Friday, May 31, 2013

Just bummed

We were expecting some good news at work today. (raises)

We did not get said good news and I am bummed about it.




I was promised something when I was hired many years ago . They did not follow through and with the economy going downhill I get it.  BUTT (big butt hehe)  for the love of all that is holy- waiting two years for a raise after the last one then being told "not right now" sucks.

On the other front of WL I had a gain rather than a loss. I am not freaked about it as I know I rocked the eating. I think my weight would have been better if my um insides were moving that morning. Hah!

My little A did not get into gifted. His teacher is pissed and wants us to get him re-evaluated by a outside source. He is above average with his IQ but he was not high enough to make the gifted cut off. I am kinda Meh about it. While I want him to succeed and be challenged I also want him to be a little boy.  We are planning on waiting till he hits 3rd grade and see how he feels about that classwork. (He thinks 2nd grade is to easy)

My little B graduated VPK today.  I am in for some MASSIVE trouble on him. His mentality is that of a younger child.  I don't feel it is a disability thing though- more of a maturity thing. He was the child that didn't get on stage then ran down the aisle to me. Then threw himself on the floor in the middle of the aisle to throw a tantrum when we told him that he needed to go back to his class to sing the banana song. I had to take him outside so he didn't interrupt other kid's parents filming. He did go back to be in the play after he was told he could go to grandma's house if he did.  Ugh!

It is 10pm and I haven't made dinner and I don't farking want to. I am hungry though so I need to figure out what I am doing. Hubby is afraid of my mood so he hasn't whined about being hungry.  Muahahah!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Try 2? 3? I lost count.

Yesterday we spent the day at the local water park that I had mentioned in my last post. I sprayed down all my boys and hubby sprayed me. I put sunscreen on the kids faces but failed to put any on mine. Whoops! I now have a slightly burned face. I tried to hydrate right away with some facial moisturizer but it didn't help much. My nose tip is a little bit mad at me but it will get over it. Next time I will remember to put sunscreen on my face as well. It was a great day and we all got tons of movement in. While in the wave pool I tried my darnedest to keep my arms moving to get a workout in.

I had big plans for dinner but needed supplies. Publix does these Apron Meals things to where they have a little booth in which they prepare a recipe for you to sample and then you can snag a card with the recipe. Next to the booth is a area that has all the ingredients you need if you want to recreate the meal at home. We had tried something last week that we liked and I grabbed the recipe but not the stuff to make it. So pork loin and Carolina barbecue sauce where on my list of things to grab quickly at WinnDixie after the park. Barbecue pork tenderloin was a hit with hubby and I. I only made the meat portion of that recipe and we had fresh corn and rice (for hubby).  I also scored a few clearance 1.5 pound pork tenderloins for $3.99 each that made me a happy gal.

Now on the the "meat" of this post.  Har-Har!

Actually, I think this is try three.

Try one didn't work out so well, nor did try two. *NO* I am not talking about my precious baby boys you silly goose. Also it isn't reallllllly try three as I am not committing to the whole eight weeks of workouts. yet

I finally found something that might work for me though and I tried it. Today found a blog Goal of Losing and I spent way to much time looking at her archives. I am amazed at how she makes running a mile sound so effortless. Reading through her posts inspired me to look into the C25k program again. I have wanted one with more of a techno feel and I accidentally found one today. With our new phones I was thinking I could find a new app and just go from there. I didn't love the ones I had already tried though.  I started to google and found a blogger who went through her notes from her C25k and linked what she used. Turns out they also have it available for free on itunes as a podcast. I DL'ed it onto my ipod and then popped a roast in the oven and got to moving.

