Sunday, January 20, 2019


I'm still here and all is well. I have been posting more on Instagram. Daily actually. If you want to find me there I am: keto.swan 

So I see I never published this from a few days ago. Whoops. 

Day 24 and going strong! My weight is not dropping as fast as I would like it too buuuut I feel good. That is really what matters. It is true and I keeping telling myself that as well. I am feeling great about work, life, future debt reduction plans all kinds of stuff. I'm not feeling great about the scale but it is my own fault for stepping on daily. I keep meaning to ask my hubby to hide the damn thing. Lol

Anyway life is good. I hope all is well for you! Even if I don't lose tons of weight (I know eventually the scale will lower) I need to keep this up for how I feel. While I have had some simple carbs (like what 4 times I thinkl I have avoided sugar.  Sugar is my true enemy. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019


I ended up switching up the meal plan which is exactly why I don't like to commit to one. Tonight I ended up making cheeseburger sloppy joes. Big hit with the whole family!! 

Off today and sorta a blah day. Not really feeling the blog tonight so goodnight.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Simple Swan meal plan

This here is my simple swan meal plan for my family. No, it is not keto. Many of them can be dirty keto modified. Or I will just eat something else. Finances and dirty keto will have to work hand in hand around here.

I work until 7 and am often not home till
7:30 or later. I am the only person in the house that is capable of cooking it seems. @@ So the meal cooking falls on me most of them time. Sometimes I can have hubby start grilling but he gets impatient quickly when it isn't cooked to his standard in his personal time frame. I can also have my son start cooking thawed ground beef to crumble but he goes overboard with that chopped utensil and I end up with fine ground beef.

Of course the kids come in while I am cooking and ask what is for dinner. That is an instant piss off for me honestly. I know they are just innocently asking but when they ask Every. Single. Night.  They KNOW I don't like it so it feels like a they are just being butts. 

I did overhear my 13 yr old telling hubby last night that I should make a list with what dinner is nightly so they dont have to ask. As you can imagine that went over well. I told him when he started cooking dinner I would gladly make a list for him to cook of off. If they would actually start dinner and help me out I would gladly make a list. However, I get home and they are all (hubby included) playing video games or on phones. As you can imagine that sets my mood. I get the pleasure of coming home from work to make these lazy asses dinner. No. I'm not bitter or anything. 🤣🤣🤣

As annoyed as I get I know it is my own fault. I let hubby get away with it from the start. I do intend on making, yes making, the kids learn how to cook but 13 is a bit young to me. Shush. I know it isn't but I am hoping he grows out of his playing dumb attitude ok?.

Korean beef with rice (cauli rice me)
Sausage & Peppers/Onions ×2
Brats/hot dogs on grill
Hm Pizza x2.
Tacos x2 (low carb tortilla me or salad)
Chicken & rice (cauli rice me)
Nachos or picadillo (leftover taco meat)
Boneless, skinless chicken thighs.

That is only 12 meals but there will be leftovers. Or the ever famous mac n cheese if I dont feel like cooking period.

Earlier I was thinking about thawing something for dinner but now I think I will use leftover chicken from the thighs I cooked last night for today.

I honestly cannot make a chart though even if I wanted. I have found that having a list of possible meals that can be made with what is in the house works best for me. If I try and assign a night more than 1 day in advance it just doesn't work. That item may not sound appealing that day or I just dont want to make the effort.

Ended up with pizza tonight. Here is mine. 

I downloaded a new app to use in blogger  let's hope the pictures work.

Tuesday a.m.

Sunday was spent at the blue box store spending way to much. Of course we needed kitty litter and other things other than food.

Monday I worked and had a great day. Towards the end of they day though I started feeling really anxious and rushed. I didnt want to eat junk because of it, but I didn't like it. I was trying to figure out what the problem was. It took me a while but I finally got it. My neighbor texted me out of blue if I wanted her couches. I don't have a need. I started trying to see if I knew anyone to help her out. She said she needed them gone by Tues night. No one seemed interested then my phone died. I charged it in car but a slow charge. By the time I got home I was just kinda feeling overwhelmed and off. I knew dinner would be quick of baked chicken thighs and veggies. I never did hear back from my neighbor and I never told her I couldn't find anyone.

