Thursday, May 16, 2013

Superhero Capes/thrift finds/WI eye opener

Following the directions from here

I now have 7 superhero capes for the party on Saturday.  Once I cut the first one out the rest were super easy!  Of course the first two I made were out of women's clothing. The other four were out of mens XL t-shirts.  The men's ones were way easier to cut and shape. I didn't do the logos on the back though. These are just plain colored capes.

 The orange one is short as it is a woman's shirt and I cut the collar on that one for velcro. I didn't on the others because the neck holes were way larger and they will be used with adult supervision.

 The shirt remains after the capes were cut. How odd that the flash made the orange one appear yellow.
 My little superhero modeling the cape he claimed as his own.

I encourage you to find a plain colored shirt and start cutting. My little guy just loves his new cape. :)  I spent $2 each at a thrift store to purchase the shirts. Speaking of purchasing I found some great deals today at the thrift store. I spent small fortune which I was not planning on spending but I couldn't pass up the awesome deals!

4 pairs of jeans for me (2  18's and 2  14's I know right? but the waists were the same as the 18's and they were $3 each)
5 pairs of child jeans  $2 each
3 pairs of child shorts  $1 each
16 shirts for the boys   $1 each
7 shirts to cut up for capes  $2. each
1 pair of soccer cleats for A.  $1.00
20 golf balls (for a party game)  1.00 total

A nice head start on school shopping for next year. The best part is this place is less than 2 miles from my house. I have driven past it for months but never went in. I am so glad I did now.
Now on to my least favorite topic of the moment. The dreaded weigh in. I am sure you can tell by my words that it was not a good one. :sad face:  I am up .8 of a pound.  Yes, it could be worse- but it is my first gain of the year so I am not thrilled with it.  I had a pity party for myself.  Then started to come out of it realizing that it is my own damn fault and even though I have been drinking my water I haven't been moving much.

I was talking to Karen from and I had an epiphany as to why I am so blah about the weight I have lost.  I am re-losing weight that I already lost 2 years ago!!  I lost 38 pounds in 4 months. I was at 201 in Jan 2010. (with phentermine- you see how well that worked out for me siigh)

 As you know I started at 248.4 in January so I gained 47.4 pounds in the last two years. HOLY FREAKING SHIT!  That is equivalent to my 7 YEAR OLD!! 


  1. So yeah ... we backslid ... we both did ... BUT I also think we're both in a better place in our heads right now to giterdun ;)

  2. what a cute idea with the capes, sometimes I wish I was around my nieces and nephews more often so that I would have more reasons to craft lol I can relate to re-losing the weight. It's not as exciting as it was the first time around but when all is said and done we are on our way again and correcting the wrong. Its the only proper choice to be made <3


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