Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We're friends again.

The scale and I that is.   :P

Monthly is gone and the scale and I had a long chat and we seem to be on better terms. Thursday will be the final proof of how much we made up.

We swung by the Target that is over 20 miles away tonight. Hubby wanted out of the house and we needed to get a refund anyway from the last time we were there. A bag of ours got left behind and the value was close to $10 so I wanted our money back. It was a bottle of cleaner and a clearance shirt for hubs. I actually found the shirt for cheaper at the Target in town one day a few weeks later so he ended up with the shirt after all. I also picked up a mens t-shirt in the Superman logo. (We have decided to have a super hero themed joint party for the boys this year. B will be 5 on Thursday (May 2nd) and A will be 8 July 14th. Neither have had a real party in 4 years and I am not going to have one then a month later have another. The weekend of the 14th (since it is my b-day too) we will go to Daytona for the day/weekend?) I ended up with a XL to try on and as I was leaving the fitting room a side view of my body and the jeans caught my eye. I have been wearing the sz 18 RL jeans non stop and have yet to try on the other 18's because I am lazy. Holy shniky did the jeans look like crap! So big and baggy on me! The waist fits ok but the legs and all  ugh.
 I HAVE to try on the others tomorrow.

Not now as it is past midnight and I work in less than nine hours so I am off to bed. Good Luck to all of those participating in the Whole30 challenge in May. I look forward to reading your posts about it all.


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