Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top Secret: Revealed!

Ta Da!!!!  I made my sister and her fiancee a llama bride and groom.  For some reason he has a odd love of llamas and I thought this would be adorable for them.  They loved it!  I did take it back to work on though as I wasn't happy with the boy but I wanted to give it to her at the shower. B got a hold of it though so I have to remake one ear for her in addition to remaking him.  This time he will be a soft suede (tan) color.  I grabbed the sculpey from Michael's the day of the shower while it was still on sale. The fabric in her lap is a robe.  While many others went the lacy route (including our mom  LOL) I went practical. She will be living with our older brother after all. :)  I got it in medium thinking her and J. might be able to use it.  Uhhhhh  Yeah,  He tried it on after the shower and it just looked like a jacket on him.  LOL  He is to darn tall!  

OH!  I must back up a tad.  My sister thought I wasn't going to the shower.  And I was not till the Tuesday before when my coworker was able to move her monster jam tickets.  I had told my mom I would be attending but no one else.  I just walked into the church a few minutes before the starting time.  She was surprised but nothing picture worthy.  LOL

Soooo it looks like I wasted $10.89 on a new power cord.  Well not really, it is always good to have a back up as Karen said.  I had the idea today to try the cord from hubby's old lappy and it works.   

I am so glad I will not have to drive down to Tampa again though anytime soon.  Ugh  those were loooooong trips!!  I am hoping to ride down there with my brother (and A) before the wedding and then just have to deal with the drive home after.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm around.

My laptop cord is fried. My laptop battery has been fried for a while. The two of those things added together make blogging difficult. I get it positioned juuust right and it will work till a child bumps it.  I tend to blog with the laptop in my lap though so the whole cord thing makes that difficult.  Right now I am using my phone to update ya'll. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top secret

I am working on a top secret project for my sister to give her before the wedding.  I am pretty sure she doesn't read my blog but she does have the link.  Will update pictures as soon as I can.

Now I am up way to late and am off to sleepy land.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picked up my dress last night

I must confess-  3 or so weeks ago when I freaked out about my dress coming in I freaked for nothing.

  Once I calmed down and re-listened to the message it was just for the matching shrug.  Whoops!  I did however receive the call about the dress yesterday.  I ended up going to Brandon, FL last night after work.  I got on I-75 at 8:08pm.   It was a last minute idea and it worked out well.  I am off today and my sister is too but she had plans all day and I would have had to bring B with me on that drive.  By going last night I still got to keep my day off today.  Hubby's car has cruise control so I just pop that on and play loud music. :)

It turned out they were able to get my dress and the maid of honor's as well.  She hadn't even gotten a phone call that hers was in which was weird.  MOH was at my mom's house along with sister and her fiancee. She was already in her dress so I put mine on.  It is a little firm but it does fit thank goodness (Remember the sales person just guessed- I tried on a dress 2 sizes larger which was all they had in that style near my size) With the proper undergarments it should be fine.  The top of the boob cups is a little loose but I joked about stuffing tissue for crying in there. Haha!  It is a teeny bit long but once I am wearing the shoes it will be less.  Once I get everything together I will put it all on and practice walking and what not with just picking up the side and see if I can handle that.  My sister had said that was fine earlier when we were trying on the dresses so I may just do that and avoid alteration fees all together.  I am sure I could get the bodice played with a little but it can't be taken in that much anyway.  I will re-eval after I get undergarments.  

My sister put on her dress and threw her hair up really quick and she looked absolutely breath taking.  She will be a beautiful bride and I know I better wear waterproof makeup.  I was already tearing up a little but just looking at her.  I was 14 when she was born so old enough to remember her at pretty much all stages of life.  Never had I thought forward to imagine her wedding.  Poor girl started taking hormonal BC so her boobies went up a size.  Her dress still fits (size ZERO @@  LOL) but her girls are smooched.  She will be shallow breathing unless she admits defeat and gets it altered a hair. Even my untrained eye can see that it would be such a simple thing to do.  Since the back is a corset just the little hanging dicky type thing needs to be moved over a teeny bit. I looked to be about 8 stitches period.

I am sad that I have to miss the bridal shower. :(  (I had already committed to swapping that day with a coworker)   Looks like I will also be missing the spa morning too. Meh! They will be going Friday morning.  I will not be able to get there till Friday afternoon.  Then Friday evening will be decorating and the rehearsal dinner.  B. who will be 4 by then will be staying with my in-laws (along with the dogs) and they will not be able to take him till like 1pm I believe. Then a good hour and a half drive there.  All my family will be at the wedding that lives in that area so I do not have anyone local there to babysit him during it.

 Anyone in the Brandon/Valrico area going to volunteer??  :P

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hoppy Easter

HOPPY   Easter!!!!

The boys and I made these cards today.  Umm yeah-  today.  Arn't they cute?!  They are the boys and my thumbprints.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it was adorable!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Batman undies on a little butt.

Is what I am looking at on my toddler's butt. :)

We are hitting potty training hard core.  All day yesterday day he had no pee accidents.  Last night we went out and spent way to much money on various items to help/encourage.

 Isn't this cool?  It is a potty chair in a toilet seat.

Batman Lego toddler underwear
10 pack of bright and colorful dinosaur underwear

He is still in a diaper (or pull up) at night.  I am not ready to deal with stripping sheets and washing daily.
Plus today is only day two of PT boot camp. Maybe next week we will try undies in bed.

I have always been in the mindset of he will train when he is ready.  I hoped that one day he would wake up and say no pull ups I want underwear.  Obviously that hasn't happened  LOL  

Since we were out and about late we did end up at Chick-fil-a for dinner.  I didn't want to do it as I had a simple meal planned but it was just to late at that point.  We didn't get home till after the boys bedtime as it was.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Planned overs for dinner

I ended up putting a can of refried beans into the taco meat last night so I have bunches of taco flavor meat left.   Tonight that taco meat will be turned into healthy-ish nachos. I have some sweet peppers to cut up and add to the mix so I need to get up off the couch and get them cleaned.

I finally updated my other pages a bit.  I don't know if I will keep them up but I had to start somewhere. Part of keeping up the (attempted) healthy living is keeping a healthy budget.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Do you?

I do!

Do you tend to set nice things aside to be used at a later date then never use them?  For instance do you buy the fancy shower gels or the nice soap then save it for a special occasion? Then realize a year+ later you never touched it?  I do it way to often and I am trying to learn how to break some of the molds I have set myself into.  I never use post it notes even if they are in front of my nose. I "save" them.  For what?  I have no stinking idea.  LOL

 I recently ran across a blog that uses post it notes in her to do list.  That link will take you to the post I am speaking of.  :)  I kind of want to incorporate them into menu planning is some way.  Carbie girl is doing a 30 day thing based off a book with her significant.  They recently made a menu chart for themselves to make their project easier.  She was so sweet and took a picture of it for me. You can see it here,
I am thinking of a marriage of the two concepts in some way shape or form.  I am still playing with the idea right now.

Now I am off to made dinner and feed my boys.  Normally I am off tomorrow and would blog but due to it being the 3rd my schedule is a little mixed up.  At least I do get to sleep in which will be LOVERLY!