say that as before a typical day for me would have been. Starbucks, sushi, roasted nuts, 2 pretzels (one salt with cheese and one almond with glaze) eaten spaced apart but during the same day, possibly another starbucks, then I would have gotten a Sonic meal deal for dinner at 11:30 pm.  Not because I was hungry-  just because it tastes yummy.  (o.O)  No wonder I was pushing 250 pounds!  I never let myself get hungry.  I just ate and ate and ate.  Talk about an eye opener.

Disclaimer: Since I am low carbing I eat when I am hungry not just because the clock says I should.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mommy relax day.

First I had to hit up the auto store as hubby's car has been getting slower and slower upon start up when the engine cranks. Auto store tested the battery and it was almost dead. Replaced the battery as it would suck to be stranded on Mommy Day.  LOL  Our battery was 3 yrs old and had a 11/10 sticker on it. On the counter there was the same kind with a 7/10. I mentioned it to the sale rep and he said he had noticed the same thing. After the car was fixed I popped on over to Eyeglass World.  Momma has been wanting contacts again for a while. I haven't had them in almost eight years. Turns out my eye's haven't changed much since my last eyeglass appointment 3 yrs ago. As far as contacts go I will have the same script in each eye so that will be nice for buying them. The trial pair I am in now are .25 higher than what I should have due to them only having one of what I need. After I left the eyeglass place (right next store to auto place) the rep was changing another battery. He told me I started a avalanche and they were all the same kind of battery. Whoops!
Temporary sunglasses

I them popped over to Target for sunglasses. The entire time I was dealing with an earworm. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. LOL Contacts refract more light into the eye (according to eye Dr) so not only was I seeing HD but super bright. No sunglasses as to what I wanted and I only ended up with one thing. I planned on being out all day and what I needed to buy wouldn't have lasted in the car (crayons). I did have a PSL though. Slurp, slurp, slurp. Naughty mommy as far as the sugar but it sure was good. :)

After Target I went to Ulta to pick up some nail polisher remover pads. I had tried to remove the polish from my tootsies earlier and it seems my remover is to old because it sucks. Ended up getting talked into a haircut while I was there. While I was talking to the hairdresser about my hair I did mention that we had a round of lice in June but they should be eradicated. She checked my hair and said all was well. (Yeah! Always paranoid about that now) We proceeded with the haircut and were making small talk. As she was blow drying my hair she said "Oh, there's one" I immediately went CRAP! Started the internal freak out of OMG I thought we got rid of them. ZOMG  ZOMG ZOMG. She is being so cool about this, I thought salons had to go on red alert if someone walked in with lice.  Then I was like WAIT A MIN! In our small talk I had asked her if she saw any grey hairs. She had told me no she didn't. Every time I get a haircut I ask because I have yet to see one. So I asked if she mean't a gray hair and she said yes. Ohmygoodnessthankgoodness! LOL
So I now know I have at least one gray hair. Not to bad for being the ripe old age of 36. After my cut I grabbed the polish remover pads, a few clearance lip crayons, and a mini tweezerman. Used my coupon so the lip crayons were free.

Then I was off to the day spa that I had a GC to from my birthday. I used a nail polish remover pad in the parking lot.  They rock! Then proceeded to have a 30 minute deep tissue shoulder massage then a basic pedicure.  

Met a girlfriend for an early sushi dinner. Her birthday was yesterday and we hadn't gotten together in forever. We then hit the mall for sunglasses and hit the mother load at FYE of all places. All of their sunglasses were marked down to $2 each. SCORE!  My girlfriend ended up going home and I hit up Kohl's. I spent like two hours there strolling around and looking for clearance. I originally went to look at clearance purses and I was not dissapointed.  Then I hit Wallyworld for a while and home. Loooooong day!
These two pretty girls now live with me.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Not even a month into the school year and I have been called by the teacher and now the dean. B is very immature for his age. Always wants things his way and he isn't afraid to throw a fit/whine. His teacher called me to basically make sure there was nothing wrong with him (like hypersensitive) two weeks ago. He tends to not like loud noises or things touching him sometimes. I see that as more of an attention thing though. She warned me that he may be getting lots of yellows and reds for not following directions. I told her I was expecting that so no worries. She said that she will concentrate on making sure that he understands that it is her way. Of course with 25 students in the class I know it isn't easy for her. I told her to please let me know if she thinks he should be evaluated for anything as she has more experience than us. (A is a quiet, obedient child)  That afternoon I discussed it with the after school care supervisor as she works at the old VPK B attended also and knows him. She agreed that it was a immature/ attention thing when I told her how I view it.  I thought life would move on and things would get better.

