Friday, January 31, 2014

Fly by

Just a quick fly by post to check in. I keep adding stuff to my list to blog about but I just don't have enough time in the day lately it feels. I am off Sunday so I hope to write down some of these thoughts for you all.

Going to bed at 1 am-ish and getting up at 6:30 am just isn't cutting it. I do go back to sleep for about an hour before I get up for work but no, no, no, no. I have to work on my time management and set some personal goals. I don't typically get home till 7:30 or later. Then I have to cook/workout/deal with kids. It sounds so simple but I just run out of time. Mr. Lappy here is probably to blame most of the time. I can't help it though- reading active blogs is what helps me stay on top of things!

Buddy is a mini schnauzer who needs a cut. I cannot wait until Sunday when we can get that done. I am sure he will be a handsome little boy. I expected some static from some friends or family about getting him but so far no one really has. After all this is our fourth dog. I think they are just grateful we are not having another kid. LMAO  Plus they know Monty is up there (13 Beagle- face in background of pic yesterday)

Phone call from the Dean today regarding B. Then a phone call to the teacher from me. She was able to count that as the parent teacher conference thankfully. She said he was very smart (I know he can be) but when he is having his issues he is like a smart two year old. Then a call from a social worker from the school. It was the phone call day that never ended it felt like.

 Day 5 is on the books as far as the workout plan. The planks were done on my knees (acceptable modification video mentions) because this weak core can't handle it. LOL  Still not *sore* but I can still tell they are being used.  Things feel heavier to move. Every once and I while I will twist and feel a pull from my abs. I like it! It makes me feel like I am getting stronger every day.

Thanks for all the comments yesterday!
b-atkins shake l- huge chef salad with ranch D-chicken baked with taco seasoning and in enchilada sauce with a nuked portion of cauliflower casserole I froze last week. 1 2 liter diet dr pepper

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Today was a very overwhelming day to me. I was basically wandering around aimlessly at work for half the day (Thank goodness everything is caught up!) Then I spent hours researching judgements. With my job I have to take people to court and I am trying to learn up on them.

Plan was (did I blog this yesterday? to lazy to go look) to move today's rest day to tomorrow and do Friday's workout today. At about 4 pm hubby calls me to say he got a message from B's teacher. She wants to have ANOTHER meeting with us. UGH!!!  I don't know WHAT to do with that child! So I am feeling stressed about that. My dad is visiting next week for a few day and staying with us. I planned on spending my days off with him not the teacher. @@ Then I started thinking about our tax return that needs to be filed. I cannot use it to pay off debt or catch up with bills. Nooo We HAVE to use it to put a new roof on the house so basically the entire thing is gone before it is gotten. *poof*

Then hubby calls me at 6 pm to say the toilet overflowed and he cannot get it to even drain. YEAH! @@  If you have read my blog over the years you know our plumbing friggen sucks. There went my workout!!!!!!!  I got home and spent 45 minutes working on this damn thing. He just does not understand how to treat our toilets or even use a damn snake. This one was a toilet clog though (thanks A!) I tried the hot water/soap approach. Poured 10+ gallons of hot tap water down the toilet with occasional dish soap and long slow plunging. (yeah TMI but the idea is the melt/dislodge the um deposit and the soap to help break up any fat) I had hubby boil a pot of water also. When the toilet was almost clear we poured the almost boiling water down and it finished the job with a loud gurgle swoosh. Thank goodness!  It is to damn cold to go deal with the clean out valve outside.

Yes, I wear more than the Mommy cap in this household. Fix it Mommy here!  LOL

Remember how I mentioned I had a new snuggler? (You OCD people ignore the closet disarray)

Meet the newest family member!

I cannot quite tell you his name because we aren't sure ourselves. It has gone from Tiny/Biscuit/Froggy to Buddy. I like Buddy the best as I accidentally call him that already. He is a shelter dog with cataracts which actually the little face behind him has too so we are used to it. He needs to be trimmed as you can see.  Haha

I had plans to work out/do chores that could not be ignored any longer/file taxes/go to sleep early. I at least got the chores and taxes done.

