Thursday, April 24, 2014


Second day back on track.


I started to flounder around lunch time.

I had a perfectly healthy lunch in the fridge with me. My mind kept thinking of all the yummy take out I could order instead though. I fought with my inner carb/sugar child. I explained to her that today is only day two and I could not eat out so soon. That I would probably not be able order something that is compliant with how I want to be eating. That would have to save that for when I am totally on track and not tempted by stuff I shouldn't be. I don't know if she understood but she shut up at least. I really need to name her.

I can now create my own church!  LOL  I am a FL Notary and being so I can perform weddings and marry people. I will be performing my BIL's in two weeks as a matter of fact. I have a coworker who is planning a commitment ceremony in a year and a half. She asked me to do the wedding. I told her I would love to. She asked if I would considering becoming and ordained minister. Ummm say what? It seems her Gram would really like the wedding to be performed by a minister. I am now officially an ordained minister as well as a Notary. LOL (The wedding will be un-official unless FL changes the laws by then)

This week B had a project. He had to make something out of recycled objects. We did this with A many moons ago and made a kick ass cardboard dog out of a Brooks shoe box.
2010  A's project

2014 B's project

Can you see it? It's a CAR! That he can wear.

 Box from Family Dollar. Spray paint from I cannot remember what. Paper plates for steering wheel and wheels. Bottom of styrofoam cup for odometer. (Set at 100 mile per hour and 2181 days old)  Edges of two Sonic cups wrapped in Dollar General bags for headlights. Custom FL print out tag (not pictured due to full name on it) Circle shaped styrofoam piece cut from cup covered in edge of dinners aluminum foil (part wrapped under pan) with a hole in center to be ignition. Fake key from car dealership junk mail.    *Yes I know it is the wrong side but I didn't center the steering wheel very well*.

Worse part is that I have to drop it off at school tomorrow as that will not fit on the bus well. 


  1. Glad you won your battle with the inner carb child today, the longer you put her off, the less power she'll have over you. :)

  2. Good win over that little so-and-so!
    Congrats on your new Notary status! I'll keep it in mind if ever I feel like getting hitched to my man :)
    Cool projects from your creative kids!


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