Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Did ja know

That when you go to IHOP  (probably other places as well) and order a omelette that you are just not getting eggs in that there omelette.  It is listed on the menu but I didn't believe it till I spoke to the cook himself (who is a customer of mine)  They add pancake batter to the eggs to make them fluffier. You can order it without though. B picked that as where he wanted to have his B-day dinner. Kids eat free everyday so I was not complaining about it. :)

Today was a happy, relaxed kind of day. I am on my last set of three days off in a row right now. Hubby is out of school so we will go back to a normal schedule. After this Sunday (of course I get to work Mother's Day) I will no longer have to work every Sunday. I don't mind them (6 hrs) but then my hours are always short and I could always use the extra money.

Hubby is tutoring someone at the college so I didn't have to pick booger up from school. I enjoyed sleeping in then taking a nice long shower with no one pounding on the door. After hubby got home we cleaned out the fridge. Then to the dump with the fridge contents that were pulled. Sam's Club after that where I stocked up on lots of meat and veggies.  Then Publix to use up some coupons that expire tomorrow. We are seriously stocked on everything but fruit. I really have been wanting fruit lately but nothing has caught my eyes. Well not true, I did grab some frozen strawberries, bananas, and avocados.

With that summary of my day I am off to bed.  I need want to start blogging regularly again. It helps me remember how good I feel when I am being good.  Weigh in tomorrow.  I don't have high hopes but really I will be happy with any loss after this week. (I can thank myself and only myself for that)

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  1. YES! I learned the hard way. Even at Mom and Pop cafe's they also could add a blast of pancake batter to "fluff up" an omlette.

    I had a terrible time, gas, cramps, migraine- all on my birthday last year on a day I had to fly 4 hours on a flight. I was in tears.

    I'm pretty careful about it now. Good reminder. Glad you will blog more. I need to blog more, shorter topics... :)


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