Friday, January 31, 2014

Fly by

Just a quick fly by post to check in. I keep adding stuff to my list to blog about but I just don't have enough time in the day lately it feels. I am off Sunday so I hope to write down some of these thoughts for you all.

Going to bed at 1 am-ish and getting up at 6:30 am just isn't cutting it. I do go back to sleep for about an hour before I get up for work but no, no, no, no. I have to work on my time management and set some personal goals. I don't typically get home till 7:30 or later. Then I have to cook/workout/deal with kids. It sounds so simple but I just run out of time. Mr. Lappy here is probably to blame most of the time. I can't help it though- reading active blogs is what helps me stay on top of things!

Buddy is a mini schnauzer who needs a cut. I cannot wait until Sunday when we can get that done. I am sure he will be a handsome little boy. I expected some static from some friends or family about getting him but so far no one really has. After all this is our fourth dog. I think they are just grateful we are not having another kid. LMAO  Plus they know Monty is up there (13 Beagle- face in background of pic yesterday)

Phone call from the Dean today regarding B. Then a phone call to the teacher from me. She was able to count that as the parent teacher conference thankfully. She said he was very smart (I know he can be) but when he is having his issues he is like a smart two year old. Then a call from a social worker from the school. It was the phone call day that never ended it felt like.

 Day 5 is on the books as far as the workout plan. The planks were done on my knees (acceptable modification video mentions) because this weak core can't handle it. LOL  Still not *sore* but I can still tell they are being used.  Things feel heavier to move. Every once and I while I will twist and feel a pull from my abs. I like it! It makes me feel like I am getting stronger every day.

Thanks for all the comments yesterday!
b-atkins shake l- huge chef salad with ranch D-chicken baked with taco seasoning and in enchilada sauce with a nuked portion of cauliflower casserole I froze last week. 1 2 liter diet dr pepper


  1. You can turn your sleep routine around. I've been there. It'll take time and effort but it can be done!
    Sorry to hear B is having a tough time. Hope there's help for him and some solutions.
    Keep going with the workouts! You got this!

  2. Never did get around to commenting on your previous post - so just to say 'Buddy' looks so cute,

    Oh for days to be at least two hours longer - well some days at least.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan


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