Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Good start.

Another day down and all is well. Yessss it has only been 2 days but meh. Hah! Zero temptation for anything out of line. I didn't even grab a fruit loop when my son was getting a bowl next to me.

I spent the day making things to help me along my path. 30 hard boiled eggs. (ty instantpot) pound of bacon cubed and fried. 1 head of cabbage sauteed in bacon grease. Jalepeno poppers make with the crumbled bacon. I also flash froze 5 huge bell pepper worth of diced peppers. I was going to do onions as well but I think that ship has sailed as it is 10pm.

The ship sailed because I came I to my bedroom and declutter my makeup table. I love my table but honestly I dont wear makeup much. I dont know if I even did once in 2018. However you will have to pry my makeup from my cold dead body. I love the stuff! I have a bunch of stuff from ipsy I covet.  I did cancel my ipsy membership like a year ago. I may redo it if I stay on task for weight loss. The whole lose 20 lbs and get a pedicure doesn't work for me. I am a "you want it you get it" type of person. 

I would love to add pictures but I am using the blogger app and for some reason it will not let me post a picture. It corrupts the post and will not publish.

Oh well. What can you do? So I feel like I have been on track for weeks. Laughing at myself that it has been a whopping 2 days. 

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  1. Two days on track is always better than two days binging. Keep it up! :)


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