Friday, March 24, 2017

Swimming along (update)

I am happy to say that I am just a swimming along.

I am eating like I should, Every once and a while I may have something I shouldn't. I have that one thing (not a "oh crap my day is screwed") and then I am right back to eating properly the next meal.

The first time I did this it was a little bit sucky. But I realized it gets easier to do once I accepted that it was my plan. No, it isn't super often. Maybe once every 3-4 weeks if that. I need to continue to eat this way my entire life if I want to keep my blood sugars in check. I am pre-diabetic and I would rather not develop full blown diabetes if I don't have to.

I was keeping track of my blood sugars just to see how other stuff effects me but I am rather annoyed with my glucose meter currently. I have been using the one from my pregnancy and logging everything. I had ordered some off brand strips like 6 months ago when I toyed with keeping up with my blood sugar. I tried one of the off brand and the sugar was over 300 or didn't read on several. Meanwhile the name brand strips were fine. I researched and found a meter that has some of the most inexpensive test strips and ordered it. I had one original kit strip left and used it at the same time as my new kit. They were over 20 points different!!!  I used the control solution and the meter tests within those guidelines. I haven't touched it much since because I don't know what to think. I have read they can have up to a 20% variance. However, if one tells me 79 and the other 99 I just don't know what to believe.

I have started intermittent fasting as well. Not for days on end or anything. More like not eating till I am really truly FEELING hungry. It might be 17 hours from my last meal rather than at noon because it is lunch "time"  It also works well because I am on a financial diet too. We splurged on year passes to Busch Gardens/Adventure Island this year after taxes. No more eating out for me! I must bring my own food or not eat as far as I am concerned. (I would buy something if I was starving of course)

The deal with the kids and the passes was that we really should not buy them. That it was not responsible to buy them. But that if they were willing, we would cut back in other ways to help make up for it. We discussed with the kids that we would go but we would not be buying food there or souvenirs. That these passes would be their birthday presents as well. They agreed and have been really good about it all. I did buy the reusable cups so we can get refills on drinks for .89 (yr pass discount) so that makes them happy. I bring in snacky food for C and it doubles as snacks for them as well.  They are at a prime age for making memories so we took the plunge.

So far I am doing well with the financial diet as well. :)