 Cue today- 9:25am phone call from the dean telling me that B was in his office for spitting. He told me B would not talk to him and tell him what was doing on. He asked if I wanted to talk to him and I told him sure but he isn't a phone talker. He held the phone up and I told B that he was the boss and he needs to talk to him. Then I started to ask if he was scared and I could hear his fast breathing. (broke my heart as I knew he was terrified) The dean told me it was a warning this time. Siiigh. I wanted to run right out of work to get him but I knew that he needed to experience the fear and realize there are consequences for his actions.  I got out of work early and picked up some feeder fish for the reptiles and then the boys. When I got to the school the after school care supervisor pulled me aside to tell me that B wasn't listening or following directions and that if he doesn't start that he will not be able to stay in the program. She recommend I speak to guidance about getting him tested for something. Well $%&@!  Had the sit down talk with him which of course I don't know how much he will retain. Siiigh.  After he did his homework and sat around bored for a while (no electronics or anything for punishment) I had him do this.

Hubby is at the school watching a volleyball game so it is just me and the kids.
This is last nights dinner. Baked cod with my sauteed cabbage.

Monday, September 2, 2013

New respect.

It is after midnight currently. So officially I am writing this post to you early Tuesday morning. Anyway a few minutes ago  I was laying in bed thinking about how late it is and the fact that I need to sleep. I happened to flip over (I move- a lot) and felt a slight twinge of back muscle pull. That immediately reminded me of how poopy my Friday night was.  I cannot sleep as the memory is here in my brain so here I am to blog about it and hopefully be able to get it off my mind. It is still a bit of a twilight memory even though I was wide awake during some and the last part.

I went to bed Friday night at a normal hour (for me) and went to sleep pretty fast. I half woke up each time I rolled from my left to right side. I half woke up because I was in pain. My back was not feeling good but I was sleeping and wasn't fully conscious. I woke up at 4am in extreme pain. My entire center back on both sides was hurting really badly. Every twist and turn I was literally saying "ow, ow, ow" As I was laying in bed I was mentally freaking out. Even thought I am fat I have never had back problems. I was laying there thinking that this must be how people feel when they have back issues and oh my word now I get it.  I mentally rated my pain a solid 7 and told myself if it got any higher I was hobbling myself to the ER. (I have a pretty high pain tolerance) Then I felt dumb "Excuse me nurse- My back really hurts" so self treatment it was.

I got up and very slowly moved around grabbing the walls and what not looking for pain reliever. I finally remembered that I had some generic aleve so I went to find that. I read the instructions and took two and went and laid back down hoping that this worked. I was wondering how in the heck I was going to be able to go to work in the morning. I decided that if I felt the same in the morning I was calling out. (I have been there going on seven years and have only called out twice and both times it was from B being admitted to the hospital at 6w and 8w for unexplained fevers) I tried to relax and let the medicine do it's job. It took freaking forever because as we all know the more pain you are in the harder it is for the medicine to kick in. (Says she that didn't know she had to ask for her own meds after having a c-section with B)  I eventually slipped back to sleep and woke up at 6am with my back still in pain but more of a 5 at that point. I was hoping that in the two more hours of sleep I knew I could get before work that I would feel even better. I was right.  I woke up at 8:20 and my back pain was more of a 3 so it was getting better. I got ready and headed off to work with a tender back. Mind you the entire time I was saying "ow, ow, ow"  LOL  By the time noon rolled around I was feeling almost normal. Noon is when the medication was due to wear off so I wasn't sure what to expect. By the evening it was like it never happened.

