Monday, April 28, 2014

Early WI

I haven't blogged in a few days but all is well. 

WI is a day early this week and it was a day late last week so really this is for only 4 days. I am happy to report a loss. ::CHEER:: I had no idea what it was going to be as I haven't been peeking like usual. I can tell you that I am really happy to see a loss knowing that I have been back on track. The past few weeks even on weeks I stayed the same it has been a step and hope that the crap hadn't caught up with me yet. Today was more of a lets see what happens positive feeling since I have been on plan. Down 2.4 pounds to:

I haven't posted a weight picture in forever I realized this morning. This is the new scale that tells me I am to fat to use the extra stuff. 

Scrolling through pictures to find the one above in my computer I saw various scale pictures of ones under 210. I cannot wait to get back down into the 20X range.  

I am back in my happy place currently. Where sugar has no control over me. I can look at it and just look past it as I cannot hear the siren call anymore. 

Anyone that has ever been in this position before knows what I speak of.  


  1. Awesomesauce!!! There's a big bag of chocolates sitting on the desk at work. Not even a little bit tempted by them tonight! We rock.

  2. Good going! Glad you are in a happy place right now. Keep on truckin' :)

  3. I totally get it.
    I used to have a savoury tooth, but now? Sugar all the way.
    Which is so bad as I am diabetic.

  4. I haven't had sugar in eight months. It doesn't call to me anymore and I have no problem ignoring it when people bring in treats. But that smell walking past a bakery or cake shop ... well it still smells good, but I don't want it. :)


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