Thursday, August 29, 2013

Molded eggs

Soooo is it weird that I am tickled to know that many of my older son's classmates are envious of his brown bag lunch?  LOL  I haven't been doing anything fancy at all. I have been putting in thing I know he likes. From black olives to sour watermelon slices. He said four boys all asked for a piece of the watermelon candy today.  Whoops!  He said he didn't share though as they are not allowed to (due to possible allergies)
He was instructed to find out the name and where I bought the candy and report back to his friends. Haha!

B has been snacking on his during lunch then ends up finishing it for dinner (his choice) Tonight I finally had the bright idea to ask if he only wanted half a sandwich. He agreed that was probably a good idea because I give him to much food. Learning process here it seems. I have also discovered that I prefer to make their lunches in the morning. In the evening it feels like to much of a chore and makes me feel negative. In the morning it feels positive and makes me feel all suzie homemaker-y. :)

Tonight I tried to make molded eggs. My eggs did not fill out the molds fully but what can ya do. I have a set of a car and fish. The picture gives you an idea of what I am talking about as far as molded eggs go. (scared you with the title huh?)

Dinner tonight was what I will refer to as garbage meatloaf. I used six pounds of ground turkey to make two meatloaf type creations. Each one had three pounds of meat, 3 eggs, one whole diced sweet potato- the rest was just made up between the bowls. They both turned out very well and I will be making this lazy style meatloaf again. 

I am really digging green grapes lately. The most recent ones I bought though are HUGE! Were talking the size of my thumb almost. I took a picture earlier to try and show you all the size of these things. The backdrop is my turkey meatloaf in case your wondering wth that is.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tell me about you...

Sooooo you come here to read my drivel everyday yet I know nothing about you. Care to share? I do look at who is reading and I love seeing the various cities around the world coming to learn about me. I hope that I keep you entertained!  :)

Dinner last night was a experiment that was a WIN!  I was planning on making one of the two recipes that Kelly posted on Sunday. I had glanced at them and thought they would work out well for the massive amounts of chicken breasts that we eat. Yesterday I went to make the sour cream one and then I realized that it called for dried stuffing.  Whoops!  I am trying to avoid bread so that wasn't going to work out so hot for me. I ended up just winging it though.  I smeared about 4 oz of sour cream on two chicken breasts. Sprinkled on a decent amount of Kraft Parmesan cheese (don't judge!) then some creole seasoning and garlic powder. I baked them at 350 degrees for about 37 min (was supposed to be 35 but I got distracted) It turned out really, really well!  I was really happy with it and hubby didn't complain. (He dislikes sour cream)

Tonight I knew it was going to be ground turkey (haha!) but I didn't have a plan in mind. I just tossed some stuff together and it worked out well. One pound of ground turkey, 16 oz tub of sliced button mushrooms (clearanced at WD), a few glugs of Worcestershire sauce, a  glug of soy sauce and a can of cream of mushroom soup make for a simple stroganoff type of thing. Served over leftover rice for him and steamed chopped cauliflower for me.

I was off today but I am all about the easy!

What was for dinner in your house?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things I have noticed

1) I eat my veggies first now. I don't know if it is because I only eat yummy ones (see previous post) or if it is because I am trying to eat the icky (how a lot of people see veggies) stuff first. LOL

2) My mentality is a changing. I am not sure exactly how to type what I am trying to share with you so forgive the ramble I am about to launch into. Eight months ago if you had told me I would be down 35 pounds by now I would have been like  WOO HOO!  I AM AWESOME!!  I ROCK!!!!  (LOL)
But now that I am actually here I am like :shrug: That is all?????   I can still grab handfuls of fat from various points on my body when laying down in bed!  I have so much more to do.  I just find it weird how I am having this mentality shift thing.

3) I don't have a goal in place anymore. I started with 30 days. Which turned into 60 days. Which turned into 90 days. I have been just kind of floundering about not sure where I was going since then. Umm well duh 35lbs would have been a logical goal to have. It was a mental one I guess but I never shared it with you all.  Well I am sharing that my next goal is 15 more pounds.  That will put me at 50 pounds down, under 200, AND in the obese class I BMI group.  I think that is a pretty damn good goal to reach for don't you?  Three in one?  Awesome Sauce!!

