Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My day (heebie-jeebies warning)

I slept in till noon. (What? I was up till 4 am reading)

Got the kids off the bus at 12:30. Got them all set up for homework and snack/drinks.

Walked into the bedroom and sat down on my bed and grabbed my laptop. Autumn was on the bed with me and B walked in and climbed on the bed. I heard a funny rustle noise off to my right. I look over and there are no dogs or anything there that would make a noise like that. Then I hear it again. I stood up am looking over in that dark corner and I realize there is something coiled on the desk bar that should not be there!!  OMG F'ING GOSH THERE IS A SNAKE IN MY BEDROOM!!!  I tell B to GET OUT NOW there is a snake in the room and take the dog. To my surprise he listened but I think it was more to go out and tell A. I am freaking out thinking it is a rattle snake or something poisonous from that rustle noise I heard.

I went and got a light and prayed that it didn't move. As soon as the light hit it I could see it was a non venomous snake (Thank god!) I realize the rustle was it's butt moving on brown paper bag that is between my dresser and the desk in my room that was half folded over. It was all black and I figured it was a rat snake. I don't know how the hell it ended up in the house all the way in my bedroom though with FOUR dogs in the house!?  Then came the gears turning of how to catch this thing and get it out of the house. I know many females would scream and haul ass but I knew I had to deal with it. Because I didn't like the concept of a loose snake and I knew hubby would never come home. He would move in with my brother or something.

 I came up with a plan and went out and told the kids it was harmless but I still needed them to keep the dogs away. I took one of those heavy duty thick baby blankets that the hospitals use on newborns and planned on throwing it over him and grabbing. Thankfully this whole time he just stayed there looking at me. (Flashlight was a headlamp one so I had full vision in dark area)  I tossed the blanket over him and started to try and get his coil off the bar. He struck at me a few times but the blanket did it's job of protecting me. I was finally able to get him pinned two inches behind his neck and I uncoiled him and picked him up with the blanket enveloping him. I told the boys to stay out of my way as I walked very carefully out of my roof and down the hallway. I let them see it's rear end hanging out of the blanket so they knew I wasn't playing with them.

I planned on throwing it outside but I knew if I opened the back door the dogs would run out to potty and I wouldn't be able to let it go. So I opened the front door and the kids followed me out to the front porch. I walked to the middle of the yard and tossed the sucker away from me. He landed and immediately slithered to the neighbors yard. That bad boy was at least three feet long and 1.5 inches thick.

 I have no idea how long it was in the house. I assume it came in the back door one day. We have that as seen on TV Magic Mesh up so that we can leave the back door open for the dogs/kids. After everything was said and done of course I posted on facebook about the snake. Quite a few people said that they would move or burn down the house. For some reason I don't think the insurance companies would find that to be a valid reason for doing that.  LOL

Now B and hubby are freaked out by every single noise they hear thinking it is another snake in the house. LMAO  When I showed the kids the butt I saw the underside was grey so I googled black snake with grey belly and was able to figure out what it was. A black racer.
Example of what snake looked like.

I found another critter in the house two weeks ago that I didn't mention. I was in the bathroom and I saw something dark behind the hamper in the corner of the tub and wall.  It was a fallen shampoo bottle with a lump on it.  Looking at it I almost thought I saw a face. I figured it was a dark sock of one of the boys.  I moved the hamper to pick it up and the damn thing moved. It was a large tree frog. I scooped him up in a take out container and rinsed him off as he was coated in grime and dog hair. I put him in the back window sill but he didn't make it. We are going on 11 yrs in this house and this is the first time anything weird has come in. I almost wonder if the snake was chasing the frog and they both ended up in the house.

You may remember that I do have two baby snakes in the house as pets. The sizes are a wee bit different though.  Below is an example of how big the babies are. Poor things are still nameless.


  1. Wow, you are very brave, and CLEVER! to get that big snake out of your house. I'm normally not afraid of snakes, and am actually a fan of garter snakes. But when snakes get that big...well...even if they are non-venomous, I don't think that I would have been as calm as you were!

  2. You are my new hero! I one time had a mouse that made it into the house and I screamed like a little girl at first, and then did what you did because no one else was going to take care of it. Don't mess with mama!!

  3. A long time ago (new year's day), I had a snake in the house. It actually crawled into our bed on my husband's side. It was so scary, and I made sure it wasn't coming back. We also plugged up the hole it came through. I didn't handle it nearly as well as you did.

  4. I am a baby and would have totally freaked out! Also, I've watched too many episodes of that stuped show on Animal Planet about the dade county venom 1 response team, so now I am always expecting to find a 13 foot python in the pool since we lie right off a canal! *lol*

  5. Oops - hit publish for I checked spelling! It's been that kid of day....

  6. Gah! I've had encounters in the great outdoors with black watersnakes, a few gartersnakes, like one using me as a speed bump as I was laying out in the sun, and a mama milksnake and her babies. I was able to run away every time :D I can't fathom them in the house. You are brave and deserve a medal!

  7. Holy moley! I find your blog now I'm freaked out! Haa haa haa. My feet are propped up on the coffee table because I've convinced myself that there could possibly be a snake under my couch (with 6 cats in the house...ha ha ha ha). I live in the country, so it's highly probable!

  8. I would definitely have the "heebie-jeebies"

    All the best Jan


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