Friday, January 4, 2019

Just my thoughts.

Forgive me peeps as I have sinned.

I was a dirty, dirty girl today. 🤣  I am not upset because I knew exactly what I was doing. It was a potential thing I knew that I would experience as part of my dirty.

I have to be able to keep this up for life if I want to be successful. Therefore I know I will be really dirty from time to time. Sugar is my worst enemy. Sugar is my addiction.  This item was not sugar. (Yes, I know carbs turn into sugar.. ) 

Anyway, I do admit to being tempted a few hours later when I went through a drive thru for a drink. I was tempted on the thought of sugar. I mean I already was dirty today so what is one more thing??
I literally yelled in my car.  NO, get your shit together!. Then I ordered my diet coke and all wants vanished. It will be a daily struggle at times.

I fully intend to have carbs from time to time so if that bothers you sorry. You do you and I will do me. I dont want to keep it to myself when I do as that WILL make me feel like I am hiding it. I am not. Will it hurt me? Time will tell.

I wouldn't last on a 100% clean keto which is why I never really used the label.


  1. We are each of us unique What works best for you is the important, indeed the only thing. If it works for you then embrace it.

  2. Sadly, what works best for me is what I am not doing. Sigh. I need some of your strength to get my expanding ass in gear.


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