Monday, January 27, 2014

Adding some HIIT to my life.

May 3rd is  just 96 days away.

Side note: May 2nd is my baby boy's 6th birthday

May 3rd there will be a wedding in the family.

 My husband's brother will be getting married.

This gives me a date to work towards. I perused the web today trying to find things that sounded good. There are a lot of fitness plans that run off of 30 days and 90 days. I asked hubby if he would commit to a program if I chose one. He said he would. I found one I thought looked interesting but I wasn't feeling the name. DH and I watched some of the videos on the site and I thought it looked doable.

He however went and did his own search. He ran into one that he liked even more. I admit it looked easier and I liked the layout of this one better. With the first one you had to go to each day to find out the workout. This new one has a chart with clickable links to videos for the workouts. I wanted something with HIITS and that wouldn't bore me. No way in hell would I have attempted this 35 lbs ago but now I feel like I am ready. I would rather do HIITS for 20 min than walking on the treadmill for 40.

Shortly after dinner I put on a sports bra and those workout underoos I bought last year. (that were still unworn in the dresser drawer) I stood on the treadmill and had hubby take some pictures of me. As the pictures were being taken I was horrified with the idea of you all seeing them.  I envisioned only showing them when I could show a after picture that showed the difference. After I got them uploaded into my computer I realized they really aren't anything you haven't seen. You know about my top and lower gut. It can clearly be seen in my progress pictures from last year. I will share them eventually.

Hubby used Chromecast to stream the video to the TV. We chose to go with the HASfit's Free 90 day Warrior Workout Routine.  The first workout is a  15 Minute Insanity Cardio Workout  Holy Poop! My body refuses to jump! My gut jerks up and down and bounces more than my boobs! It actually hurt so I just modified what I could do while hubby did the correct thing. I wasn't able to get bounce in the pretend jump roping so my modification was fast calf raises. The mountain climbers were not happening either so I repeated the 1,2,3 step. We paused it half way through so I could go stand outside in the cool air.  I thought about calling it off at the half way point. My inner voice said: I am out of shape and I didn't want to do to much at one time and that 7.5 minutes was great for the first day!

Why do half then have to do Day 1 again tomorrow as hubby pointed out.

I told myself to go F off
      that it was only 7.5 more minutes and
           I would be happy with myself when done and to suck it up.

I was happy with myself when it was done and honestly feeling a little sick. We did do this about 25 minutes after dinner so I think that is why though.

I stepped up my game yesterday in the food front (I had been lacking in veggies lately) and today in the movement front.

Tomorrow is WI

B-none  L- 3 eggs w/ half an onion sauteed in butter D- cauliflower crust (made up recipe) pizza with onion and pepperoni. 1 2 liter diet Dr. Pepper and 20 oz of water with sf cherry kool-aid. 


  1. Good luck, and hope you feel better in the morning! :)

  2. Sounds like you are trying to cross a big hurdle! I can totally relate! I have a hard time finding the balance of pushing myself and being kind to myself. Super great you pushed through it! So proud of you (like I'm your mom - hahaha - hope that doesn't sound condescending bc its supposed to sound sincere!) I get inspired by other peoples misery it seems! Keep it up!

  3. Congrats on finding a good workout - and getting your hubby to do it with you!

  4. I know May will come round oh so quickly. Yes, it's good to work out / exercise but my motto has always been when starting go slow and work up to it ... my body has always responded better that way.

    Good luck and good health

    All the best Jan


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