The one positive about today is that even though I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. The thought of food as comfort never entered my mind. That right there (the feeling of NOT needing food for emotional support) I wish I could bottle.

B-none L- left over pepper chicken (hubby stole my green beans) D- 2 squares cauliflower crust pizza D- 2 sf york peppermint patties 1 2 liter diet dr pepper and 1 small glass diet 7-up. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 3 is on the books!

Wow! I tell you, I should have started this 90 day thing sooner. I have a reason to report in every day now. LOL  Even if it is a couple words I expect to be throwing up a post every night. Heck, I actually have a list going of things to blog about. :)

I will cross one thing off my list now and tell you something awesome!! My husband's cousin's wife has decided to do the 90 program with us. She started today and and finished day 1. Yeah!  She is in the process of trying to create a blog so eventually I will link to it so you all can share some bloggy encouragement.

I blog partially for myself and partially for you. I love knowing people are reading what I am doing. No matter if your shaking your head saying how dumb I am or if I am inspiring you. I just ask if your in the "you think I am dumb frame of mind" to please keep the comments to yourself.  I apologize to any English majors that might read. Although to be honest reading blogs has got to be painful to you period in that case :smiles:

Day 3 was Ultimate 10 Minute Cardio Workout. It was interesting.... 10 exercises done for one minute each. My arms and legs were fatigued afterwards for sure. Not jelly like but heavy feeling. My legs are not sore from yesterday but they do have that feeling as if they were worked.  Tomorrow is technically a rest day but I may swap that with Friday. I expect to be super busy at work on Friday and I don't know if I am going to want to deal with a workout after work.

It is raining outside.  If the temp drops anymore there might be some snow in my part of FL. I promised the kids I would wake them up if it snowed. :)

A big thank you to all of you that have been supportive of my 90 day thing.

 I was looking at for her 90 plan when hubby found this one. Honestly, I went with this one because it seemed easier. When your fat and/or out of shape nothing like this is easy but sometimes your mind views certain things as easier than others. I watched a few of the videos and thought it looked doable as I said previously. Almost like being back in gym class (which I LOATHED)

 I honestly didn't read the site as far as where it said it was an advanced program. Yes, I did see the 3 in intensity level but I didn't think it seemed that hard. In at least two out of the three I have done they have said any fitness level can do these workouts. They encourage you to just do the motion without a weight if you cannot handle it. To use soup cans as weights if you do not have any on hand just yet.

So far I am happy and plan on continuing this plan. I look forward to it which I know is a excellent outlook to have.  I did not look forward to the C25K. Maybe I can revisit that in the future but I doubt it.

Off to bed. I have a new snuggle partner that you all will learn about shortly. :)
B- none L- 2 squares of leftover cauliflower pizza S- 1 mozzarella stick D- 2 small porkchops and leftover garlic green beans D- splenda sweetened whipped cream with half a sf hersheys special dark chipped up in it  1 2liter diet DP and 20 oz sf cherry kool aid

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2 of 90

My last day off and I am sad to see it go. :(

Day 2 of the 90 days is down. Today was #1 Home Strength Training Exercise Class. My knees do not like squats. Not to mention my legs are not strong enough to even do a full squat. My knees were doing the whole snap, krackle, pop as usual. I can actually hear the sensation on the back of my neck when it happens. I have no idea why. It isn't painful though- Just weird. So while I didn't get as deep on the squats, I did perform them. :) I hope that as time goes on and my strength increases that I will be able to do lower ones. I used 3 lb weights for this workout.

While I would love to blog more it is already 11 pm and I am feeling tired. Considering I have been wide awake and staying up way to late the last few night I need to jump on this now.

B-none L- 2 slices cauliflower pizza D- 2 small tilapia pieces w/ garlic green beans. 3/4 dt dr pepper 2 liter and 20 sf cherry koolaid  D- splenda sweetened whip cream with half a hersheys special dark chipped up in it. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Adding some HIIT to my life.

May 3rd is  just 96 days away.

Side note: May 2nd is my baby boy's 6th birthday

May 3rd there will be a wedding in the family.