First things first. I blocked the display with a xbox game box. What? you know damn well that I am not the only person that does that. Started out with the 5 minute warm up @ 2.5 and I was just bopping along with the music. I used 3.5 when running and 2.5 when walking. I thought the end was near and I was getting super excited when the ding happened that was telling me it was cool down time. Except the ding said "Your halfway done" I may have yelled out FY and stopped the treadmill. (Thank goodness the boys were in the tub haha)  I expressed my feelings about being halfway done to hubby who told me to keep going. Hmm I might have said FY to him too. I walked in place on the stopped treadmill for a minute or so (I was 15 min into workout) debating if I wanted to finish. I told myself I had to finish even if it just was to blog about it. I may or may not (may) have grabbed the bars after each run after half way for a few seconds till I got the walking groove back. I also may or may not (may) have started walking at a slower pace. Got to what I thought was the end of the last run and shouted out Thank G*d. Did the 1.5 minute walk that I thought would lead into the cool down and I hear LAST RUN! More cuss words might have left my mouth but I sure enough did the last run. I did turn the speed down to 3 on that last one though as I was having pain in my left arch and knee. I did the 5 minute cool down at a 2 and tried to stretch out my left foot during the steps.  It seems to have worked as I felt no discomfort once I got off the treadmill.

Final stats:

Now I am off to finish my liquids for the day and SLEEP!  We have a meeting with A's elementary school tomorrow. His teacher recommended him for gifted several months ago. We signed off on the testing but to date I only know of one thing they have tested (vision back in Feb) Tomorrow we should get the results on if he got in or not. All I know is there will be like 6 school officials in the meeting. EKK!   

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lumpy fat

Weird title huh?

Not so weird if I tell you that is what is all over my body.

We are planning on renewing our passes to the local water park this year. We used them last year but not as much as we could. Many days my fat blob self didn't even want to leave the house. Plan is to use them as many days as we can this season. I believe this might be the last year the water park is open since the state will be taking control of the nature park next door in November. Not totally sure about that though.

 I hate the bathing suit that I bought last year. I went into Kmart and grabbed something retro looking that I thought would be cute. I never tried it on as I figured it would be fine.  It is a halter style tie top and I really hate it. Nothing makes your boobies look worse than a halter top bathing suit in my opinion.  Kmart has a coupon in this weeks flyer for 50% family bathing suits. I decided that with losing weight and wanting to get out more that I would be picking up a new suit. I found one that I liked and tried it on. (With undergarments of course) I thought I could get away with a size 18. While it fit it didn't cover up as much side boob as I wanted.  After I took it off I stood there in my sports bra and undies just poking and prodding my massive layer of fat. My top gut (as seen in pictures) is really misshapen and lumpy now.  I decided to head back out for another suit in a larger size.  I could not find anything else that I liked in a size 20. (ugh, I thought I was leaving that size)  I happen to see an employee fussing with the rack the suit I tried on was on. I went back over and realized that one hanger that said 18 had a size 20 suit on it. Yeah!  I went and tried it on and it covered a little bit more like I wanted.  I think it is actually really cute as it looks like a sundress.

Here it is

Then I felt guilty wanting to spend $22 (after coupon) on myself when I had a perfectly functional suit at home so put it back. I went to check out and was told that almost all Kmart rewards members got a $10 credit that expires Wednesday.  I went and grabbed the suit and am happy to say I bought it for $12 without guilt.  

Now I am home and making a healthy dinner for us.  I thought I was coming along really well with this whole weight loss thing but seeing myself in a dressing room mirror just slapped me in the face about how much I have left. Oh well, at least I am not in bed under the covers crying right? 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vacation is around the corner

We will be taking a trip to Louisiana in a few weeks.

We will be staying for 5 days to visit with family. If I am remembering correctly we will be about an hour from Baton Rouge. My husband's paternal family all lives relatively close to each other in that area.  The boys will get to meet their cousin's for the first time. Heck, I still haven't met one of my hubby's cousins yet after almost 10 years of marriage. LOL   Mr. Kiwi will be traveling with us. Apparently we like to make things difficult- traveling a long distance with not just young kids but throw in a dog that doesn't love car rides too.  Haha

After we leave there we will be meeting with my father and his sister in Mobile, AL.  I haven't seen my aunt since I was about 5 or so. I am excited to be able to see her and have her meet my boys. Then we will follow my dad back to his city in the panhandle. We will spend the afternoon with him and his girlfriend then we will complete the long drive home.  It is amazing to me that it is 6 hours to Miami from here, yet 6 hours up the panhandle to him.

