Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shocked and amazed

How is that for a title?

I am truly feeling that way though.

 Just as I suspected from the large number of postings in 2013 that is the year I was really into weight loss. I scrolled through all of my past posts as I mentioned yesterday. Not really paying attention to them however. You see, I was looking for the unpublished posts. (Yeah duh I finally realized how to show them all easily LOL)

 I found my weight chart from 2013. I found the weeks of the year and how much and gained/lost. I even went back into old blogs that I haven't touched in years and have nothing public on. I found a post where I listed my weight in 2009.  2009-  I weighed 5 pounds more in 2009 than I do now. However between 2009 and earlier this year I have been anywhere between 208 and 255. The lowest I recall was in 2003 before my wedding when I was doing weight watchers. I know I hit in the low 200 because I recall trying to get under 200 and it being so close. After baby girl C I recall going down to 208 then once I went back to work I went up to 238.

I must get a handle on this. This is absurd that I have put my body through this for so many years!!

I am doing lots of blog reading to try and find some active bloggers.  I do miss my blogging family from 2013. Time to start a 2017 family. :)

Baby girl C says "HELLO"


  1. A lot of people I used to read faithfully just aren't blogging any more. And it's tough when I get home from work and just don't feel like getting on the computer. OTOH, I feel like I need an outlet for my thoughts. Take care!

  2. I"m still blogging. I was a yo-yo dieter, binge eater for 40 years. I started blogging in 2011.

    I've been maintaining for 5.5 years (almost). Yes, bloggers come and go. I can list out folks who have been successful. And methods, too. It's critical that you use habit changing, the foods that make and keep you well, and folks who are not peddling supplements, expensive products, etc.

    Onward and holler if you want some resources.


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