 My husband's brother will be getting married.

This gives me a date to work towards. I perused the web today trying to find things that sounded good. There are a lot of fitness plans that run off of 30 days and 90 days. I asked hubby if he would commit to a program if I chose one. He said he would. I found one I thought looked interesting but I wasn't feeling the name. DH and I watched some of the videos on the site and I thought it looked doable.

He however went and did his own search. He ran into one that he liked even more. I admit it looked easier and I liked the layout of this one better. With the first one you had to go to each day to find out the workout. This new one has a chart with clickable links to videos for the workouts. I wanted something with HIITS and that wouldn't bore me. No way in hell would I have attempted this 35 lbs ago but now I feel like I am ready. I would rather do HIITS for 20 min than walking on the treadmill for 40.

Shortly after dinner I put on a sports bra and those workout underoos I bought last year. (that were still unworn in the dresser drawer) I stood on the treadmill and had hubby take some pictures of me. As the pictures were being taken I was horrified with the idea of you all seeing them.  I envisioned only showing them when I could show a after picture that showed the difference. After I got them uploaded into my computer I realized they really aren't anything you haven't seen. You know about my top and lower gut. It can clearly be seen in my progress pictures from last year. I will share them eventually.

Hubby used Chromecast to stream the video to the TV. We chose to go with the HASfit's Free 90 day Warrior Workout Routine.  The first workout is a  15 Minute Insanity Cardio Workout  Holy Poop! My body refuses to jump! My gut jerks up and down and bounces more than my boobs! It actually hurt so I just modified what I could do while hubby did the correct thing. I wasn't able to get bounce in the pretend jump roping so my modification was fast calf raises. The mountain climbers were not happening either so I repeated the 1,2,3 step. We paused it half way through so I could go stand outside in the cool air.  I thought about calling it off at the half way point. My inner voice said: I am out of shape and I didn't want to do to much at one time and that 7.5 minutes was great for the first day!

Why do half then have to do Day 1 again tomorrow as hubby pointed out.

I told myself to go F off
      that it was only 7.5 more minutes and
           I would be happy with myself when done and to suck it up.

I was happy with myself when it was done and honestly feeling a little sick. We did do this about 25 minutes after dinner so I think that is why though.

I stepped up my game yesterday in the food front (I had been lacking in veggies lately) and today in the movement front.

Tomorrow is WI

B-none  L- 3 eggs w/ half an onion sauteed in butter D- cauliflower crust (made up recipe) pizza with onion and pepperoni. 1 2 liter diet Dr. Pepper and 20 oz of water with sf cherry kool-aid. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nailed it!

Friday I spent the day at a location of my company that is about three hours north of mine. I called them at noon to say I was 30 minutes away and asked what was for lunch. (The plan for me was to grab a protein and then have the packed cauliflower side I brought) They mentioned Sonic for the chicken fingers or Chinese. I jumped on the Chinese choice of course. LOL They asked me what I like and I asked them what they order. One gal said pepper chicken and I told her that. She also told me she gets green beans instead of rice (Wha? Awesome!) and I can get either chicken on a stick or an eggroll (WAH again?) "Totally awesome" I said as I ordered the green beans and chicken stick through her. I was tickled that my daily eats were going to be so easy. If course I know about the hidden stuff in Chinese food but I wasn't to worried about it. Oh my goodness- This food was fantastic! Next time I go up there I may be bringing this stuff home for work wife and hubby to try.

This was a picture after I devoured my chicken on a stick (exhibit A. empty stick) I had also sampled some of the delicious food at the time of this picture. LOL

Today I wanted to re-create the recipe and green beans if I could. I took out a few chicken breasts to thaw and started googling.
I was eating my yummy lunch of sauteed brussel sprouts during my google searches. I don't know what it is but I love the little buggers. The texture that they get after being sauteed really appeals to me. The bacon in them helps too. :)

I got some news that really upset me that normally would have sent me reaching for comfort food. I am glad that I had just eaten those brussel sprouts or I don't know where I would have ended up. Hubby was on an 18 mile run so I had no one to discuss this information with. I stewed about it for a little while then did some googling on the subject. Finally I decided to let it go as worrying about it will not change it. After that I felt way better about the subject.