I don't know what the heck caused it (I didn't do anything odd Friday that would pull a muscle or anything) but I sure hope to never have to deal with that pain again. I totally have a new respect for people with back injuries now though. Saturday and Sunday night were normal. My back feels tense now but I think it is more of the reliving the memory of it all.

I should probably just treat this as a journal post and mark it private but what the heck- public it is. Maybe one of ya'll have experienced the same thing and have some insight.


A whole lot of nothing

is what is happening today in my house.  Well that isn't totally true I guess.  Hubby is out on his long run and I did try a new recipe.  I tried to make oopsie rolls. They are ok I guess but nothing to write home about. I took a picture of them on the pan before baking but forgot one after. Pic is on hubby's phone though and he is out for 9 miles. LOL  I did manage to finally saute the two heads of cabbage that I bought a few days ago. Such a cheap/filling/low carb option for those of us trying to watch our weight. :)  Having it pre-cooked allows me to portion out some for myself with my protein for dinner. That frees me up to make something starchy for hubby if I feel like it. He is a runner that loves his starches.  

I finally figured out why B was not eating his full lunch. It turns out that he is eating the free school lunch. (Our county is part of a test program in which Elementary students eat lunch free) Silly child!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Molded eggs

Soooo is it weird that I am tickled to know that many of my older son's classmates are envious of his brown bag lunch?  LOL  I haven't been doing anything fancy at all. I have been putting in thing I know he likes. From black olives to sour watermelon slices. He said four boys all asked for a piece of the watermelon candy today.  Whoops!  He said he didn't share though as they are not allowed to (due to possible allergies)
He was instructed to find out the name and where I bought the candy and report back to his friends. Haha!

B has been snacking on his during lunch then ends up finishing it for dinner (his choice) Tonight I finally had the bright idea to ask if he only wanted half a sandwich. He agreed that was probably a good idea because I give him to much food. Learning process here it seems. I have also discovered that I prefer to make their lunches in the morning. In the evening it feels like to much of a chore and makes me feel negative. In the morning it feels positive and makes me feel all suzie homemaker-y. :)

Tonight I tried to make molded eggs. My eggs did not fill out the molds fully but what can ya do. I have a set of a car and fish. The picture gives you an idea of what I am talking about as far as molded eggs go. (scared you with the title huh?)

Dinner tonight was what I will refer to as garbage meatloaf. I used six pounds of ground turkey to make two meatloaf type creations. Each one had three pounds of meat, 3 eggs, one whole diced sweet potato- the rest was just made up between the bowls. They both turned out very well and I will be making this lazy style meatloaf again. 

I am really digging green grapes lately. The most recent ones I bought though are HUGE! Were talking the size of my thumb almost. I took a picture earlier to try and show you all the size of these things. The backdrop is my turkey meatloaf in case your wondering wth that is.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tell me about you...

Sooooo you come here to read my drivel everyday yet I know nothing about you. Care to share? I do look at who is reading and I love seeing the various cities around the world coming to learn about me. I hope that I keep you entertained!  :)

Dinner last night was a experiment that was a WIN!  I was planning on making one of the two recipes that Kelly posted on Sunday. I had glanced at them and thought they would work out well for the massive amounts of chicken breasts that we eat. Yesterday I went to make the sour cream one and then I realized that it called for dried stuffing.  Whoops!  I am trying to avoid bread so that wasn't going to work out so hot for me. I ended up just winging it though.  I smeared about 4 oz of sour cream on two chicken breasts. Sprinkled on a decent amount of Kraft Parmesan cheese (don't judge!) then some creole seasoning and garlic powder. I baked them at 350 degrees for about 37 min (was supposed to be 35 but I got distracted) It turned out really, really well!  I was really happy with it and hubby didn't complain. (He dislikes sour cream)

Tonight I knew it was going to be ground turkey (haha!) but I didn't have a plan in mind. I just tossed some stuff together and it worked out well. One pound of ground turkey, 16 oz tub of sliced button mushrooms (clearanced at WD), a few glugs of Worcestershire sauce, a  glug of soy sauce and a can of cream of mushroom soup make for a simple stroganoff type of thing. Served over leftover rice for him and steamed chopped cauliflower for me.

