Sunday, November 26, 2023


 Good afternoon!

It's getting late and I need to get my hiney in gear to work on my math. Of course, I am procrastinating like usual. I did take the practice test this morning and got all the easy ones right so that is good. Now I need to do a deep dive on the ones I need to remember how to do. This test is on two chapters and we did the first chapter over a month ago. 

I still have a niggling cough which is super annoying! Two nights now it has woken me up and I have not been able to go back to sleep for hours.  One of them was last night of course.  I was finally able to go back to sleep like 5 hours later and grabbed a few more hours of sleep. 

Ok, I need to stop putting this off.  It is already 4 pm!  

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