I've been making phone calls and getting information on various things for the trip. Thankfully we found a website that lists animal friendly restaurants for when we are in Mobile. Now I just need to google to see how far off the interstate they are.  Traveling with a pooch complicates things but as long as we plan ahead  we should be ok. I hope!  LOL

 My last vacation was over a year ago to attend/be in my sister's wedding.  I need a break!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

30.2 lbs gone (with pics)

Like my paint skill with the black? I wasn't cozy showing my nude bra but whatevs on the fat.  Sports bra in the other two.

21 weeks in and I am down 30.2 lbs 

Not as much as it could be if I were exercising regularly instead of 

sporadically but still not to shabby.

I used to live to eat.

Now I try to eat to live.

I am not following any specific diet.

Protein, veggies, fruit. I do eat full fat dairy in all its delicious forms. I avoid grains and limit refined sugar intake.

I get in 64 ounces plus of liquid most days.

Some days are easy- Some days are hard.

So is life.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just keep swimming

You wouldn't know it because I didn't post about it but I was in a FOUL mood yesterday.   Work just totally pissed me off yesterday and I was ready to come home and start on my resume.  Not. a. good. day!  I do need to make a resume as I am feeling this way more and more lately. For some reason this year I am getting really sick of this. I have a hard time selling debt when I am trying to work out of it myself.  :/

I really, really wanted to eat nothing but pure sugar shit yesterday. Hubby was being hit with a second harder wave of the virus he had so I stopped to pick him up some things. Many naughty items wanted to jump into my cart but I resisted them all.  I went in with a mental list of G2, pepto, bananas. Walked out with those things plus eggs and diet soda. (I figured he might want scrambled eggs for dinner with his tummy but he didn't) I wanted to grab veggies but I was teary eyed and just wanted to go home so I put it off.   I ended up not even eating dinner and going to bed early. Thankfully hubby was feeling better by the time I got off work so he was able to deal with the boys.

Today I am off and life looks so much sunnier! I woke up in a good mood and life is grand again. I am not *as* angry at my job anymore. Still annoyed but I suppose almost everyone lives with some form of annoyance at their job. I just have to hold on until hubby is out of school. (2+ yrs ugh)  

Today is about the good.  The scale and I are best buds today. :)  Lets hope we are still BFF's forever tomorrow with WI. Went to Publix and stocked up on all the yummy (healthy) stuff I wanted before the sale ended. Swung back by that thrift store from last week to see if they still had something. They did, so now I have a 2 qt (I think) crock pot for a whopping $4.00. I want to experiment with small scale slow cooking. I always feel so awkward using the huge ones for just us two.

I happened to log into the bank last week to pay a bill and freaked the hell out when I saw 13 charges from paypal cleared. Called the bank to open fraud case because I sure as hell didn't authorize those purchases. After the case was opened and paperwork emailed I started digging around. They were all from facebook and I do play some games so more digging. Finally found how to log onto purchase history (PW required to get into) and saw they were from Candy Crush when I was at work the day before. Thank you Mr. B (5 yr old) for randomly clicking things and charging us $97.30 in "candy".  I deleted the game/paypal info I didn't know was stored and contacted facebook to request a credit.  The purchaser was underage and it was done without adult consent. I also mentioned how interesting it is that you can purchase without a PW but to view the purchases I needed my PW. Happy to say FB refunded the $97.30. Thank goodness! Umm that is 75% of the electric bill.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

It never happened

So much for my want for Sunday to be a lovely Mother's Day for me. Hubby had some kind of tummy bug so I handled the boys all day/night.  Ok fine, they handled themselves till the screaming started then I would step in.  :)

As soon as I opened my eyes this morning I knew it was going to be a looong day. During the school year I have off every Tue/Thurs. Hubby's school year is over so summer schedule starts. Monday mornings as soon as I wake up I tell myself "tomorrow you can sleep in"  I couldn't tell myself that as this is the first Tuesday I have to work. Meh!  My period is kicking my ass this time round. So with that I am off to bed. I went to bed at 10:15pm last night and my goal was to go at the same time or earlier tonight.  It's 10:16pm  


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Isn't it funny

how just seeing a picture of yourself can totally shatter the illusions that you have held onto?

Is in- your dieting, your losing, your feeling pretty decent about yourself.

