Friday, May 31, 2013

Just bummed

We were expecting some good news at work today. (raises)

We did not get said good news and I am bummed about it.




I was promised something when I was hired many years ago . They did not follow through and with the economy going downhill I get it.  BUTT (big butt hehe)  for the love of all that is holy- waiting two years for a raise after the last one then being told "not right now" sucks.

On the other front of WL I had a gain rather than a loss. I am not freaked about it as I know I rocked the eating. I think my weight would have been better if my um insides were moving that morning. Hah!

My little A did not get into gifted. His teacher is pissed and wants us to get him re-evaluated by a outside source. He is above average with his IQ but he was not high enough to make the gifted cut off. I am kinda Meh about it. While I want him to succeed and be challenged I also want him to be a little boy.  We are planning on waiting till he hits 3rd grade and see how he feels about that classwork. (He thinks 2nd grade is to easy)

My little B graduated VPK today.  I am in for some MASSIVE trouble on him. His mentality is that of a younger child.  I don't feel it is a disability thing though- more of a maturity thing. He was the child that didn't get on stage then ran down the aisle to me. Then threw himself on the floor in the middle of the aisle to throw a tantrum when we told him that he needed to go back to his class to sing the banana song. I had to take him outside so he didn't interrupt other kid's parents filming. He did go back to be in the play after he was told he could go to grandma's house if he did.  Ugh!

It is 10pm and I haven't made dinner and I don't farking want to. I am hungry though so I need to figure out what I am doing. Hubby is afraid of my mood so he hasn't whined about being hungry.  Muahahah!

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