Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not loving this

Day three and I am already ready for school to be out again!

Sheesh this school stuff if whipping MY butt!  I am not a morning person and trying to get these kids ready and out the door at 7am stinks!  I almost overslept this morning which would have been bad.  I came home from work and A still hadn't finished his HW.  So that was a battle just to get that done. He "didn't understand what the teacher wanted" but he sure understood daddy renting a redbox game earlier. @@  I finally had to tell him what to write just to get it done.  I REALLY do not like that and do not want to do that.  I do have a hard time deciding how much to help though. I try and let him work through it and ask questions and what not to help him get the right answers. Sometimes that is not possible though and I have to hold his hand. I also had to do B's HW but that was just the forms the school sends home so it was really for us.

It is 10:26 and I think mommy is going to bed super early for a change. Tomorrow is WI day after all. :)


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  1. Good luck at weigh-in! I was never a morning person either until I forced myself to get up and run in the morning. I'm programmed for summer hours right now. It's gonna be brutal again to get up early after Labor Day!


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