4) When I first set up my ticker it said I had 93.4 pounds to get to my ultimate goal weight. I gotta say that 58.4 to go looks a hell of a lot better. :)

PS:  I went back to grab more of the BOGO turkey and it seems it was a store special.  So thankful that I looked over in that area tonight though as all of the 93% lean turkey was on clearance by $2.00 or more a pack. Thanks to a $5 off $30 coupon and one Butterball coupon I had I spent $28.54 on seventeen (yes, 17) pounds of ground turkey.  We prefer ground turkey or chicken so I am super excited over this find!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tonights eats

I rarely post what I eat on my blog.

I do this because I quite frankly don't want to hear comments from the peanut gallery. Once upon a time I posted here and there and I was told that X was to heavy of a meat and I should eat Y and Z. I am to lazy to go look up the exact comment but it was something to that effect. I *know* they were trying to be helpful. It still urked me though. (just being honest)

I don't follow one specific diet per say. I do my own thing with a combo of diets. I borrow and tweak from them what works best for me.  I can tell you that my main influences are low carb/primal/whole foods. Most dinners are just a boring meal of protein and veggies.

Occasionally I get a little creative. Tonight was a creative meal. Hubby will not be thrilled as there is kale in dinner but he will just have to live with it. LOL

Unless he wants to make himself a sammy he has no choice actually. Muahah  It is ground turkey, juice from the cooked kale below, splash of balsamic, splash of soy sauce, 3 cups or so of kale, 1.5 chopped onion, 1 tub of concentrated veggie stock (all I had), salt, pepper, garlic, and water.

His will be served over rice. I already ate mine straight with a chopped avocado mixed in. YUM! (pic is leftovers)

 I also googled kale and bacon and found a recipe for umm kale and bacon. Har, har  I did my own thing though and changed it up a little. Regular (pre-chopped/washed) kale/basalmic/ and way more (shouting) BACON.  Hubby won't touch this with a ten foot pole.

More for me!!

For me a very important part of this whole dieting thing is....... to eat what I like!  I like veggies.  I just have spent a lot of my life forgetting that. Now I am spending a large amount of time remembering that. I am not going to shove something down that I don't like just because it is healthy.

 I make sure to eat veggies that I like and prepare them a way that I like.

When I am floundering and possibly craving something I shouldn't I will stop on the way home pick up some green zucchini/asparagus/sweet taters/various squashes. I replace the wanties with something that I can have that is completely on plan for me. I haven't done it in a while but several meals were teriyaki salmon those first 90 days as both hubby and I adore it. Who wants ice cream when you can have such a delicious satisfying and filling meal?

Currently I am listening to the NERF Cyber Hoop. I am a Bzzagent and received this item free for my boys to play with and me to review.  I have to say they both adore it! Daddy even gets in on the action and tries to steal the ball. Silly Daddy!  Here is a coupon  in case it is something that might interest your kiddos.

*****FL PEEPS!
If your in the FL area and have a WinnDixie near I want to point out a faboo deal they are having this week. I think it might be unadvertised because I cannot find it in the flyer. Ground turkey is normally $3.99 a pound. Currently there are BOGO stickers AND .75 off coupons on each package. That makes them two for $2.49!!  AWESOME deal!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


August 2013      35 marbles down


So how many of you read the title and shuddered?  LOL

I don't think I mentioned on the blog that I rescued a turtle a few weeks ago. Aquatic turtle in the middle of a double railroad track crossing with no bodies of water nearby does not make for a long turtle life. We believe it is a female and she ate immediately so she was hungry it seems. So far she enjoys turtle sticks and fish. I cannot seem to get her to eat veggies yet though. I keep offering though and in time I am sure she will. You can see a corner of her temporary tank in the first picture. She is now in her new digs and is enjoy the new room.

I ventured into a new pet store looking for feeder fish on Thursday. Petco has been out for over a week and I wanted to grab some on my day off. I ended up purchasing two new pets for the house of the reptile variety. :)  I have always wanted one of those cute little tiny snakes (yes I know they grow) and now I have two.  LMAO  I do have two boys so I haaad to get two. So our house is now full of animals and the door is closed.

