Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weird Day

It was weird to me because I worked today.  I have had every Tuesday off for the last nine months or so. Due to lots of employee issues this week I had to fill in out in Inverness for a few hours today. After that I went to Big Lots and got some supplies for the party. Then I decided to pop into Beall's Outlet (where I never go) and holy crap! I hit the jackpot on clearance shirts for the boys. I was going to show them all to them tonight but hubby suggested waiting a few days and wrapping as presents. Just what they want. LOL

I just found a easy tutorial for no sew superhero capes so you can look forward to seeing that soon. :) Hammered down a few more of the games that we will be playing as well. I still need to make a food plan and then shopping list. Snacky stuff - but I still need to have a game plan.  Basically just fruit/veggies/chips- that kind of thing.


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  1. Yeah for sales! Woot, woot!



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