You know you have a lot more to go but your finally starting to feel like your weight loss is showing.  Some people are starting to notice (male- only once a month to pay his electric bill customer weird/awkward)   Then you see a picture of yourself (like from a b-day party) that you were unaware was being taken and you realize that you still look really fat. The rolls and bumps that you *think* your shirt just hangs from show through quite clearly.  I am seriously thinking about cropping out everything but me and printing a few then taping them up everywhere to remind myself how much I need to start working out.
Denial is not just a river in Eygpt (har, har)

Birthday party went well and the kids really enjoyed throwing water balloons at my hubby who dressed up as a villain and ran around the back yard. I wore my superman shirt and pink cape to work Friday which amused many customers. :)  Chucked it in the wash to wear again today.  A was Green Lantern and B was Batman. He was going to be Superman but I found a Batman jammie set for $6 at Beall's Outlet Friday night so he wore that. I have scored some great deals there lately that I am really happy with. School shopping will sneak right up on me if I am not prepared.

I am not feeling sour about my weight gain anymore. I started my period Friday morning (at the same weight I was at WI Friday morning) Typically I gain 4 pounds and have been lucky enough to squeak by with a zero (or tiny loss) during that time of month. I have increased my water consumption this week (min 64 oz daily) so I am wondering if that helped with the lack of normal gain.

The boys are not totally aware of it yet- but tomorrow is Mother's Day.  Since I had to work it and this is my first Sunday off in 9 months I am claiming it. LOL  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Superhero Capes/thrift finds/WI eye opener

Following the directions from here

I now have 7 superhero capes for the party on Saturday.  Once I cut the first one out the rest were super easy!  Of course the first two I made were out of women's clothing. The other four were out of mens XL t-shirts.  The men's ones were way easier to cut and shape. I didn't do the logos on the back though. These are just plain colored capes.

 The orange one is short as it is a woman's shirt and I cut the collar on that one for velcro. I didn't on the others because the neck holes were way larger and they will be used with adult supervision.

 The shirt remains after the capes were cut. How odd that the flash made the orange one appear yellow.
 My little superhero modeling the cape he claimed as his own.

I encourage you to find a plain colored shirt and start cutting. My little guy just loves his new cape. :)  I spent $2 each at a thrift store to purchase the shirts. Speaking of purchasing I found some great deals today at the thrift store. I spent small fortune which I was not planning on spending but I couldn't pass up the awesome deals!

4 pairs of jeans for me (2  18's and 2  14's I know right? but the waists were the same as the 18's and they were $3 each)
5 pairs of child jeans  $2 each
3 pairs of child shorts  $1 each
16 shirts for the boys   $1 each
7 shirts to cut up for capes  $2. each
1 pair of soccer cleats for A.  $1.00
20 golf balls (for a party game)  1.00 total

A nice head start on school shopping for next year. The best part is this place is less than 2 miles from my house. I have driven past it for months but never went in. I am so glad I did now.
Now on to my least favorite topic of the moment. The dreaded weigh in. I am sure you can tell by my words that it was not a good one. :sad face:  I am up .8 of a pound.  Yes, it could be worse- but it is my first gain of the year so I am not thrilled with it.  I had a pity party for myself.  Then started to come out of it realizing that it is my own damn fault and even though I have been drinking my water I haven't been moving much.

I was talking to Karen from and I had an epiphany as to why I am so blah about the weight I have lost.  I am re-losing weight that I already lost 2 years ago!!  I lost 38 pounds in 4 months. I was at 201 in Jan 2010. (with phentermine- you see how well that worked out for me siigh)

 As you know I started at 248.4 in January so I gained 47.4 pounds in the last two years. HOLY FREAKING SHIT!  That is equivalent to my 7 YEAR OLD!! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weird Day

It was weird to me because I worked today.  I have had every Tuesday off for the last nine months or so. Due to lots of employee issues this week I had to fill in out in Inverness for a few hours today. After that I went to Big Lots and got some supplies for the party. Then I decided to pop into Beall's Outlet (where I never go) and holy crap! I hit the jackpot on clearance shirts for the boys. I was going to show them all to them tonight but hubby suggested waiting a few days and wrapping as presents. Just what they want. LOL

I just found a easy tutorial for no sew superhero capes so you can look forward to seeing that soon. :) Hammered down a few more of the games that we will be playing as well. I still need to make a food plan and then shopping list. Snacky stuff - but I still need to have a game plan.  Basically just fruit/veggies/chips- that kind of thing.


