Saturday, April 6, 2013

Playing in dirt

For years and years I have been saying I am going to garden. For years and years I have picked up bits and pieces to work on said garden. For years and years I have not gardened for one reason or another.

2013 is *THE* year.

Never mind the fact that hubby innocently gave away all my dirt (!!)  Last year was the furthest I had gotten with my want to garden. We even purchased cinder blocks and dirt. Alas for one reason or another I never followed through and the grass grew and grew and grew over all my dirt bags and into my blocks.

As you are losing you might find yourself feeling more adventurous. More inclined to do things that you normally would not. I find myself being more open to new experiences. I have always been ready for adventure but as I got older (and fatter) adventure just sounded like to much work.

I had planned on *finally doing the garden this year but hubby didn't know that. He gave a bag of dirt away to the neighbor and mentioned he was welcome to more. He told me about the bag about an hour later when he called me at work to tell me something and I mentioned wanting to garden. Well I didn't know about the welcome to more until we got home Easter and decided to go play outside. All of my dirt bags were g o n e.  Ugh. Not mad at my neighbor or anything as he didn't know. We did at least manage to move all the blocks across the yard last Sunday. With that massive tree we had cut down it opened up the whole other side of the yard. The other side is closer to the hose and has more full sun.

Friday night we went after work to buy new dirt. Today we set up the cardboard under and filled the area with dirt/cow manure mix. I was going to do the whole standard square shape but we went with a rectangle instead. I am shorter and was worried about reaching my little (flabby) T-Rex arms into the middle. As I was doing last minute googling since we are totally clueless about this stuff I saw things should be planted the same day or next day after dirt is spread.  Uhhhh... I have nothing sprouted. Off to the store as we needed a new lawnmower pull cord anyway.   Many little plants later I have stuff to fill my garden with.  We got home to late to plant so that will be the project after I get home from work. I will get pictures tomorrow to for anyone that wants to see.

*finally as in I finally feel the boys are old enough to be in the backyard with me and not feel like I have to watch them like a hawk. That I can turn my back on them and not have dirt in someone's eyes.


  1. Good stuff. Glad you are gardening and exposing the kids to garden like stuff. Once your seeds grow, it's supposed to be really good to be exposed to the dirt, good bacteria, etc.

    I find each yard I have has soil and light/sun locations that are great for growing some things. Let us know what works well for your yard.

  2. as a tropical flower [Hah!] living in a desert the minute I know there's no risk of a freeze I am buying new plants, moving things from their winter location and coming out daily to see the rebirth of the terrace in my back yard. I cannot live without plants, and would choose them over furniture without batting a MAC eyelash if I had to pick between the two.

    1. arrgh wish we could edit posts...anywhoooo-we did all that moving and shakin' 3 weeks ago, and set up my 'office area' as I call it[jah!] under the canopy of shade provided by pomegranate, mesquite, Japanese elm trees and a huge miniature-roses vine. i'll be there daily.. doing my writing... until Hmm early-mid November. being outdoors acts like a fuel to my soul. MMM mm mmm

  3. It is so fun when kids are finally old enough to "help" with gardening. Very fond memories for me.

  4. Alright, cupcake! I'm living vicariously through you since my backyard is a NIGHTMARE. Pictures, girl! Pictures!



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