Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Garden pictures

Well hello there.

No, I have not forgotten how to blog. :)  I have been playing to much Minecraft and that has taken the little bit of spare time I had. My schedule is all messed up from swapping with my coworker and I just wasn't feeling it. I now have two weeks of my precious 3 days off in a row weeks.   As you can see (now that I finally updated the stats box) I have been losing still, just not very much. I am pleased with the scale this morning though and wish it was already WI day. LOL

Today is actually day one of the first set and I am so very happy.  I hate change!!  HATE IT! It totally throws me off balance.  My eating has been the same- It kinda feels like I am on cruise control when it comes to that though so that makes me happy as well.

I planned on doing a picture post yesterday of my garden and how it has grown but with the Boston stuff that just seemed dumb.  I was at work and a customer mentioned it and then I started looking around online and called hubby. He watched the elites finish then turned it off so he had no idea it had happened. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all.

Now the garden pictures for those living vicariously through me. Ahem Sarah  LOL

April 9th
 You can see above they all look a little sad as they had just been planted,

April 15
 These pictures are a little blurry I see but you can see the plants look a lot happier.  They have taken root and are growing.  The back left corner plant (patio tomato) already has to baby maters. Awwww  I took pictures but they didn't send to my phone well from hubby's (mine was dead)
April 15
The open spot I am planting on putting sweet potatoes into.  I don't know how well they will do but I figure since they cannot go down they will probably just go sideways.


  1. That is SUPER cute! And I may or may not be SUPER jealous! Husband says no garden for me. So there's that... :(


  2. Love your little garden. I don't grow veggies in my garden but sometimes I think about starting with it. But then again I'm not a garderner so don't think they will live :)

  3. I should grow a garden. It's not like I don't have the space! And it would save me on veggies. But it's a lot of work and my herb garden ALWAYS dies because I am so negligent. Congrats on the loss number going down. Slow and steady wins the race.


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