Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We're friends again.

The scale and I that is.   :P

Monthly is gone and the scale and I had a long chat and we seem to be on better terms. Thursday will be the final proof of how much we made up.

We swung by the Target that is over 20 miles away tonight. Hubby wanted out of the house and we needed to get a refund anyway from the last time we were there. A bag of ours got left behind and the value was close to $10 so I wanted our money back. It was a bottle of cleaner and a clearance shirt for hubs. I actually found the shirt for cheaper at the Target in town one day a few weeks later so he ended up with the shirt after all. I also picked up a mens t-shirt in the Superman logo. (We have decided to have a super hero themed joint party for the boys this year. B will be 5 on Thursday (May 2nd) and A will be 8 July 14th. Neither have had a real party in 4 years and I am not going to have one then a month later have another. The weekend of the 14th (since it is my b-day too) we will go to Daytona for the day/weekend?) I ended up with a XL to try on and as I was leaving the fitting room a side view of my body and the jeans caught my eye. I have been wearing the sz 18 RL jeans non stop and have yet to try on the other 18's because I am lazy. Holy shniky did the jeans look like crap! So big and baggy on me! The waist fits ok but the legs and all  ugh.
 I HAVE to try on the others tomorrow.

Not now as it is past midnight and I work in less than nine hours so I am off to bed. Good Luck to all of those participating in the Whole30 challenge in May. I look forward to reading your posts about it all.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Goose Egg

For once I am actually happy with a big fat goose egg.

My eating has been less than stellar (6 out of 10)  And a certain thing I thought would be over with by now just will not end!  A day late and taking it's sweet time on ending. Hmph!  Plus side was no cramps this month for some reason. :shrug:

Today ended a three days off in a row week for me as tomorrow is my Monday. So that means I need to hit the hay.  Nighters!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Garden pictures

Well hello there.

No, I have not forgotten how to blog. :)  I have been playing to much Minecraft and that has taken the little bit of spare time I had. My schedule is all messed up from swapping with my coworker and I just wasn't feeling it. I now have two weeks of my precious 3 days off in a row weeks.   As you can see (now that I finally updated the stats box) I have been losing still, just not very much. I am pleased with the scale this morning though and wish it was already WI day. LOL

Today is actually day one of the first set and I am so very happy.  I hate change!!  HATE IT! It totally throws me off balance.  My eating has been the same- It kinda feels like I am on cruise control when it comes to that though so that makes me happy as well.

I planned on doing a picture post yesterday of my garden and how it has grown but with the Boston stuff that just seemed dumb.  I was at work and a customer mentioned it and then I started looking around online and called hubby. He watched the elites finish then turned it off so he had no idea it had happened. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all.

Now the garden pictures for those living vicariously through me. Ahem Sarah  LOL

April 9th
 You can see above they all look a little sad as they had just been planted,

April 15
 These pictures are a little blurry I see but you can see the plants look a lot happier.  They have taken root and are growing.  The back left corner plant (patio tomato) already has to baby maters. Awwww  I took pictures but they didn't send to my phone well from hubby's (mine was dead)
April 15
The open spot I am planting on putting sweet potatoes into.  I don't know how well they will do but I figure since they cannot go down they will probably just go sideways.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Playing in dirt

For years and years I have been saying I am going to garden. For years and years I have picked up bits and pieces to work on said garden. For years and years I have not gardened for one reason or another.

2013 is *THE* year.

Never mind the fact that hubby innocently gave away all my dirt (!!)  Last year was the furthest I had gotten with my want to garden. We even purchased cinder blocks and dirt. Alas for one reason or another I never followed through and the grass grew and grew and grew over all my dirt bags and into my blocks.

As you are losing you might find yourself feeling more adventurous. More inclined to do things that you normally would not. I find myself being more open to new experiences. I have always been ready for adventure but as I got older (and fatter) adventure just sounded like to much work.

I had planned on *finally doing the garden this year but hubby didn't know that. He gave a bag of dirt away to the neighbor and mentioned he was welcome to more. He told me about the bag about an hour later when he called me at work to tell me something and I mentioned wanting to garden. Well I didn't know about the welcome to more until we got home Easter and decided to go play outside. All of my dirt bags were g o n e.  Ugh. Not mad at my neighbor or anything as he didn't know. We did at least manage to move all the blocks across the yard last Sunday. With that massive tree we had cut down it opened up the whole other side of the yard. The other side is closer to the hose and has more full sun.

Friday night we went after work to buy new dirt. Today we set up the cardboard under and filled the area with dirt/cow manure mix. I was going to do the whole standard square shape but we went with a rectangle instead. I am shorter and was worried about reaching my little (flabby) T-Rex arms into the middle. As I was doing last minute googling since we are totally clueless about this stuff I saw things should be planted the same day or next day after dirt is spread.  Uhhhh... I have nothing sprouted. Off to the store as we needed a new lawnmower pull cord anyway.   Many little plants later I have stuff to fill my garden with.  We got home to late to plant so that will be the project after I get home from work. I will get pictures tomorrow to for anyone that wants to see.

*finally as in I finally feel the boys are old enough to be in the backyard with me and not feel like I have to watch them like a hawk. That I can turn my back on them and not have dirt in someone's eyes.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm around

I am here and reading/commenting just haven't felt like blogging.

Work week is all screwed up from Easter which bites. Tomorrow should be my day off but instead I will be working a 9.5 hour shift.  Next week is screwed up too so I am not looking forward to that. I swapped a Saturday with my coworker and now I get the next two off but it messes up my precious three days off every other week.  The only good part is that I will get two of my three days off in the following weeks. Confused yet?

Eats are on track as usual. No movement to speak of which is no one's fault but my own. I did do a major kitchen overhaul yesterday which I enjoyed. Just need to finish two things and all will be well. (declutter under kitchen sink and clean behind fridge)

I finally tried on all of those 18's I mentioned last week. Only one pair fits me at this time (dressy pinstripe slacks)other than the RL jeans.  I have about 8 pairs that will fit when I lose a few more inches off my gut. Then there are 3 more I had hubby put back up top as it will be a long while before those fit even though they are 18's.