After hubby got home I discussed it with him. It is what it is and I cannot change the outcome. All I can do is roll with it and time will tell. I have my paperwork all together and am prepared to do battle. (not work related)

I was kind over trying to do both the green beans and chicken at that point of the day though. I did make the chicken loosely using this recipe for pepper chicken. I marinated in more soy sauce and longer than listed. (I didn't velvet as she mentions to do) I only used onion. I used dark sesame oil for the cooking oil. I didn't measure anything including the pepper. I am happy to say that it turned out unbelievably good! A definite keeper meal for us. I had it with two small sweet potatoes that were getting old and hubby had leftover yellow rice.


delicious leftovers for ME
An attempt at green beans will be in the near future. They were tender crisp with little chunks of garlic on them.

Two blog posts in one day. I haven't done that in a long while.  Enjoy!
1 2-liter diet coke for liquid  No breakfast - lunch of brussel sprouts - dinner of pepper chicken and mashed sweet potatoes.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

List accomplished

I managed to get all the things done that I wanted to today. All the cooking and prep that I listed last night and then some. Yeah for having a productive day!  I am also about to have a productive night as I am hitting the hay early. It is going to be way to cold tonight for this thin blooded FL gal. LOL  Therefore I am going to spend it cocooned in my nice warm down alternative comforter.

I cannot take credit for the craft corner. Well other than credit for piling up the junk. Heh! Hubby is the one that cleaned it up for me. I would still be there looking at all the shiny neat things I have hidden away. Heck after I got home and saw it I had to open the drawers. First thing I saw was seed beads. I love those things but I haven't touched them for many years. LOL  I may be a bit of a pack rat.

I am seeing some new faces around here lately. ::Waving::  My name is MrsSwan (play on my last name) and I am married (almost 11 yrs) with two young boys. I call them A. (8) and B.(5.5) here on my blog. I decided enough was enough 12/31/2012 and started the path of no sugar/ low carbs. I had lost 40 pounds at one point in 2013 but then re-gained about 10 lbs from Oct- Dec 2013.(Stress eating that I did to myself) My brother had a major heath problem and with him being single and me being local that meant a lot of time spent at the hospital after 10 hr work shifts then home to the family.

 I re-committed at the end of Dec 2013. My total loss for 2013 is over on the side at -31.2 lbs. So far in 2014 I am at 2.2 lbs down.  (-3.4 since re-commitment) Obviously this is still a work in progress. I look forward to re-losing my re-gain and then moving this weight loss train forward.

First stop- Seeing 208 again   Second stop- Onederland.   Third stop-Move into obesity class 1.

What are your next stops?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today was my Saturday

I took full advantage of that and SLEPT IN!  Kids had school and hubby had to meet a friend up at the college to help him with some stuff. I had a quiet house to myself. I really enjoyed myself. LOL

I did at least do something productive today and bathed the dogs. It is winter yet we seem to be having a problem with fleas from out of no where. Very annoying!  I also surfed some blogs and took a shower. In my defense I worked my days off last week remember?  LOL

 I need to make a list of things that I want to accomplish tomorrow because there are plenty. They are mostly along the lines of cooking though. I want to make some veggies side dishes (or make a list of possible go to's) for the freezer. I also want to thaw some of the massive amounts of ground turkey we have and cook some up. Just pre-browning some and maybe making some meatballs. Every time I make spaghetti for the boys B. always asks if there are meatballs. They hubby starts up with saying he likes meatballs too and wishes we had some or the spaghetti. @@  LOL  I refuse to buy those frozen circles of pretend meat. I have never met a frozen meatball that I liked. They are always kinda squishy and soft to me. ICK  (The only soft meat I want is a good steak!)  The kids do not like meat sauce so I cannot just add ground turkey to the sauce. The meatballs will allow me to portion them out to who wants them specifically.

