Sunday, January 20, 2019


I'm still here and all is well. I have been posting more on Instagram. Daily actually. If you want to find me there I am: keto.swan 

So I see I never published this from a few days ago. Whoops. 

Day 24 and going strong! My weight is not dropping as fast as I would like it too buuuut I feel good. That is really what matters. It is true and I keeping telling myself that as well. I am feeling great about work, life, future debt reduction plans all kinds of stuff. I'm not feeling great about the scale but it is my own fault for stepping on daily. I keep meaning to ask my hubby to hide the damn thing. Lol

Anyway life is good. I hope all is well for you! Even if I don't lose tons of weight (I know eventually the scale will lower) I need to keep this up for how I feel. While I have had some simple carbs (like what 4 times I thinkl I have avoided sugar.  Sugar is my true enemy. 

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