Monday, May 13, 2013

26 marbles

January 2013     

I cannot toss in .4 of a marble so 26 is all you get.  :)

Don'cha think it is about time you start loosing your marbles too?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I care & garden pics

I wanted to say that I am so very touched by Misc. Mom's Mother's Day  post. She did a few shout outs to some of her fellow mommy bloggers and I made the cut.  WOOT!  I never make the cut!  I always feel like I am forgotten which is why (as you will see by her words about me) that I go seeking the missing. I know when I go into radio silence it is typically for the worse so if I notice I make sure to try and touch bases with people.  I've gone in after a few of you over the years. Usually all is well but I know what it is like to flounder around and feel like no one in blog land gives a crap, then that one person shines the light on you and you feel missed.  Like maybe someone does actually care about your little slice of the interweb.

If your ever feeling that way please know that I care. I spend way, way to much time on this little glowing box and I can just about guarantee I have hit your blog and continue to do so. I get a fair amount of hits but not to many comments. I figure others are doing the same as me, reading but being to lazy to comment. :)

Once again Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow bloggers! No matter if you have human or fur children your still a mommy.

Now to the garden pictures.

Why is there a knife holding up the maters you ask?

Because I am Klassy like that.  LOL

 Nah it is a old dull knife that I used to cut open the soil bags. It was plunged in the ground near the garden. (Fenced backyard and kids are never out unsupervised) The tomato plant is so heavy with fruit that it was laying on the soil. I knew I needed to prop it up with something and the knife was handy.  Instant tomato stake! Haha

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

We were teasing him about the 1800 pounds so I see he tried to change it to *only* 1000. LOL

I will be spending my Mother's Day at work.  Aren't you jealous?

Friday, May 10, 2013


Worked for 10 hours today then came home to a semi clean house so that was nice. Got a few Mother's Day things from the boys from their schools. My 2nd grader's teacher (@@) gave them little sheets to fill out about their mom. One of the questions was how much does your mom weight (hence the eyeroll) He wrote 1800.  Oye!  Little turd.  LOL

Now for your portion of cuteness for the day.  When my alarm went off this morning I looked over and saw this.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Dance

The happy dance is because I went down a whole pound even with the crappy eating. Of course it does make me wonder if I could have gone down more had I not had the crappy eating. :(

 I am now sitting at 222 so 26.4 pounds down.   ::fist pump::

I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off today with all the weird running around I did. I was on facebook and a post by one of the coupon websites I follow popped up about a Nook Simple e-reader for $19.97.

I got on the phone with the Radio Shack in the city I work in and they had already sold the last one. I called the one in the mall and they had one left. I asked them to hold it at the employee said OK but then his manager next to him was saying they really couldn't since they had been getting so many phone calls. He offered to let me speak to the manager and when I got on I told him I would be there in 20 minutes. He said  he would hold it. I flew out of the house with hubby and B who had just gotten home from VPK. I got there and as he said they had one left. I gleefully purchased the e-reader and found out they were being discontinued hence the price.

The rep asked about our cells as he saw hubby looking at cell phones. I told him we have Verizon and are up for new phones so he went into sales mode. We listened then had to leave to go get A from the bus stop due to time so we took advantage of that to come home and research the phones they have. Then back to the mall we went to try and see a live phone so I could make sure I wanted the one I had in mind. I dislike when stores only have a dummy phone. Three stores and not one had a live phone out for me to look at. Oh well, I bit the bullet and just went with it.  We both had Droid 3's that we got like the day they came out 2 years ago.  Now I have a Galaxy Stratosphere (I love slide out keyboards) and hubby has the Galaxy SIII.

I would say my Mother's Day gifts are now complete with a new phone and e-reader. :) We have a Asus Transformer but the glass is cracked and we were quoted $160 to get it fixed so we are not in a rush.

