Monday, April 28, 2014

Early WI

I haven't blogged in a few days but all is well. 

WI is a day early this week and it was a day late last week so really this is for only 4 days. I am happy to report a loss. ::CHEER:: I had no idea what it was going to be as I haven't been peeking like usual. I can tell you that I am really happy to see a loss knowing that I have been back on track. The past few weeks even on weeks I stayed the same it has been a step and hope that the crap hadn't caught up with me yet. Today was more of a lets see what happens positive feeling since I have been on plan. Down 2.4 pounds to:

I haven't posted a weight picture in forever I realized this morning. This is the new scale that tells me I am to fat to use the extra stuff. 

Scrolling through pictures to find the one above in my computer I saw various scale pictures of ones under 210. I cannot wait to get back down into the 20X range.  

I am back in my happy place currently. Where sugar has no control over me. I can look at it and just look past it as I cannot hear the siren call anymore. 

Anyone that has ever been in this position before knows what I speak of.  

Friday, April 25, 2014


I drove far north this morning for work.

On the way up I noticed many flowers in the median on HWY 19. On the way home I pulled over to snap some pictures. I really should have gotten out of the car for better pictures but I didn't want to look like a dummy.

 It just screamed Valentine's Day to me with the colors. I wonder if it was chance or someone once threw out bunches of flower seeds into the median hoping they would take root once upon a time. There is at least a mile of this and then many other sections of all purple then purple and short pink heathery looking flowers

Lunch and dinner were the same today. In Perry, FL there is a banging Chinese restaurant called Jin Jin #12.  I love the place and always eat it when up there. I brought take out home for hubby to try it. I know I had starch today as the pepper chicken is velveted. Plus the sauce has a slightly sweet taste so there was sugar involved to. I am not going to let that worry me though. It isn't like I drink the sauce and I have been able to tolerate BBQ sauce fine so I am lumping it in there with that crowd. Plus I only have it once every six weeks or so. (They have amazing green beans as well so there is no missing the rice at all)

I feel satisfied and am not even wanting a little sweetie after dinner. After lunch at one point I did want but I got over it pretty easily.

Tomorrow it should be even easier!   :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Second day back on track.


I started to flounder around lunch time.

I had a perfectly healthy lunch in the fridge with me. My mind kept thinking of all the yummy take out I could order instead though. I fought with my inner carb/sugar child. I explained to her that today is only day two and I could not eat out so soon. That I would probably not be able order something that is compliant with how I want to be eating. That would have to save that for when I am totally on track and not tempted by stuff I shouldn't be. I don't know if she understood but she shut up at least. I really need to name her.

I can now create my own church!  LOL  I am a FL Notary and being so I can perform weddings and marry people. I will be performing my BIL's in two weeks as a matter of fact. I have a coworker who is planning a commitment ceremony in a year and a half. She asked me to do the wedding. I told her I would love to. She asked if I would considering becoming and ordained minister. Ummm say what? It seems her Gram would really like the wedding to be performed by a minister. I am now officially an ordained minister as well as a Notary. LOL (The wedding will be un-official unless FL changes the laws by then)

This week B had a project. He had to make something out of recycled objects. We did this with A many moons ago and made a kick ass cardboard dog out of a Brooks shoe box.
2010  A's project

2014 B's project

Can you see it? It's a CAR! That he can wear.

 Box from Family Dollar. Spray paint from I cannot remember what. Paper plates for steering wheel and wheels. Bottom of styrofoam cup for odometer. (Set at 100 mile per hour and 2181 days old)  Edges of two Sonic cups wrapped in Dollar General bags for headlights. Custom FL print out tag (not pictured due to full name on it) Circle shaped styrofoam piece cut from cup covered in edge of dinners aluminum foil (part wrapped under pan) with a hole in center to be ignition. Fake key from car dealership junk mail.    *Yes I know it is the wrong side but I didn't center the steering wheel very well*.

Worse part is that I have to drop it off at school tomorrow as that will not fit on the bus well. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I have let the evil siren call of sugar seduce me the last few weeks. 

I managed to gather my wits and start fighting back today. 

Than evil snot was whispering in my ear every time I walked past any of her counterparts in the store. I fought with her and won. Today.

Tomorrow it will be another uphill battle until I get all of this drug out of my system. 

I kept blaming my gain this week on monthly things but I know better. I know it is really all of the Easter candy that jumped into my mouth.

Figured I would update you all as to my recent absence.

 I have also been staying up way to late reading massive numbers of free kindle books. I love to read and do so at a pretty decent clip. The problem is that once a book interests me I do not put it down until I am done. Even if it is 4:30am like this morning. :X

Here are my two little demons. Arn't they cute?  

The little one was a HUGE turd about getting out of bed this morning. He slept on the top bunk and when told it was time to get up he threw a fit. Then proceeded to move into the far corner of the bed which is in a corner. @@  Early bed time for him tonight. Sheesh!  Me as well since I was up so late last night. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm not done.

Lately I have been trying to remind myself that while not at goal I have lost over 30 lbs.

  •  I like the various changes that have happened to my body. 
  •  I like that I went from a size 22 to a size 16.
  •  I like that I can wash all of myself without my skin splitting microscopically in delicate 
               areas. (Top of intergluteal cleft
  •  I like that my rings are fitting looser.
  •  I like that my bras are easier to fasten.
  •  I like that I feel thinner.
  •  I like that my pannis apron is smaller.
  •  I like that I can wear clothing that has been sitting in my closet for years. 
  • I like that my fitness level has improved.

While I like what has changed. I want to change more. I want my tummy roll to flatten. I want my pannis to shrink more. 

I'm not done. 