I was off today but I am all about the easy!

What was for dinner in your house?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things I have noticed

1) I eat my veggies first now. I don't know if it is because I only eat yummy ones (see previous post) or if it is because I am trying to eat the icky (how a lot of people see veggies) stuff first. LOL

2) My mentality is a changing. I am not sure exactly how to type what I am trying to share with you so forgive the ramble I am about to launch into. Eight months ago if you had told me I would be down 35 pounds by now I would have been like  WOO HOO!  I AM AWESOME!!  I ROCK!!!!  (LOL)
But now that I am actually here I am like :shrug: That is all?????   I can still grab handfuls of fat from various points on my body when laying down in bed!  I have so much more to do.  I just find it weird how I am having this mentality shift thing.

3) I don't have a goal in place anymore. I started with 30 days. Which turned into 60 days. Which turned into 90 days. I have been just kind of floundering about not sure where I was going since then. Umm well duh 35lbs would have been a logical goal to have. It was a mental one I guess but I never shared it with you all.  Well I am sharing that my next goal is 15 more pounds.  That will put me at 50 pounds down, under 200, AND in the obese class I BMI group.  I think that is a pretty damn good goal to reach for don't you?  Three in one?  Awesome Sauce!!

4) When I first set up my ticker it said I had 93.4 pounds to get to my ultimate goal weight. I gotta say that 58.4 to go looks a hell of a lot better. :)

PS:  I went back to grab more of the BOGO turkey and it seems it was a store special.  So thankful that I looked over in that area tonight though as all of the 93% lean turkey was on clearance by $2.00 or more a pack. Thanks to a $5 off $30 coupon and one Butterball coupon I had I spent $28.54 on seventeen (yes, 17) pounds of ground turkey.  We prefer ground turkey or chicken so I am super excited over this find!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tonights eats

I rarely post what I eat on my blog.

I do this because I quite frankly don't want to hear comments from the peanut gallery. Once upon a time I posted here and there and I was told that X was to heavy of a meat and I should eat Y and Z. I am to lazy to go look up the exact comment but it was something to that effect. I *know* they were trying to be helpful. It still urked me though. (just being honest)

I don't follow one specific diet per say. I do my own thing with a combo of diets. I borrow and tweak from them what works best for me.  I can tell you that my main influences are low carb/primal/whole foods. Most dinners are just a boring meal of protein and veggies.

Occasionally I get a little creative. Tonight was a creative meal. Hubby will not be thrilled as there is kale in dinner but he will just have to live with it. LOL

Unless he wants to make himself a sammy he has no choice actually. Muahah  It is ground turkey, juice from the cooked kale below, splash of balsamic, splash of soy sauce, 3 cups or so of kale, 1.5 chopped onion, 1 tub of concentrated veggie stock (all I had), salt, pepper, garlic, and water.

His will be served over rice. I already ate mine straight with a chopped avocado mixed in. YUM! (pic is leftovers)

 I also googled kale and bacon and found a recipe for umm kale and bacon. Har, har  I did my own thing though and changed it up a little. Regular (pre-chopped/washed) kale/basalmic/ and way more (shouting) BACON.  Hubby won't touch this with a ten foot pole.

More for me!!

For me a very important part of this whole dieting thing is....... to eat what I like!  I like veggies.  I just have spent a lot of my life forgetting that. Now I am spending a large amount of time remembering that. I am not going to shove something down that I don't like just because it is healthy.

 I make sure to eat veggies that I like and prepare them a way that I like.

