Monday, September 25, 2017


Happy to be back in the land of ELECTRICITY!!

We went two hours shy of 8 days without power after Irma plowed through Florida. Thankful that we did not have massive damage. I was really worried about my chicken coop. I had the chickens inside in a dog kennel so they were safe.

Just some branches down after lots of scary noises through all that wind. It started to break up when it hit land down south so we did not get the full brunt of it with how far north we are. My brother got power back after only 3 days so we were able to go there for the remaining days.

We have had power back for almost a week now. We lost everything from our fridge and deep freezer of course. After cleaning out a nasty fridge and freezer we went to Sams Club and restocked.

I gained a good 8 lbs during this time frame. Back on track to get rid of that 8 lbs. I could feel a  difference after several days of junk eating. My pants fit comfortably at my before hurricane weight. I was starting to feel uncomfortable in them and shirts by about day five. Didn't help that mother nature was visiting as well.

I got back on track for real on Saturday and I am happy to report in that I am already down 2 of those pounds. :)

I used my power pressure cooker XL to hard boil 25 eggs the other night. I have been snacking on those. I forgot mayo as part of my re-stock fridge trip so I still need that. I had egg salad that night for dinner but subbed ranch for the mayo. I just finished baking 2 pounds of bacon today. I then took the grease and cooked a sliced head of cabbage in it.

Happy to be back on track and have life back to normal finally.