Monday, April 2, 2012

Do you?

I do!

Do you tend to set nice things aside to be used at a later date then never use them?  For instance do you buy the fancy shower gels or the nice soap then save it for a special occasion? Then realize a year+ later you never touched it?  I do it way to often and I am trying to learn how to break some of the molds I have set myself into.  I never use post it notes even if they are in front of my nose. I "save" them.  For what?  I have no stinking idea.  LOL

 I recently ran across a blog that uses post it notes in her to do list.  That link will take you to the post I am speaking of.  :)  I kind of want to incorporate them into menu planning is some way.  Carbie girl is doing a 30 day thing based off a book with her significant.  They recently made a menu chart for themselves to make their project easier.  She was so sweet and took a picture of it for me. You can see it here,
I am thinking of a marriage of the two concepts in some way shape or form.  I am still playing with the idea right now.

Now I am off to made dinner and feed my boys.  Normally I am off tomorrow and would blog but due to it being the 3rd my schedule is a little mixed up.  At least I do get to sleep in which will be LOVERLY!


  1. Both of those links are way too organized for me. I can't even manage a simple meal plan much less one with pockets and stuff! LOL

  2. Honestly it will probably stay a vision for a very, very long time. LOL

  3. Aww thanks for linking my page up :0) I had to laugh reading karens comment cuz I am SOOO much the same way. I lucked out that TheFiance was the one who came up with the idea and made it. I just decorated it up a bit. It may have taken a lot of time to make but I gotta say its a huge timesaver throughout the week :0) You definitely must post a pic of your final result as well!


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