Thursday, April 5, 2012

Batman undies on a little butt.

Is what I am looking at on my toddler's butt. :)

We are hitting potty training hard core.  All day yesterday day he had no pee accidents.  Last night we went out and spent way to much money on various items to help/encourage.

 Isn't this cool?  It is a potty chair in a toilet seat.

Batman Lego toddler underwear
10 pack of bright and colorful dinosaur underwear

He is still in a diaper (or pull up) at night.  I am not ready to deal with stripping sheets and washing daily.
Plus today is only day two of PT boot camp. Maybe next week we will try undies in bed.

I have always been in the mindset of he will train when he is ready.  I hoped that one day he would wake up and say no pull ups I want underwear.  Obviously that hasn't happened  LOL  

Since we were out and about late we did end up at Chick-fil-a for dinner.  I didn't want to do it as I had a simple meal planned but it was just to late at that point.  We didn't get home till after the boys bedtime as it was.

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