Sunday, November 26, 2023


 Good afternoon!

It's getting late and I need to get my hiney in gear to work on my math. Of course, I am procrastinating like usual. I did take the practice test this morning and got all the easy ones right so that is good. Now I need to do a deep dive on the ones I need to remember how to do. This test is on two chapters and we did the first chapter over a month ago. 

I still have a niggling cough which is super annoying! Two nights now it has woken me up and I have not been able to go back to sleep for hours.  One of them was last night of course.  I was finally able to go back to sleep like 5 hours later and grabbed a few more hours of sleep. 

Ok, I need to stop putting this off.  It is already 4 pm!  

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Still sick here + Black Friday deal share

 The house of sickies lives on! Not my ideal fall break but it is what it is. I did call out on Monday as did my husband. We both went back on Tuesday and then there was no subbing for me to do. I ended up filing all day in student services. Then, on Wednesday I was technically a sub for a para that typically has a one-on-one. Well, that one on one person got into a fight on Monday when no one was there (4 teachers in the unit, and 3 of them were out so there were 3 subs)  The student talks a lot of crap, and a general ed student got fed up with the bullshit and said yes to the "You wanna fight?" question that the student is always trying to ask others. The one on one student was out for 2 days recovering. The acting parents want the gen ed student charged with battery. 

Wednesday night at about 2:45 am little one wakes me up screaming.  She had a low fever this time. So I called out Thursday to be home with her. Then on Friday, everyone went to school. I was feeling mostly better but still had mucus. The class I was subbing for was super extra during the 6th period. I was so happy to know that we would have a week off after that day. Saturday was a normal day with me trying to get a project done for my History class. Sunday was a day of studying as I had a big test on Monday. I went and took the test on Monday and I am thrilled to say I passed! FL requires you to take a certain history class (The one I am in now) and pass a Civics literacy exam (if you didn't in HS) as part of your AA degree.  I had to take and pass it by the end of the semester in like 3 weeks. 

I literally have two math tests and one history test left now and then I am done! These math tests have me nervous but it is what it is. I have all this coming weekend to study. I have a blood draw appointment at 4:15 pm today for my iron numbers. I am not expecting much at this point. With having this sinus infection still (Oh yeah- I left that out, I still am getting colorful mucus) and then being on monthly I am sure my iron is tanking out. 

Thursday we are going to my in-laws as we typically do for holidays. 

My former coach has revamped her plan and now has several options to choose from. There are some affordable options now if anyone is interested. She starts at a monthly cost of  Bronze $75, Silver $90, and Gold $209. There is also a VIP one for 12 weeks at $590. These prices are a hell of a lot better than what I paid this summer. However, the level of support is less with the lower-cost packages.      She even has a Black Friday sale going on right now! Of course you would have to start the following week. There is no sitting on it till January, I did ask. LOL  The only one you can sit on is the VIP but that isn't included in the sale. 

If I did one right now, I would go with the Silver because I kind of need that person checking up on me with the eats. The Bronze is for working out and that just isn't me currently. I have a breakdown of what each plan offers. In order to make it readable I have to post it huge so forgive me for that. Check out her site and share with anyone you think might benefit from her knowledge. 

Sunday, November 12, 2023

House of sickies

Just another Sunday-

With a house full of sick people

I had had a sinus infection for at least the last week and a half. Blowing out the ick with some coughing. Hubby called out at like 1 am on Thursday morning by email. I found out because he included me in the email with his sub plans. Umm huh? Well, I ended up not being his sub (I was his sub the week prior when he was out for 2 days). I was put back in my old unit to sub. By the afternoon I was getting concerned because he hadn't read any texts. He didn't answer my call on the way home.  He was still sleeping and pretty bad off with a fever. I went and got him meds and then went on about my evening. 

Friday morning I woke up not feeling the best so I called out as well and he was still out again of course. It's a good thing I didn't try and go in because then the fever hit me. I am way more functional than my husband but I was up to 103 degrees. With meds, I was going down to about 100 degrees. It got to the point that I was literally saying OW with each cough because my mid-back muscles were so sore from all the coughing. I feel a bit better today but I am considering calling out tomorrow as well.  I don't currently have a fever but I did before I took meds like two hours ago.

I have math work to work on that I really do not want to do. It is due tomorrow though. Then technically I have class tomorrow as well. I emailed the professor I was sick and asked if a video he posted would be similar to the review we were going to have in class to see if I really needed to go. 

My daughter has a touch of something as well. She took a 3-hour nap yesterday. She never goes back to sleep once she is up for the day unless she is sick. 

Nothing else new to report here.