Thursday, April 21, 2016

A case of the eats

Work is my personal hell.

Ok not really, but I have realized that I am way, way more likely to reach for crap than if I am at home. Even I bring in leftovers I find myself wanting something sweet afterwards. I don't normally do that at home.  I don't know if it stress, or trying to waste time to make my day go by a little quicker or what. I did have two days of meh but I have slammed those brakes on.

I am down over 40 lbs still and fitting into size 16 jeans. I want to continue the downward trend not watch it rise.

A certain visitor made it's appearance Wed. after a long vacation. I would like to blame the two days on that but they were Fri./Mon.  Well I *could* blame that but lets face it. I make my own choices, not my uterus. Hah!

I have had the last two days off with my little buggy.  I do have to work this weekend but it is Saturday only. I have been traveling and working other stores lately which is nice but sucks at the same time. 10 hour shifts AND 2 hour drives one way kinda suck. 14 hr days.  Meh!

Off to grab my chicken out of oven. Experiment of chicken marinaded in buttermilk.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Back to reality

Went back to work on Friday and felt so out of sorts. My job can be audited by the state to make sure that we are following the rules set by the state. Some of our locations were recently audited and while we are following the laws of course there are always small things they find. Therefore a few policies have been changed/tweaked and I have to get used to the new things. They are so simple like instead of initialing a receipt do a full signature. Paperwork is different now and part of my job is auditing the other branches paperwork. I have to get a new routine in place for myself when I check packets. Just a matter of adapting to the changes.

I had this weekend off and had a lot of things I kinda wanted to get done. Of course not many were done but at least it is a start. Some clutter piles were eliminated which is always a good thing.

I am happy to report that I am on top of things more when I would have slacked before.  The house is at a decent cleanliness level. The kitchen is at a good level as well. Before it would just get messy which made it overwhelming and a struggle to clean. Now I am trying to keep the mess levels at a min. so they never get overwhelming and it has helped my stress levels go down a tad. Super aggravating to come home to a mess when you have been at work for 10 hours and the boys are all on electronics ignoring things.

I wanted to hit the grocery store early after hubby got home from playing disc golf today.  Looks like I have to go late now which is annoying. His friends were supposed to get to town by noon but someone else tagged along and threw off the timeline. Therefore he didn't leave till 2 pm. At least it is 4:30pm now so it shouldn't be to much longer till he is home. I used this time to shop the flyers and make a grocery list so it worked out in the end I guess. Everything I am planning on buying requires minimal prep so that will help with some of the lost time.

I took a few selfies with C and I cannot believe how skinny my face looks in them. Just wow! Of course my hair looks like poop but eh what can you do. It isn't like I glamour shot-ted up just for this. Haha. It was spur of the moment. I really should set it as a phone background for when I am wanting something not good for me. To bad I have my cutie girl as my background already.

Little missy stole my double chin!
Little one is now 7 weeks old. A few pictures for you to share in her cuteness.

Snuggled up next to Mommy during her nap 
Muah muah muah!  You know you wanna kiss them cheekers

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Closet clean out

Well I did it!

I tried on a few pairs of size 16 pants and they fit!

I have been wearing maternity pants still just because they were out in the open and clean. We are horrible about putting clothing away. The baskets of clean clothing may or may not sit out behind the couch till hubby puts them away. :)  It is one of the few things that he will do to help around the house while he is in nursing school. When he is taking a break from studying he watches netflix to decompress.

I pulled every pair of size 18 and 20 pants out of my closet. Yes, every single pair! I have them boxed up and ready to exit the building.  I now have 5 pairs of pants that for sure fit as I tried them on. There are another 5 or more pair in my closet that I have yet to try on. I have a stack of yoga pants to try on and sort as well but those are stretchy so even if they are bigger they are still functional. I need to organize my dresser so I can put that stack of yoga away.

I had my 6 week PP check up last week. I am officially cleared to go back to work. I thought I was going to start last week like I blogged about. Turns out I am not going back till this week. Possibly Thurs but for sure Fri.