Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top Secret: Revealed!

Ta Da!!!!  I made my sister and her fiancee a llama bride and groom.  For some reason he has a odd love of llamas and I thought this would be adorable for them.  They loved it!  I did take it back to work on though as I wasn't happy with the boy but I wanted to give it to her at the shower. B got a hold of it though so I have to remake one ear for her in addition to remaking him.  This time he will be a soft suede (tan) color.  I grabbed the sculpey from Michael's the day of the shower while it was still on sale. The fabric in her lap is a robe.  While many others went the lacy route (including our mom  LOL) I went practical. She will be living with our older brother after all. :)  I got it in medium thinking her and J. might be able to use it.  Uhhhhh  Yeah,  He tried it on after the shower and it just looked like a jacket on him.  LOL  He is to darn tall!  

OH!  I must back up a tad.  My sister thought I wasn't going to the shower.  And I was not till the Tuesday before when my coworker was able to move her monster jam tickets.  I had told my mom I would be attending but no one else.  I just walked into the church a few minutes before the starting time.  She was surprised but nothing picture worthy.  LOL

Soooo it looks like I wasted $10.89 on a new power cord.  Well not really, it is always good to have a back up as Karen said.  I had the idea today to try the cord from hubby's old lappy and it works.   

I am so glad I will not have to drive down to Tampa again though anytime soon.  Ugh  those were loooooong trips!!  I am hoping to ride down there with my brother (and A) before the wedding and then just have to deal with the drive home after.  

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