I also need to make a list of possible dinner ideas. This whole protein and a nuked bag of veggies (my current standby) is getting old. Hence why I want some more veggie side dish options for me. I have a zillion packs of starchy side dishes bought BOGO with coupons eons ago for hubby. (Long time frames huh?) Not so much for me though unless I am on the ball and remembered to grab something specific for a meal when at the grocery. Staci just reminded me with her post that I haven't made salmon cakes in forever. I predict that will be on the menu soon once I locate a can of salmon.

Here we have the before of my little craft corner. Notice the pile up of junk? You can now see how there were 13 packs of crayons over there now huh? LOL

Here it is all straightened up a bit. Look you can actually see my cricut now. The pitiful chair there was supposed to be a project for me. I never got quite past the stripping of the vinyl and stuffing though. I'll show you what it used to look like tomorrow though.

Oh yeah. Today was WI day also. No change which I am perfectly OK with as I am a week early AGAIN. At least with being back to the better eating there should be no cramps. I couldn't believe how painful December was as I hadn't cramped the other 11 months of 2013.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Brrrrrr & my thrift finds

I am probably the fattest person you know that is forever cold. I have never been one that is overheated all the time even at my heavist. I currently feel like a popsicle and am under two blankets. My hands and feet are typically the coldest. Sometimes (like now) I even get a blue tinge to my nailbeds. 
They will never look this good again naturally. I have to have a picture for my memory. LOL
You can sorta see it here in these pictures at the top of the nails if you look at them kinda cross-eyed. LOL 

Now I do have an idea as to why I am always cold. I have iron deficiency anemia. I cannot seem to bring my iron up no matter what I do. Even with vitamins and iron supplements. I have lived with it so long though that it is just my normal.

Anyway I wanted to blog about my fantastic day yesterday not my coldness. 

I worked both my days off as you know this week. Therefore my job gave me Friday off. This is a big deal as in my line of work Friday's are the busiest day and you ONLY get one off if you are on vacation. I have been having problems with one of my car tires almost since I bought the car. One tire in particular had a slow leak. Over the past few weeks I had a second tire start to misbehave. I redeemed my first free oil change at the dealer on 12/31/13. I asked them to look at the tires in question. They said one had a nail and never said anything about the 2nd. I declined them fixing it at $55 for one tire.  o.O  I texted my brother I was off yesterday and he knows I have been having problems so he had me meet him at his mechanic. They looked at them and it turned out one had a nail (known) and other other had a nail too. Just the know one the nail had a head. The other one it was just the post with no head so it was practically invisible except to the water bath. My brother treated me to the two tire fixes (Yeah for older brothers! LOL) They were $30 each with his place. Almost like two for the price of one compared to the dealer. It is sooo nice to not have the check tire pressure light showing on the dash now.  

On the way home I swung into a thrift store I like to hit sometimes. It benefits the Foundation of Americas homeless. I found a few things there that came home with me. Here are pictures of two of the items. 
Wood chair
The student school desk on left.
The wood chair is very solid and well made. I can see there was a sticker under the chair at on point because the shape and glue residue is there. There are also letters stamped/engraved under it but I am getting no where with my research on it. The two items make a good pair and hopefully will be helpful with homework. As I told the young men that loaded the car. I appreciated them loading the car but I am quite sure my boys will not appreciate the desk for homework. They got a good chuckle out of that. 

I got home from the store and hubby had started organizing my exploded craft corner. I would just shove things over on my craft table and he would too. Things got piled quite high over there. LOL All of my discount office supplies and the like got shipped over there too. Umm yeah there might have been thirteen boxes of 24 count crayons in that pile. In my defense I didn't pay but a quarter or so each. I love me some cheap office supplies.  I also love me some brand new crayons. Just to look at and smell. :)  Shush you know you do too!  I do have a before picture but I am to cold to go take an after picture.  I will try and get that picture tomorrow and post them both. 

Now I am off to catch some ZZZZZZZzzzzz's   

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Busy, busy

Sooooo technically I had off yesterday and today. I actually worked 5.5 hours each day running errands. So in affect I have no days off this week. I thought I was going to have today off but that didn't happen. Boss lady is on vacation so I had to do her errands. I knew that was going to be a thing with the promotion though so no biggie.