When I am floundering and possibly craving something I shouldn't I will stop on the way home pick up some green zucchini/asparagus/sweet taters/various squashes. I replace the wanties with something that I can have that is completely on plan for me. I haven't done it in a while but several meals were teriyaki salmon those first 90 days as both hubby and I adore it. Who wants ice cream when you can have such a delicious satisfying and filling meal?

Currently I am listening to the NERF Cyber Hoop. I am a Bzzagent and received this item free for my boys to play with and me to review.  I have to say they both adore it! Daddy even gets in on the action and tries to steal the ball. Silly Daddy!  Here is a coupon  in case it is something that might interest your kiddos.

*****FL PEEPS!
If your in the FL area and have a WinnDixie near I want to point out a faboo deal they are having this week. I think it might be unadvertised because I cannot find it in the flyer. Ground turkey is normally $3.99 a pound. Currently there are BOGO stickers AND .75 off coupons on each package. That makes them two for $2.49!!  AWESOME deal!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


August 2013      35 marbles down


So how many of you read the title and shuddered?  LOL

I don't think I mentioned on the blog that I rescued a turtle a few weeks ago. Aquatic turtle in the middle of a double railroad track crossing with no bodies of water nearby does not make for a long turtle life. We believe it is a female and she ate immediately so she was hungry it seems. So far she enjoys turtle sticks and fish. I cannot seem to get her to eat veggies yet though. I keep offering though and in time I am sure she will. You can see a corner of her temporary tank in the first picture. She is now in her new digs and is enjoy the new room.

I ventured into a new pet store looking for feeder fish on Thursday. Petco has been out for over a week and I wanted to grab some on my day off. I ended up purchasing two new pets for the house of the reptile variety. :)  I have always wanted one of those cute little tiny snakes (yes I know they grow) and now I have two.  LMAO  I do have two boys so I haaad to get two. So our house is now full of animals and the door is closed.

  Everyone is still nameless at this point. The pictures do now show it but one has a yellow stripe and the other has a blueish stripe.

Just look at these little cuties!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not loving this

Day three and I am already ready for school to be out again!

Sheesh this school stuff if whipping MY butt!  I am not a morning person and trying to get these kids ready and out the door at 7am stinks!  I almost overslept this morning which would have been bad.  I came home from work and A still hadn't finished his HW.  So that was a battle just to get that done. He "didn't understand what the teacher wanted" but he sure understood daddy renting a redbox game earlier. @@  I finally had to tell him what to write just to get it done.  I REALLY do not like that and do not want to do that.  I do have a hard time deciding how much to help though. I try and let him work through it and ask questions and what not to help him get the right answers. Sometimes that is not possible though and I have to hold his hand. I also had to do B's HW but that was just the forms the school sends home so it was really for us.

It is 10:26 and I think mommy is going to bed super early for a change. Tomorrow is WI day after all. :)


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School days

The second day of school has now come and gone. B went to his first day of Kindergarten today. :)

First day!
B was super excited waiting for the bus. A was just over it already.

A's first HW assignment.
His 1st grade teacher always gave them practice sheets that were half in cursive with monkey tails. He learned to write with those loops and I cannot get him to stop no matter how I try.  Grrrrrr.

I was off of work today so everything got accomplished that should have. I fear having to do all of this stuff on normal work nights though. Ugh!  That is life though and I guess I will just have to learn to deal with it.

 I managed to make myself my yummy bacon cabbage so I have that for a few days. I also baked some banana bread for the boys.  I FINALLY found a super easy and tasty recipe that all of the boys like.  I did have a small bite to taste it but I should be able to resist it. :fingers crossed:   Both kids got lunch at school today.  I wanted B to learn how to use the cafeteria line on his first day when adults would basically be holding his hand through it. Tomorrow it is just A and he requested a lunch from home so that is made and in the fridge. (HM crustless pb&j on whole wheat, green olives, apple sauce, slice banana bread & capri sun water)  

 Found these at Target and they make packing lunches so easy!