When I was laying down it hit me. That was my issue. I let her problem become my problem. Thank goodness that I didn't reach for food today. (Probably because I polished off a bag of BBQ pork rinds before her text and was still burping them up all night. Hah.)

I actually didn't even eat dinner. I just wasn't hungry. Drives my husband batty when he notices. I don't see a reason to eat when I am not hungry though. He thinks it is unhealthy. Obviously he has never read a thing on IF and the benefits.

So there you have it. A summary of my last few days.

Today I am off and just relaxing with the baby girl as of now. I am not sure what my next project will be around the house. I do need to figure out what dinner will be just so I can get stuff thawed if need be. I have a loose 2 week dinner plan.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Saturday and WI

This is the day I busted my ass on two projects.

I intended to only work on decluttering my dresser. However, I am in a declutter 2019 things in 2019 group and someone on there was working on her closet. After finishing my dresser I dove into the closet as well. Both the dresser and closet were stripped of everything then what was kept was put back in. There are now 5 garbage bags of clothing to donate in my car. Thankfully my inlaws church has a thrift store so it will all go there Monday. Well to my inlaws when I drop off baby girl. What they do with it is on them.

Sitting here drinking my coffee trying to work on a meal plan for the week. I thought I had tons of protein in the freezer but I just did an inventory. What I do have is freezer burnt or unlabeled and I am not 1000% sure what it is. Whoops! Hah. So I need to come up with a 2 week dinner list using what I have and what I can get on sale. I have about $100 I can play with.

I have some freezer burned meatballs thawing now. There are 2 zip locks of what appear to be beef roast. Wow I have type these words before. I remember the be beef roast because it looks funny. I should scroll back and see when so I have a date. Hah

Oh my most exciting news! Weigh in was like 30 minutes ago. I am down 5.8 pounds!!

Let's keep up with our better choices no matter what plan we are following. 😎

Eggs for sure. Those 30 eggs I hb last weekend? GONE.  By my family...   I have 3 at work still thankfully.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Just my thoughts.

Forgive me peeps as I have sinned.

I was a dirty, dirty girl today. 🤣  I am not upset because I knew exactly what I was doing. It was a potential thing I knew that I would experience as part of my dirty.

I have to be able to keep this up for life if I want to be successful. Therefore I know I will be really dirty from time to time. Sugar is my worst enemy. Sugar is my addiction.  This item was not sugar. (Yes, I know carbs turn into sugar.. ) 

Anyway, I do admit to being tempted a few hours later when I went through a drive thru for a drink. I was tempted on the thought of sugar. I mean I already was dirty today so what is one more thing??
I literally yelled in my car.  NO, get your shit together!. Then I ordered my diet coke and all wants vanished. It will be a daily struggle at times.

I fully intend to have carbs from time to time so if that bothers you sorry. You do you and I will do me. I dont want to keep it to myself when I do as that WILL make me feel like I am hiding it. I am not. Will it hurt me? Time will tell.

I wouldn't last on a 100% clean keto which is why I never really used the label.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Day 4

All is perfect here in dirty, lazy, keto land. I just didnt blog yesterday. I shouldn't today but I didnt want to leave two days hanging. Off to hop in shower then bed.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Good start.

Another day down and all is well. Yessss it has only been 2 days but meh. Hah! Zero temptation for anything out of line. I didn't even grab a fruit loop when my son was getting a bowl next to me.

I spent the day making things to help me along my path. 30 hard boiled eggs. (ty instantpot) pound of bacon cubed and fried. 1 head of cabbage sauteed in bacon grease. Jalepeno poppers make with the crumbled bacon. I also flash froze 5 huge bell pepper worth of diced peppers. I was going to do onions as well but I think that ship has sailed as it is 10pm.

The ship sailed because I came I to my bedroom and declutter my makeup table. I love my table but honestly I dont wear makeup much. I dont know if I even did once in 2018. However you will have to pry my makeup from my cold dead body. I love the stuff! I have a bunch of stuff from ipsy I covet.  I did cancel my ipsy membership like a year ago. I may redo it if I stay on task for weight loss. The whole lose 20 lbs and get a pedicure doesn't work for me. I am a "you want it you get it" type of person. 

I would love to add pictures but I am using the blogger app and for some reason it will not let me post a picture. It corrupts the post and will not publish.

Oh well. What can you do? So I feel like I have been on track for weeks. Laughing at myself that it has been a whopping 2 days.