Sunday, January 6, 2019

Saturday and WI

This is the day I busted my ass on two projects.

I intended to only work on decluttering my dresser. However, I am in a declutter 2019 things in 2019 group and someone on there was working on her closet. After finishing my dresser I dove into the closet as well. Both the dresser and closet were stripped of everything then what was kept was put back in. There are now 5 garbage bags of clothing to donate in my car. Thankfully my inlaws church has a thrift store so it will all go there Monday. Well to my inlaws when I drop off baby girl. What they do with it is on them.

Sitting here drinking my coffee trying to work on a meal plan for the week. I thought I had tons of protein in the freezer but I just did an inventory. What I do have is freezer burnt or unlabeled and I am not 1000% sure what it is. Whoops! Hah. So I need to come up with a 2 week dinner list using what I have and what I can get on sale. I have about $100 I can play with.

I have some freezer burned meatballs thawing now. There are 2 zip locks of what appear to be beef roast. Wow I have type these words before. I remember the be beef roast because it looks funny. I should scroll back and see when so I have a date. Hah

Oh my most exciting news! Weigh in was like 30 minutes ago. I am down 5.8 pounds!!

Let's keep up with our better choices no matter what plan we are following. 😎

Eggs for sure. Those 30 eggs I hb last weekend? GONE.  By my family...   I have 3 at work still thankfully.

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  1. Good for you -- meeting and exceeding goals!
    Too bad about your freezer stockpile. I live in Canada and food is expensive here, but other than eggs, the other cheap protein is beans. At this time of year chilli con carne is usually a staple on my menu (if you can handle the toot toots. lol.)


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