Saturday, May 18, 2013

Isn't it funny

how just seeing a picture of yourself can totally shatter the illusions that you have held onto?

Is in- your dieting, your losing, your feeling pretty decent about yourself.

You know you have a lot more to go but your finally starting to feel like your weight loss is showing.  Some people are starting to notice (male- only once a month to pay his electric bill customer weird/awkward)   Then you see a picture of yourself (like from a b-day party) that you were unaware was being taken and you realize that you still look really fat. The rolls and bumps that you *think* your shirt just hangs from show through quite clearly.  I am seriously thinking about cropping out everything but me and printing a few then taping them up everywhere to remind myself how much I need to start working out.
Denial is not just a river in Eygpt (har, har)

Birthday party went well and the kids really enjoyed throwing water balloons at my hubby who dressed up as a villain and ran around the back yard. I wore my superman shirt and pink cape to work Friday which amused many customers. :)  Chucked it in the wash to wear again today.  A was Green Lantern and B was Batman. He was going to be Superman but I found a Batman jammie set for $6 at Beall's Outlet Friday night so he wore that. I have scored some great deals there lately that I am really happy with. School shopping will sneak right up on me if I am not prepared.

I am not feeling sour about my weight gain anymore. I started my period Friday morning (at the same weight I was at WI Friday morning) Typically I gain 4 pounds and have been lucky enough to squeak by with a zero (or tiny loss) during that time of month. I have increased my water consumption this week (min 64 oz daily) so I am wondering if that helped with the lack of normal gain.

The boys are not totally aware of it yet- but tomorrow is Mother's Day.  Since I had to work it and this is my first Sunday off in 9 months I am claiming it. LOL  

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