Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things I have noticed

1) I eat my veggies first now. I don't know if it is because I only eat yummy ones (see previous post) or if it is because I am trying to eat the icky (how a lot of people see veggies) stuff first. LOL

2) My mentality is a changing. I am not sure exactly how to type what I am trying to share with you so forgive the ramble I am about to launch into. Eight months ago if you had told me I would be down 35 pounds by now I would have been like  WOO HOO!  I AM AWESOME!!  I ROCK!!!!  (LOL)
But now that I am actually here I am like :shrug: That is all?????   I can still grab handfuls of fat from various points on my body when laying down in bed!  I have so much more to do.  I just find it weird how I am having this mentality shift thing.

3) I don't have a goal in place anymore. I started with 30 days. Which turned into 60 days. Which turned into 90 days. I have been just kind of floundering about not sure where I was going since then. Umm well duh 35lbs would have been a logical goal to have. It was a mental one I guess but I never shared it with you all.  Well I am sharing that my next goal is 15 more pounds.  That will put me at 50 pounds down, under 200, AND in the obese class I BMI group.  I think that is a pretty damn good goal to reach for don't you?  Three in one?  Awesome Sauce!!

4) When I first set up my ticker it said I had 93.4 pounds to get to my ultimate goal weight. I gotta say that 58.4 to go looks a hell of a lot better. :)

PS:  I went back to grab more of the BOGO turkey and it seems it was a store special.  So thankful that I looked over in that area tonight though as all of the 93% lean turkey was on clearance by $2.00 or more a pack. Thanks to a $5 off $30 coupon and one Butterball coupon I had I spent $28.54 on seventeen (yes, 17) pounds of ground turkey.  We prefer ground turkey or chicken so I am super excited over this find!


  1. That's a great deal on ground turkey! I need to start using it more in meals. So much healthier than ground beef.

    1. I love clearance! Haha We prefer the turkey as I said so it was a real deal for me.

    2. I love clearance! Haha We prefer the turkey as I said so it was a real deal for me.

  2. That is Woohoo. You are doing fantastic!!

  3. Have you ever seen goat meat? I'm told it is EXCELLENT as it's low in fat. We are going to try it soon. It's only been available in our supermarkets for about 6 months and I swore I'd never eat it... but I've changed my mind. Anything is worth trying.


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