Therefore I need to get off my ass and stop poking myself in the eyeball. I cannot follow the path I want to if my eyeball is watering up and hurting from me repeatedly poking it. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My day (heebie-jeebies warning)

I slept in till noon. (What? I was up till 4 am reading)

Got the kids off the bus at 12:30. Got them all set up for homework and snack/drinks.

Walked into the bedroom and sat down on my bed and grabbed my laptop. Autumn was on the bed with me and B walked in and climbed on the bed. I heard a funny rustle noise off to my right. I look over and there are no dogs or anything there that would make a noise like that. Then I hear it again. I stood up am looking over in that dark corner and I realize there is something coiled on the desk bar that should not be there!!  OMG F'ING GOSH THERE IS A SNAKE IN MY BEDROOM!!!  I tell B to GET OUT NOW there is a snake in the room and take the dog. To my surprise he listened but I think it was more to go out and tell A. I am freaking out thinking it is a rattle snake or something poisonous from that rustle noise I heard.

I went and got a light and prayed that it didn't move. As soon as the light hit it I could see it was a non venomous snake (Thank god!) I realize the rustle was it's butt moving on brown paper bag that is between my dresser and the desk in my room that was half folded over. It was all black and I figured it was a rat snake. I don't know how the hell it ended up in the house all the way in my bedroom though with FOUR dogs in the house!?  Then came the gears turning of how to catch this thing and get it out of the house. I know many females would scream and haul ass but I knew I had to deal with it. Because I didn't like the concept of a loose snake and I knew hubby would never come home. He would move in with my brother or something.

 I came up with a plan and went out and told the kids it was harmless but I still needed them to keep the dogs away. I took one of those heavy duty thick baby blankets that the hospitals use on newborns and planned on throwing it over him and grabbing. Thankfully this whole time he just stayed there looking at me. (Flashlight was a headlamp one so I had full vision in dark area)  I tossed the blanket over him and started to try and get his coil off the bar. He struck at me a few times but the blanket did it's job of protecting me. I was finally able to get him pinned two inches behind his neck and I uncoiled him and picked him up with the blanket enveloping him. I told the boys to stay out of my way as I walked very carefully out of my roof and down the hallway. I let them see it's rear end hanging out of the blanket so they knew I wasn't playing with them.

I planned on throwing it outside but I knew if I opened the back door the dogs would run out to potty and I wouldn't be able to let it go. So I opened the front door and the kids followed me out to the front porch. I walked to the middle of the yard and tossed the sucker away from me. He landed and immediately slithered to the neighbors yard. That bad boy was at least three feet long and 1.5 inches thick.

 I have no idea how long it was in the house. I assume it came in the back door one day. We have that as seen on TV Magic Mesh up so that we can leave the back door open for the dogs/kids. After everything was said and done of course I posted on facebook about the snake. Quite a few people said that they would move or burn down the house. For some reason I don't think the insurance companies would find that to be a valid reason for doing that.  LOL

Now B and hubby are freaked out by every single noise they hear thinking it is another snake in the house. LMAO  When I showed the kids the butt I saw the underside was grey so I googled black snake with grey belly and was able to figure out what it was. A black racer.
Example of what snake looked like.

I found another critter in the house two weeks ago that I didn't mention. I was in the bathroom and I saw something dark behind the hamper in the corner of the tub and wall.  It was a fallen shampoo bottle with a lump on it.  Looking at it I almost thought I saw a face. I figured it was a dark sock of one of the boys.  I moved the hamper to pick it up and the damn thing moved. It was a large tree frog. I scooped him up in a take out container and rinsed him off as he was coated in grime and dog hair. I put him in the back window sill but he didn't make it. We are going on 11 yrs in this house and this is the first time anything weird has come in. I almost wonder if the snake was chasing the frog and they both ended up in the house.

You may remember that I do have two baby snakes in the house as pets. The sizes are a wee bit different though.  Below is an example of how big the babies are. Poor things are still nameless.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5k recap and beach trip

Holy huge looking boobs! That is with a sports bra.

Fresh and ready to go in the picture above.

Myself and one other gal (she is in the above picture I see) were in the back. We were keeping pace with each other till about the last mile when she started hanging back more. I thought she was going to stay with me the whole time and I envisioned being able to turn around and urge her to catch up to me so we could finish together but she ended up being a few minutes behind me so that idea went poof. I was finisher 112 out of 113.

The course went long which really annoyed the poop out of me when I had gone 3.11 miles which as you know is the 5k amount. I hit lap at the 3.11 mark so I had an accurate time since my race time would be for longer. I used hubby's garmin to keep track of my pace and the distance traveled so I was able to do the above using it. It really did help because when I found myself going a teeny bit slower I was able to try and increase my pace. I felt a lot better once I finished as you can tell from the pictures below comparing 2013 5k end picture with this 2014 one. The weight difference between the two is only about 20 lbs. What a difference in the jaw line!  Plus I look like I am about to keel over in the 2013 picture. 

My official time is 64.13 on a course of 3.3 miles. My garmin time for 3.11 was 60 min on the dot. My time last year was 69.23. No matter what time I take I beat my  last year which was my only goal. That is why I said I didn't care if I came in last. I just wanted to beat my time last year. :)

I wanted to go to the beach afterwards but that idea got tossed after I saw the radar. I discovered I had battle wounds when I got home. Blisters on both feet on the side of my big toes and heel rub spots also. I felt the pressure on side of toes but never dreamed they were blisters. I was sore for two days afterwards and I still have the blisters today. (Tuesday)
Sides of big toes
We hit Daytona Beach on Sunday instead. My sore ass was dragging but we promised the kids and I wanted to go. We haven't gone in over a year (feeling fat does not go well with the beach) 

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure of my adorable kiddos

We were planning on taking this home. Problem 

Live snail

Daytona Beach boardwalk