Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm around

I am here and reading/commenting just haven't felt like blogging.

Work week is all screwed up from Easter which bites. Tomorrow should be my day off but instead I will be working a 9.5 hour shift.  Next week is screwed up too so I am not looking forward to that. I swapped a Saturday with my coworker and now I get the next two off but it messes up my precious three days off every other week.  The only good part is that I will get two of my three days off in the following weeks. Confused yet?

Eats are on track as usual. No movement to speak of which is no one's fault but my own. I did do a major kitchen overhaul yesterday which I enjoyed. Just need to finish two things and all will be well. (declutter under kitchen sink and clean behind fridge)

I finally tried on all of those 18's I mentioned last week. Only one pair fits me at this time (dressy pinstripe slacks)other than the RL jeans.  I have about 8 pairs that will fit when I lose a few more inches off my gut. Then there are 3 more I had hubby put back up top as it will be a long while before those fit even though they are 18's.

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  1. nothing better than fitting into old smaller pants! Love the feeling. I keep pants around that are small just to see if I can fit into them. The pants are no longer in style so I won't wear them in public but they are a benchmark for me. You will be in those other pants in no time!


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