Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just keep swimming

You wouldn't know it because I didn't post about it but I was in a FOUL mood yesterday.   Work just totally pissed me off yesterday and I was ready to come home and start on my resume.  Not. a. good. day!  I do need to make a resume as I am feeling this way more and more lately. For some reason this year I am getting really sick of this. I have a hard time selling debt when I am trying to work out of it myself.  :/

I really, really wanted to eat nothing but pure sugar shit yesterday. Hubby was being hit with a second harder wave of the virus he had so I stopped to pick him up some things. Many naughty items wanted to jump into my cart but I resisted them all.  I went in with a mental list of G2, pepto, bananas. Walked out with those things plus eggs and diet soda. (I figured he might want scrambled eggs for dinner with his tummy but he didn't) I wanted to grab veggies but I was teary eyed and just wanted to go home so I put it off.   I ended up not even eating dinner and going to bed early. Thankfully hubby was feeling better by the time I got off work so he was able to deal with the boys.

Today I am off and life looks so much sunnier! I woke up in a good mood and life is grand again. I am not *as* angry at my job anymore. Still annoyed but I suppose almost everyone lives with some form of annoyance at their job. I just have to hold on until hubby is out of school. (2+ yrs ugh)  

Today is about the good.  The scale and I are best buds today. :)  Lets hope we are still BFF's forever tomorrow with WI. Went to Publix and stocked up on all the yummy (healthy) stuff I wanted before the sale ended. Swung back by that thrift store from last week to see if they still had something. They did, so now I have a 2 qt (I think) crock pot for a whopping $4.00. I want to experiment with small scale slow cooking. I always feel so awkward using the huge ones for just us two.

I happened to log into the bank last week to pay a bill and freaked the hell out when I saw 13 charges from paypal cleared. Called the bank to open fraud case because I sure as hell didn't authorize those purchases. After the case was opened and paperwork emailed I started digging around. They were all from facebook and I do play some games so more digging. Finally found how to log onto purchase history (PW required to get into) and saw they were from Candy Crush when I was at work the day before. Thank you Mr. B (5 yr old) for randomly clicking things and charging us $97.30 in "candy".  I deleted the game/paypal info I didn't know was stored and contacted facebook to request a credit.  The purchaser was underage and it was done without adult consent. I also mentioned how interesting it is that you can purchase without a PW but to view the purchases I needed my PW. Happy to say FB refunded the $97.30. Thank goodness! Umm that is 75% of the electric bill.  


  1. Saying HI from Norma's forum :)

    1. Hi! :) Welcome to my world! Oh wait... that is taken. Hahah

  2. I love my slow cooker! I make HUGE meals for just hubby and I and have lunches for the week. My slow cooker(s), I have two, have been an important tool for my weight-loss! I don't get Candy Crush and won't ever look at it now after hearing your story!

  3. John doesn't touch Facebook and I always make him look away when I put in my app store password for his iPad. It's long and confusing but he's 6 and you never know what those scary little brains latch on to to remember!!!


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