Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picked up my dress last night

I must confess-  3 or so weeks ago when I freaked out about my dress coming in I freaked for nothing.

  Once I calmed down and re-listened to the message it was just for the matching shrug.  Whoops!  I did however receive the call about the dress yesterday.  I ended up going to Brandon, FL last night after work.  I got on I-75 at 8:08pm.   It was a last minute idea and it worked out well.  I am off today and my sister is too but she had plans all day and I would have had to bring B with me on that drive.  By going last night I still got to keep my day off today.  Hubby's car has cruise control so I just pop that on and play loud music. :)

It turned out they were able to get my dress and the maid of honor's as well.  She hadn't even gotten a phone call that hers was in which was weird.  MOH was at my mom's house along with sister and her fiancee. She was already in her dress so I put mine on.  It is a little firm but it does fit thank goodness (Remember the sales person just guessed- I tried on a dress 2 sizes larger which was all they had in that style near my size) With the proper undergarments it should be fine.  The top of the boob cups is a little loose but I joked about stuffing tissue for crying in there. Haha!  It is a teeny bit long but once I am wearing the shoes it will be less.  Once I get everything together I will put it all on and practice walking and what not with just picking up the side and see if I can handle that.  My sister had said that was fine earlier when we were trying on the dresses so I may just do that and avoid alteration fees all together.  I am sure I could get the bodice played with a little but it can't be taken in that much anyway.  I will re-eval after I get undergarments.  

My sister put on her dress and threw her hair up really quick and she looked absolutely breath taking.  She will be a beautiful bride and I know I better wear waterproof makeup.  I was already tearing up a little but just looking at her.  I was 14 when she was born so old enough to remember her at pretty much all stages of life.  Never had I thought forward to imagine her wedding.  Poor girl started taking hormonal BC so her boobies went up a size.  Her dress still fits (size ZERO @@  LOL) but her girls are smooched.  She will be shallow breathing unless she admits defeat and gets it altered a hair. Even my untrained eye can see that it would be such a simple thing to do.  Since the back is a corset just the little hanging dicky type thing needs to be moved over a teeny bit. I looked to be about 8 stitches period.

I am sad that I have to miss the bridal shower. :(  (I had already committed to swapping that day with a coworker)   Looks like I will also be missing the spa morning too. Meh! They will be going Friday morning.  I will not be able to get there till Friday afternoon.  Then Friday evening will be decorating and the rehearsal dinner.  B. who will be 4 by then will be staying with my in-laws (along with the dogs) and they will not be able to take him till like 1pm I believe. Then a good hour and a half drive there.  All my family will be at the wedding that lives in that area so I do not have anyone local there to babysit him during it.

 Anyone in the Brandon/Valrico area going to volunteer??  :P


  1. Glad everytyhing worked out with the dress. Sounds like the wedding will be awesome! :)

  2. Bummer that you have to miss the festivities!!

    I remember when my little sister got married - it was very emotional for me!!

    Yeah for dresses that fit! Undergarments will make it even better!!


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