Sunday, April 21, 2024

One assignment left.

 I took two classes as you may recall. Spring term is almost at the end. 

Between both of those classes, I have 1 assignment left.  I currently have an A in each class.  On this final assignment, I just need a 20/60 and I will pass the class with a C.  I need a 50/60 to keep my A in the class. 

Normally I am stressing and trying to write the assignments by tonight as they are typically due Sunday by midnight.  She has given us till Wednesday at midnight since this is technically our final. Is is the same class that I mentioned last week I had 1% of it done and I had to write a grant. I am happy to say that at about 3pm last Sunday inspiration struck and I was able to bang it out. I am pleased to say I got a 10/10 on that. 

Ok, I updated ya'll. Now I need to go try and find some inspiration for this last assignment. 

Just wait till you see what I have planned for myself in Summer at the local community college I mentioned going back to.