I gotta say the drive flies by thanks to the bluetooth my brother got me. I just pop the car into cruise control and stay in the middle lane and listen. So much more interesting than the radio. I finished one book yesterday and had to rapidly find a new one this morning. As I said I didn't think I would need to go today so I wasn't prepped with a new one. I quickly downloaded one to my phone this morning before I hopped into the shower. I need to prep a few more because I am not sure how I feel about this one yet. Something to do with an undead Christmas.

My appointment yesterday was super annoying. While I really liked the weight on their scale I did not like the wait. (HAR, HAR)  I waited for one hour in the room for a person. I started to feel like I was forgotten in there. LOL Thankfully I have the Kindle app on my phone and that kept me entertained. I have the script now. Of course when I woke up yesterday my tooth wasn't hurting though. I still kept the appointment though just to get the script in case it started again.

I did a bunch of cooking of other things when I was making dinner.  I am now prepped with a few more food items to get me through my week. Tomorrow is my Monday so I have to be prepared. With that I bid you goodnight.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Quickie before bed.

Just a quick post tonight as I am heading off to bed.

I already took my pain killer and my melatonin.

Dr. appointment at 8:45 am and I expect that I will need to be fasting. Easier if I am sleeping through the night just in case.

Hubby saw an idea that someone posted from Pinterest. He took the idea and ran with it and made one of them for our house.  Now we just need to come up with some slightly unpleasant chores. I am  waiting to see if he tries to put my stuff in there too. LOL

I got to play mean mommy today. UGH! 

 I came home and my laptop was open and the battery drained on the bed. I asked all the boys who was on it. No one owned up to it. Plugged it in and saw a kid website open. I knew it was B. from the site but I still asked both of them point blank. A (8) said no and B (5) said no. After much prodding B finally admitted it. Oye!  A has a tell but B doesn't. That is going to be a very bad thing as he gets older. He went to bed right away with no dessert. He was so very upset about the no dessert part. Heartbroken with crocodile tears. I tried to explain to him that he was being punished for lieing. That no one was in trouble for using my computer. I just wanted to ask the user to please not let the battery run out.

A. is my mini me as far as a good kid that adores reading.
B. is my umm "spirited" child.

Now I do admit he pops out with some funny statements at times.

"If I have kids and they act like I act when I'm a kid, I'd give them to somebody else" -- B.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Family hike

At about 3 pm today we decided to get out of the house and go on a family hike.  We did the Puppy Loop at the Belleview-Santos Bike Trail. The trail is about half a mile hubby says. We figured that would be a perfect starting one to see how the boys would do. They did great! Both kept trying to run out in front of us till I would yell red light for them to stop so we could catch up. There was also a lot of the word bike being yelled too. The trail we were on is a bike trail so they get first dibs over the trail.
 Far ahead on the center you can see a light blue blob. That was A.

Yesterday we bought a case of a powdered energy drink they were hawking at Sam's Club. I had no interest but hubby did. The rep told him if he showed the receipt he would give him something extra. Hubby liked it so we bought it for him. The powder is called ZipFizz and I am sure that you might have heard of it. I have, but didn't care enough about energy drinks to try it. Thanks to hubby we now have 24 servings of this stuff in the house. We decided to split a bottle of it before the hike. I guzzled my half then left him to hold the bottle. (heh) I didn't notice any type of rush from it myself. I actually forgot I drank it until we were headed to the car after the hike. My tummy was in knots the drive home. Of course we had to wait at a train crossing as well with a long ass train going through. Ugh! Anyway I will spare you the details but I will tell you that all day since my tummy has not been right.  I can have sugar alcohols in moderation. Once I hit my limit though it causes the same types of feeling as I am having today. I had only normal non fake sugar items to eat at that point though.  I am blaming the zipfizz myself. Good thing hubby like it as I don't see me trying it again unless I want to be a lab rat.