  Everyone is still nameless at this point. The pictures do now show it but one has a yellow stripe and the other has a blueish stripe.

Just look at these little cuties!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not loving this

Day three and I am already ready for school to be out again!

Sheesh this school stuff if whipping MY butt!  I am not a morning person and trying to get these kids ready and out the door at 7am stinks!  I almost overslept this morning which would have been bad.  I came home from work and A still hadn't finished his HW.  So that was a battle just to get that done. He "didn't understand what the teacher wanted" but he sure understood daddy renting a redbox game earlier. @@  I finally had to tell him what to write just to get it done.  I REALLY do not like that and do not want to do that.  I do have a hard time deciding how much to help though. I try and let him work through it and ask questions and what not to help him get the right answers. Sometimes that is not possible though and I have to hold his hand. I also had to do B's HW but that was just the forms the school sends home so it was really for us.

It is 10:26 and I think mommy is going to bed super early for a change. Tomorrow is WI day after all. :)


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School days

The second day of school has now come and gone. B went to his first day of Kindergarten today. :)

First day!
B was super excited waiting for the bus. A was just over it already.

A's first HW assignment.
His 1st grade teacher always gave them practice sheets that were half in cursive with monkey tails. He learned to write with those loops and I cannot get him to stop no matter how I try.  Grrrrrr.

I was off of work today so everything got accomplished that should have. I fear having to do all of this stuff on normal work nights though. Ugh!  That is life though and I guess I will just have to learn to deal with it.

 I managed to make myself my yummy bacon cabbage so I have that for a few days. I also baked some banana bread for the boys.  I FINALLY found a super easy and tasty recipe that all of the boys like.  I did have a small bite to taste it but I should be able to resist it. :fingers crossed:   Both kids got lunch at school today.  I wanted B to learn how to use the cafeteria line on his first day when adults would basically be holding his hand through it. Tomorrow it is just A and he requested a lunch from home so that is made and in the fridge. (HM crustless pb&j on whole wheat, green olives, apple sauce, slice banana bread & capri sun water)  

 Found these at Target and they make packing lunches so easy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Goodbye Summer, Hello body changes!

Today was the last day of summer for my kids.

Tomorrow starts another year of school in our county. A. will be starting 3rd while B. stays home. His stagger start day for K isn't until Tuesday so he gets two extra days off this week. Of course hubby's internship starts tomorrow so B. will spend part of the day with Momma (grandma) at her job. Thankfully she works in a environment that this is ok occasionally. There is no way I could have him at my job for that length of time.

I should be getting school stuff ready but as usual I am procrastinating. That really should have been my middle name. :)  It's just the basics anyway. Have to wait for payday to complete the shopping as far as specifics that the teachers want.

Looks like A will be taking lunch tomorrow.  I found the school menu online and he isn't thrilled with the first day of school selections.  (Cheeseburger or Cheesy Garlic Flatbread with marinara) He said he only likes cheeseburgers from Sonic. LOL

I am loving all these little glimpses of myself changing that I am seeing lately. :)  My wedding rings are spinning. Certain shirts are feeling huge. My lower gut is feeling smaller. My shoulders are thinner as well. I could probably carry a purse now. Your probably going HUH!?  My shoulders were rounded with fat padding. That rounding made purse straps basically roll off if I tried to wear them.  Hmmm... off to go change and see if I can get hubby to take a picture.

Same shirt- different color shorts but they are the same style
Wow!  I suspected the above mentioned things but you can really see them in this picture.  I am only down 4.8 more pounds but there is a noticeable difference. Even hubbers saw it which is saying a lot.  Hah!  First picture is from May and second is from tonight.

I keep staring at the two pictures and trying to play the find the differences. :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Piss and Vinegar

I do want to blog-however, my brain is not functioning.

I will leave you with this doosey of how my day ended though. This person really annoyed me and put me in a shitty mood.