I have done nothing at all to prep for the boy's party next Saturday.  Whoops.  LOL  I do need to take hubby's car to work on Sunday to bring home a large box. We are going to paint it to be a phone booth for the super hero themed party. Hubby wants us to paint it blue so it can be a tardis.  He is obsessed with that show I tell ya.

Off to bed!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Did ja know

That when you go to IHOP  (probably other places as well) and order a omelette that you are just not getting eggs in that there omelette.  It is listed on the menu but I didn't believe it till I spoke to the cook himself (who is a customer of mine)  They add pancake batter to the eggs to make them fluffier. You can order it without though. B picked that as where he wanted to have his B-day dinner. Kids eat free everyday so I was not complaining about it. :)

Today was a happy, relaxed kind of day. I am on my last set of three days off in a row right now. Hubby is out of school so we will go back to a normal schedule. After this Sunday (of course I get to work Mother's Day) I will no longer have to work every Sunday. I don't mind them (6 hrs) but then my hours are always short and I could always use the extra money.

Hubby is tutoring someone at the college so I didn't have to pick booger up from school. I enjoyed sleeping in then taking a nice long shower with no one pounding on the door. After hubby got home we cleaned out the fridge. Then to the dump with the fridge contents that were pulled. Sam's Club after that where I stocked up on lots of meat and veggies.  Then Publix to use up some coupons that expire tomorrow. We are seriously stocked on everything but fruit. I really have been wanting fruit lately but nothing has caught my eyes. Well not true, I did grab some frozen strawberries, bananas, and avocados.

With that summary of my day I am off to bed.  I need want to start blogging regularly again. It helps me remember how good I feel when I am being good.  Weigh in tomorrow.  I don't have high hopes but really I will be happy with any loss after this week. (I can thank myself and only myself for that)

Garden Pics and update.

My last post... Where I said we had a small family party for my little turning 5... What I failed to mention is that there were cupcakes involved. I had planned on not having any. I bought 24- 3 were to stay home for the boys (and daddy) and 21 to go into daycare the following day on his actual birthday. Well me being the bright bulb that I am gave in to the request for cupcakes early, My husband had promised to make B a cake for his birthday the next day and cupcakes and cake would be over kill riiight?  Anyway I let them have a cupcake each early before we did gifts. In the process I got icing on my hand and licked it off like a dumb ass. Did I mention it was my favorite kind? Only 20 cupcakes made it into daycare the next day (only needed to send 18 for kids)

That started a 3 day journey into eating all kinds of shit that I had been denying myself for the year.  Holy crap now that I think about it everything I ate naughty in that time frame was grain based. Pizza (3 slices over 2 days), 1 cupcake, Great American Cookie (2), pancakes (3-no syrup as they were cinnamon roll ones from IHOP) I knew damn well I needed to put the brakes on before it turned into a week, 2 week, 3 weeks and so on. I half ass tried day 3 but not enough for me to count it as being back up on track. I pulled myself up Saturday and began the process of grain/sugar detox again.  I gained 3 pounds from this negative eating but I am happy to say as of this morning it is gone.  :)

I am back on track with my eating. Avoiding grains and sugar again and I feel great.

Below are some update garden pictures for anyone who is watching it grow with me.

May 6th- Look at my babies grow! Second plant from right in front row there is a baby bell pepper you can just make out.

Grape maters in front. Patio maters in back. There are so many clustered on one side on that plant I had to prop it up.

Baby macho nacho jalapeno pepper.  Can you see it?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

De pants

Do not fit as well as I would like them too.  

The pair that I could button standing and zip laying down a few weeks ago fit well in the legs but not as well in the tummy.  I can button and zip standing and wear comfortably but they squish my gut fat up making my love handles more of love shelves. Ugh!  The second pair of jeans I cannot even button still.  My gut seems to be the biggest problem at this point.

I refuse to buy more jeans in size 18 when I have two plus pairs that are in good condition. Looks like I need to get my butt  gut in gear if I want to fit into these pants anytime this month. 

Tonight we did a mini family party for my baby. He will be 5 years old on May 2nd. He got everything he asked for plus more. I picked up a Family Dollar version of Trouble (Scooby Doo themed) and added to his gifts so we all played that tonight.  Now we are all winding down for bed.