Thursday, April 21, 2016

A case of the eats

Work is my personal hell.

Ok not really, but I have realized that I am way, way more likely to reach for crap than if I am at home. Even I bring in leftovers I find myself wanting something sweet afterwards. I don't normally do that at home.  I don't know if it stress, or trying to waste time to make my day go by a little quicker or what. I did have two days of meh but I have slammed those brakes on.

I am down over 40 lbs still and fitting into size 16 jeans. I want to continue the downward trend not watch it rise.

A certain visitor made it's appearance Wed. after a long vacation. I would like to blame the two days on that but they were Fri./Mon.  Well I *could* blame that but lets face it. I make my own choices, not my uterus. Hah!

I have had the last two days off with my little buggy.  I do have to work this weekend but it is Saturday only. I have been traveling and working other stores lately which is nice but sucks at the same time. 10 hour shifts AND 2 hour drives one way kinda suck. 14 hr days.  Meh!

Off to grab my chicken out of oven. Experiment of chicken marinaded in buttermilk.

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  1. Work food is HORRIBLE! Even when I bring plenty that SHOULD get me through an entire shift with no problem there's like a magnetic freaking pull to our little shop (which I can see from the front desk area without even wanting to) with all of its chips and muffins and candy bars and carbs and carbs and ice cream and more carbs.
    And I would still blame the uterus.


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