Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garden Pics and update.

My last post... Where I said we had a small family party for my little turning 5... What I failed to mention is that there were cupcakes involved. I had planned on not having any. I bought 24- 3 were to stay home for the boys (and daddy) and 21 to go into daycare the following day on his actual birthday. Well me being the bright bulb that I am gave in to the request for cupcakes early, My husband had promised to make B a cake for his birthday the next day and cupcakes and cake would be over kill riiight?  Anyway I let them have a cupcake each early before we did gifts. In the process I got icing on my hand and licked it off like a dumb ass. Did I mention it was my favorite kind? Only 20 cupcakes made it into daycare the next day (only needed to send 18 for kids)

That started a 3 day journey into eating all kinds of shit that I had been denying myself for the year.  Holy crap now that I think about it everything I ate naughty in that time frame was grain based. Pizza (3 slices over 2 days), 1 cupcake, Great American Cookie (2), pancakes (3-no syrup as they were cinnamon roll ones from IHOP) I knew damn well I needed to put the brakes on before it turned into a week, 2 week, 3 weeks and so on. I half ass tried day 3 but not enough for me to count it as being back up on track. I pulled myself up Saturday and began the process of grain/sugar detox again.  I gained 3 pounds from this negative eating but I am happy to say as of this morning it is gone.  :)

I am back on track with my eating. Avoiding grains and sugar again and I feel great.

Below are some update garden pictures for anyone who is watching it grow with me.

May 6th- Look at my babies grow! Second plant from right in front row there is a baby bell pepper you can just make out.

Grape maters in front. Patio maters in back. There are so many clustered on one side on that plant I had to prop it up.

Baby macho nacho jalapeno pepper.  Can you see it?


  1. Your garden is really taking off! Looks SO good!

    As for the blip on the eating radar, hey dude... that happens. Are you noticing that you're killing the bad habits FASTER? Yes. You are. It's a process. Don't freak out. You're back on track---and that's worth it's weight in cupcakes and THEN some!



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