Friday, April 25, 2014


I drove far north this morning for work.

On the way up I noticed many flowers in the median on HWY 19. On the way home I pulled over to snap some pictures. I really should have gotten out of the car for better pictures but I didn't want to look like a dummy.

 It just screamed Valentine's Day to me with the colors. I wonder if it was chance or someone once threw out bunches of flower seeds into the median hoping they would take root once upon a time. There is at least a mile of this and then many other sections of all purple then purple and short pink heathery looking flowers

Lunch and dinner were the same today. In Perry, FL there is a banging Chinese restaurant called Jin Jin #12.  I love the place and always eat it when up there. I brought take out home for hubby to try it. I know I had starch today as the pepper chicken is velveted. Plus the sauce has a slightly sweet taste so there was sugar involved to. I am not going to let that worry me though. It isn't like I drink the sauce and I have been able to tolerate BBQ sauce fine so I am lumping it in there with that crowd. Plus I only have it once every six weeks or so. (They have amazing green beans as well so there is no missing the rice at all)

I feel satisfied and am not even wanting a little sweetie after dinner. After lunch at one point I did want but I got over it pretty easily.

Tomorrow it should be even easier!   :)

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