Saturday, August 24, 2013


So how many of you read the title and shuddered?  LOL

I don't think I mentioned on the blog that I rescued a turtle a few weeks ago. Aquatic turtle in the middle of a double railroad track crossing with no bodies of water nearby does not make for a long turtle life. We believe it is a female and she ate immediately so she was hungry it seems. So far she enjoys turtle sticks and fish. I cannot seem to get her to eat veggies yet though. I keep offering though and in time I am sure she will. You can see a corner of her temporary tank in the first picture. She is now in her new digs and is enjoy the new room.

I ventured into a new pet store looking for feeder fish on Thursday. Petco has been out for over a week and I wanted to grab some on my day off. I ended up purchasing two new pets for the house of the reptile variety. :)  I have always wanted one of those cute little tiny snakes (yes I know they grow) and now I have two.  LMAO  I do have two boys so I haaad to get two. So our house is now full of animals and the door is closed.

  Everyone is still nameless at this point. The pictures do now show it but one has a yellow stripe and the other has a blueish stripe.

Just look at these little cuties!

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  1. We don't have snakes in our country outside of Zoos. I don't think I would like any myself, though your little ones look harmless enough.


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