I have been hitting new blogs today hopping around from other people's blog lists. I found one that looked interesting so I started reading older posts. I ran into this post by the blogger Plump Nonfiction. The post really spoke to me. So I pledged to myself that I was going to walk 5 minutes on the treadmill. Knowing that I would probably go more but that I was only committed to 5 helped me mentally. I ended up walking 12 min so that I could do a half mile. Not much, but more than I did yesterday so I will take it. :)

Good night!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Plugging along

Many times this week I have thought about blogging. By the time I actually could though, it would have amounted to just a sentence or two. I figured it was pointless to even try if I couldn't come up with a decent post. :/

Eating is still on plan. mostly I did have some grains the other day as I was seeking comfort food due to pain. (5 grain sub roll that I pulled all the fluff out of)  

My tooth has to be infected with the amount of pain I am in daily. I feel like I am living on pain killers. I have a Dr appointment on Tuesday to get some antibiotics. It cannot come soon enough I tell you. We went to Sam's Club today and I opened the ibuprofen bottle before I even paid for it as I needed another dose. I have never done that in my life. The most I have done along those lines is eating a grape or cherry to make sure the batch is good. I see people from time to time opening food items in the store and eating them before they have paid. I wasn't raised that way though so that is a foreign concept to me

I tried something new the other day on a whim. I had bought a couple plantains just to add something else for me to have as a side dish. I was planning on pan frying them and making tostones. Once I got home it hit me that I got the wrong color. I should have gotten green for frying but these were yellow with some black marks. For the hell of it I peeled one and threw it in the oven whole with some cooking spray and salt. The resulting food item was really odd flavor wise but quite tasty. It was sweet and tangy all at the same time. Some parts were banana-ish texture with sweet plantain and a tart flavor while other bites were a teeny bit more starchy. Not a everyday thing for sure with the amount of carbs in them. However as a once in a while thing they would be great. 

Do you remember that brussel sprout/bacon combo recipe I told you about last month? I am happy to say that it freezes very well! I had so much of it when I made it and I got tired of eating it so I froze some. I heated it up in the microwave the other night for me to have as a side dish. Wow, was it good! Almost better than the first time as I appreciated it more. I got the supplies to make two batches this time.  I want to freeze it in portion sizes. Well poop! I was going to link you to the recipe but it seems that Sam's Club must change them out because I cannot find it. 

Dinner tonight was tilapia and those sweet potato thingies. The sweet potato thingies were a special request by my hubby. Remember, this guy used to HATE sweet potatoes and now he requested them??  LOL  I have blogged about them before. I got the concept from another blogger that calls them sweet potato puffs. They are just roasted sweet potato pieces. 

Hope your Sunday is a good one!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

MrsSwan vs the cake

So I have been back to this whole weight loss thing for ::brakes screeching::

I typed that first sentence out feeling sad.  Feeling sad that when I hopped on the scale this morning (ok, not a literal hop) that it only showed a .4 loss from my last weigh in. I was sad that I didn't have a 2-3 lb loss like some of you (Ahem Anna) have almost daily it seems like. (I do try and remember though that I am not following a plan like those daily losers are though)  Anyway those of you on my FB know that hubby made a cake last night. My status: Hubby is baking a cake. Asshole. I was emotionally strong yesterday and even though the wonderful aroma filled the house while it was baking I had no desire for a piece.

Today however after still feeling grumpy from that ONLY .4 down earlier- I saw the cake. Out in plain site on the counter. I touched the pan. Looked at the cake. Imagined the soft textured, moist chocolate flavored cake in my mouth. I realized that I could easily eat the entire pan and probably still want more. ( 9x11 non-iced sheet cake minus one square- If it was iced I doubt I could eat the whole thing) I told myself that I couldn't do that. I have been sugar/grain free for many days now and it wasn't worth it for a boxed cake mix. That I already undid some of my loss last year and I couldn't go back to my old ways and eat whatever I want ever again or I would just balloon back up. I decided I would distract myself with 2 SF PB cups and writing a blog post.

