Wednesday, May 1, 2013

De pants

Do not fit as well as I would like them too.  

The pair that I could button standing and zip laying down a few weeks ago fit well in the legs but not as well in the tummy.  I can button and zip standing and wear comfortably but they squish my gut fat up making my love handles more of love shelves. Ugh!  The second pair of jeans I cannot even button still.  My gut seems to be the biggest problem at this point.

I refuse to buy more jeans in size 18 when I have two plus pairs that are in good condition. Looks like I need to get my butt  gut in gear if I want to fit into these pants anytime this month. 

Tonight we did a mini family party for my baby. He will be 5 years old on May 2nd. He got everything he asked for plus more. I picked up a Family Dollar version of Trouble (Scooby Doo themed) and added to his gifts so we all played that tonight.  Now we are all winding down for bed.

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  1. You can get in those pants comfortably girl! Do it! I have SO much faith in you!



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