Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shocked and amazed

How is that for a title?

I am truly feeling that way though.

 Just as I suspected from the large number of postings in 2013 that is the year I was really into weight loss. I scrolled through all of my past posts as I mentioned yesterday. Not really paying attention to them however. You see, I was looking for the unpublished posts. (Yeah duh I finally realized how to show them all easily LOL)

 I found my weight chart from 2013. I found the weeks of the year and how much and gained/lost. I even went back into old blogs that I haven't touched in years and have nothing public on. I found a post where I listed my weight in 2009.  2009-  I weighed 5 pounds more in 2009 than I do now. However between 2009 and earlier this year I have been anywhere between 208 and 255. The lowest I recall was in 2003 before my wedding when I was doing weight watchers. I know I hit in the low 200 because I recall trying to get under 200 and it being so close. After baby girl C I recall going down to 208 then once I went back to work I went up to 238.

I must get a handle on this. This is absurd that I have put my body through this for so many years!!

I am doing lots of blog reading to try and find some active bloggers.  I do miss my blogging family from 2013. Time to start a 2017 family. :)

Baby girl C says "HELLO"

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Random update


Looks like I am blogging so infrequently that it is just turning into one big update here on thee ol' blogitty blog. :)

I have been half ass watching my intake therefore I have been half ass losing. Key word there is losing -thankfully. Hard to put a number on it only because I am not sure what to call my start. Call my start weight the highest I have ever been? Or the highest I got to after having my little pudding pop a year ago? I want to do the highest evarrrr just because a larger number lost makes me feel better inside. However that was a time ago. So long that I cannot even remember exactly when I "started" at that weight. I could probably go surf my old blog posts and figure it out though. I was just looking at my totals for the year and I am going to guess 2013 as that is when I was most active.

Duuude, 2013   That was a long, long time ago. Why am I still fighting this same fight?  It would be one thing if I was in onederland fighting to not go over 200. Instead I am still fighting the fight to onederland. Off to go timehop random blog posts.  Me thinks I need to go re-visit the younger me for a spell.