I came in the bedroom and  realized I have no idea what day I am on as to my re-commitment to eating better. Last year I started on New Year's Eve but this year I know I started earlier. I grabbed my phone and looked at the calendar as I knew that I marked in on there. What did I see that instantly made me feel better??

I saw that I started December 28th at 220. The number I saw this morning began with a 216. I have only been back at this 8 days. 220 to 216 is great! I felt grumpy because I only had 217.2  in my head, not the actual 220 it was. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Life is good.

I am in the zone as far at eating goes.

Kids are out of school so I don't have to wake up at 6:30am to get them out of bed, then up again at 8:20am for myself. (Yeah- I go back to sleep once hubby takes them to the bus stop) I can wake up and run out of the house at my leisure. (notice I still use the word run like I am in a hurry Heh)  I always say that I want to get up with the kids, and stay up. But then I never do it. I value my sleep waaayyy to much. LOL  I am so not a morning person.

With that I bid you good night. 

I am tired and if I try and stay up to blog I will miss this sleepy window and catch a second wind. Tomorrow is the 3rd which means it will be a super busy day. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First day of the year 2014

And it was spent playing with electronic toys. Adult toys.   NOOOOOO  not those!!  Perverts!!  :P

We spent New Year's Eve with my brother again this year. This is the 3rd or 4th year in a row now. When I got there he gave me the remainder of my Christmas gift. It seems it took a little longer to come in than the GC's. It was a blue tooth car transmitter and a docking cradle for the car. B didn't make it into the new year awake as you can see. He fell asleep snuggled up on me and then I slipped out from under him after midnight to gather our junk to leave.
He was cold.

We were home before 1am and got the boys tucked in. Hubby and I ended up staying up till about 3am. Well at least I did, I really don't know what time he came to bed as I was passed out. I woke up at 9am today and debated staying up or going back to sleep. Staying up won and I puttered around the net a while. Then I got up and blasted 80's soft rock on Pandora and cleaned the kitchen. Hubby wanted water and we didn't have any cold so he ran up to the Dollar General for a bottle. While he was there he got me another fitbit battery so now I am back in business as far as that goes. (It was misplaced but I found it in my work bag)

Hubby had been talking about spending his Christmas money on Chromecast so we decided to go pick that up. I opened the blue tooth and then we hit the car. Um, I left the instruction manual in the house so we had to wing it. After we realized how to work it I have to say this thing is freaking awesome! The rental car we had in LA had bluetooth installed so I knew how it worked. So cool that my new car now has it as well. Plus I get to torture the family with all MY music on my phone. Muahaha. With having the radio controls behind the wheel (soo fanceh to me) I have been getting so bored with the radio when I am traveling for work. I actually stopped listening to it and instead have been listening to that book on tape that I was supposed to only listen to when I was on the treadmill. Heh. I would have to stick the phone in my bra to be able to hear it well due to the volume not being that loud. Now I will have no problems reading it loud and clear.  I couldn't test that part yet though with the family in the car. The book is in a naughty area currently. LMAO

We hit Walmart and while looking for cream I found sugar free peppermint mocha creamer!! Bought two bottles of it so I hope it is good as I am imagining it to be. :) We found the Chromecast and a few other items that jumped into our cart. Checked out and came home (listening to the bass of my teenage years) to play with the Chromecast. That was a pain the in the ass.  For some reason it would not synch with our wifi. I even reset the router to try and make it work. Screwed up the wifi and had to reset the router a few more times. GRRR. Finally turned off the password hoping that would help (hmm need to turn back on) and nada. Hubby had the bright idea to try and synch it by phone and it worked. After the phone synch the computers are synching as well and we are up and running. We watched a movie still currently in theaters. :X


Pork roast with a little bit of everything for seasoning and left over green beans.

I just slapped two coats of nail polish on my nails and they are just about dry. For the first time in YEARS all of my nails are at a decent length (for me) Every nail has white showing from growth. My nails are super flexible and rip and tear easily. Usually one or more breaks before I can get every nail to this length. I am super excited about this silly thing. LOL

Off to bed as I work tomorrow and it is sure to be busy since we were closed today for the holiday.