If you ask if you can go to your car to get something and my coworker says "Yes, but we close in 3 minutes" Do not get all pissy and yell at us through the locked door that you said you would be right back and it is only seconds after 7 pm when I didn't even lock the door till 7:01pm. Then when I say "She told you we close in 3 minutes" Look at me at tell me that we are a bunch of fat lazy bitches. @@

 I did not reach for food but instead FB'ed a friend when I got home about what douche bags people can be.  If said person had been NICE I would have felt guilty and let them in since I knew they went out to their car. However the piss and vinegar above will get the dude turned away if he ever comes back. We have a copy of his DL after all from when he was in the first time.

I am off to bed.  I slept like poop and I am feeling it. The AC was acting up yesterday and I was really stressing it. In my non ac knowledgeable mind it seemed like there was something wrong with the thermostat. We re-set it and it started to work better but I feared it not cycling off and running all night and freezing and it going boom. Thankfully it is working just find now and is auto cycling off and on.  Sheeuuwww  thank goodness!!

Good night!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Life is about to get extremely complicated for my house hold.

You all know from my last post that school is starting next week.

 We have been awaiting some very important news regarding hubby. I never mentioned anything in my blog about it as we were supposed to hear in July and we just heard today. Just kinda figured that it wasn't going to happen and life would move on. Well per the word this morning my hubby is now the do boy for the college athletic trainer. :P (His official title is student trainer)  This position comes with a scholarship and invaluable experience that will help with his resume. He loves sports and is learning to be a PTA so the combo is awesome thing for him.

Complications are that now we have to pay money every week for after school care for the boys. We are also not sure if the boys will be able to play soccer this year now. A. played last year and B. wanted to start this year. Till we see how exactly this will work and what hours he has to be available for this position that will be up in the air. I'm going to lose my maid!  He wasn't perfect but it was less crap I had to do. Hah!

I am still up in the air about packing the boys lunches daily. I mean umm IT'S FREE to have them eat at school. But IT'S GONNA BE PROCESSED CRAP.  At least if I send them with processed crap I know exactly what they are eating as I would have bought it and have the labels. I want to pack it today and bake them treats and all that jazz.  But come Monday I am probably going to be all like here is your poptart and cheesy poofs have a good day. (Ok not really- neither are even in the house LOL)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

How time flies

A year ago today we were attending the funeral of my husband's grandfather. A year ago this coming week I went to the Tampa area to work in one of my companies locations for a few days. A year ago the following week school started and my A went into second grade.

No funerals this year thankfully. Those south stores are still having problems with staffing but they haven't been desperate enough to ask me to travel. School starts next Monday (18th) here and this time I have two that will be going. A. into third and B into kindergarten. I will have the house to myself on my days off during the week. OH MY!  LOL  Well really hubby might be home some of those days as he only goes to campus twice a week.

 Stagger start for B and the way it hits with my days off, I get the quiet house as of Tuesday the 19th. I did kind of want to have a mommy and me day with him (was hoping he started Mon or Wed) but coworker has appointments and stuff that make the schedule not able to be wiggled.

Clothing has been purchased and basic supplies as well. I have learned not to use the generic school supply lists and just wait for the one the teacher gives. They both will be using simple backpacks I got on clearance for them last year. I did buy them fancy lunch boxes with compartments that are really neat.

I also got a few simple supplies in case I wanted to make their lunches all cute a la bento style. Our school district is part of some special program this year that will allow ALL elementary children to eat free. Currently all elementary students get free breakfast in our county but now it will be lunch as well.  Most local people are upset as they feel the quality of food will go down and that in turn will make the kids eat less which will cause more garbage. I have more of a wait and see type attitude I guess. I am being proactive with the cute lunch box purchase though just in case.

If I do make cute lunches though expect that you will be seeing them. Haha!  I will have to share my masterpieces with the world doncha know.  :)

Next Sunday you might get a boo-hoo my baby is growing up post. LOL  My coworker thinks I am handling this very well.  I think it just hasn't hit me yet.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

GOOD BYE Morbidly obese title

This afternoon I realized that I probably wasn't morbidly obese anymore. 

So I waddled ran over to the computer to check. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was right- I am now almost under 38 on the BMI charts. I haven't been morbidly obese for a few pounds now actually. :)

To drop into just plain obese I need to lose another 19 or so pounds.  That will put me under 200 so I will be a whole different kind of happy when that happens. Even when I was taking Phen I never got under 201. That is only 14.6 pounds away.